Hi everyone :-)

I am loving and learning so much from reading this forum, and have so much gratitude and love to all. 

Previous to reading Anastasia (and I've only read book 1!!) I ate a lot of salads and fruit but also small amounts of meat and fish (some raw), daily sourdough bread and daily cultured raw dairy. 

On a spiritual level, I have been drawn to raw veganism and dabbled in it a bit, and always fell back into the meat and bread thing to fill me up as I always felt hungry.

So, a couple of weeks ago I started down this journey again, and once again have chosen to eat some form of cooked food so I don't pass out from hunger. No exaggeration there. 

This time though, I am really wanting it to work as I do believe it to be for my highest good.

I think, being a breastfeeding Mama of an 18 month old (whose primary food source is still booby!) that my incredible hunger comes firstly from my body adjusting, and not being used to getting energy from fruits and vegies alone, but also needing more protein.

I am looking at buying the sun warrior raw protein supplement in natural flavour to add to my salads, but I guess I'm also feeling like it would be wise to put my journey out here on thsi forum for the support and the wisdom that you guys may be able to offer.

Each day, I tend to eat fruit, salad, weeds, dulse, olive oil, coconut oil, homemade raw chocolate, miso, tamari, sprouts. Also a very small amount of nuts, but unless they are activated, my digestive system doesn't seem to like them and I don't get around to activating them much.......

Any other ideas of foods I could add? Or supplements as my body adjusts? I also have a bit of angular chelitis cracked corner of the mouth), which I have read is due to a B vitamin deficiency, although it has also been suggested this is a detox. Maybe a b vitamin supplement, as the b12 thing does play on my mind a bit, even though I've read that people on a fully raw plant based diets may not actually need much of this vitamin. Am curious other peoples thoughts into this. 

I look forward to just being able to eat as I breathe, I know this to be the way for me, something I have 'dreamed' of as a child, so I look forward to any ideas to help me body move towards this after being trained for so long to eat cooked food, wheat, meat and dairy.

Love Erica. x




I am so impressed by Erica's commitment here,  I am going to take her inspiring words and challenge everyone to a 7 day raw food Challenge - starting with a beetroot DNA reset on the new moon in January 2012.

let us know here on this blog if you are in!  and share your journey during the week..  all experiences help each other ...   and this will help Erica who initiated this conversation.. What  I love about our kinship is how active everyone is in putting things in to practice and also loving and sharing with each other on the journey = and that's why we are here! 


Remember there are two aspects to eating raw - one is a detox diet and the other is a maintenance diet..   and its basically determined by your weight. 

If you are overweight - eat more greens and sweet fruits with a small amount of fatty fruits - olives, avos, coconut, banana..


If you are underweight - lots of everything, and especially fatty fruits.. 


The beautiful thing about raw is you can never really eat too much and the more you eat them more nutrition you are loading into your body so it can heal itself of all ailments and distortions..


It can take quite a while to feel settled in yourself - body, mind and emotions  - to be able to eat as you breathe and it requires patience and deep compassion for your body and all it has endured.. go gently and enjoy the journey! 

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I wanted to add this link to anyone interested in wild foraging.  I have read much of their free material and feel their heart is in a great place offering this material at what we feel guided to pay.  It is great to learn your plant ally(s) and learn all about the ways this plant(s) has been there to support you all along.

Thanks much Majaya!

I wonder if anyone else is feeing similar to me about the raw food callenge!!

When I saw this I felt hugely excited. I have had lots of feelings recently about how good it would feel to be eatng in a different way, more simply, a feeling of wanting to purify my body. So my first reaction was, Yes, I am going to do this. The trouble is I LOVE my food. Making my main meal of the day is a kind of ritual with me. I walk out into my field and polytunnel (I grow all my own veg) and pick what takes my fancy and come into my house and cook my veg, steaming usually. I have been vegetarian all my life so no meat. My diet compared with most people is extremely healthy, I eat only natural foods. But,the thought of doing without lovely roast potatoes now and again, newly baked spelt bread with a hunk of cheese, blackberry and apple crumble in early Autumn, I could go on! is not a nice feeling. I appreciate that it's what you are used to and no doubt after a time of eating just raw you will be just as enthousiastic about that. It'd just the change over and dealing with the longing for that roat potato.


So I hope I will be at least strong enough to take the challenge and just do this for the one  week, and just trust what happens after. It would be good to have that guidance from you, Billa as we go along, as I think you put somewhere in this discussion thread. Good luck to everyone who does this.

PS I absolutely love Peta's blog. There are some wonderful recipes there.

I would love to do the Beetroot DNA reset but I'll be in New Zealand for a wedding at the time. Will aim to start it on the next new moon after that. Let me know if anyone else who can't do it this time around, and wants to do it then instead.

Is everyone still on for tomorrow's beetroot DNA reset?

I know I am. :)

I am!!! It's so on! 

:) Fantastic!!!!

great ! best of luck everyone.  I will be lending support and guidance for divine nutrition in the Going Deeper group over the coming days..   if that is of help to anyone :)  

How do you women feel about doing a beet root reset while just starting moon cycle..bleeding? 

I've had to start today due to comittments early in the week, and I've had no ill effect at all from the beetroot juice. I feel it maybe because my diet has been pretty good all my life. A life time veggie and whole foods, organic foods etc. I'll be interested to hear how everyone else goes on. I would imagine that the purer your diet is right now, the less unpleasant effects you'll get from the beetroot juice. I feel I might find the mono eating a bit of a challenge though, but am totally comitted. Good luck to one and all.xx

I was going to start tomorrow but have to work a long day away from home and it came to me this morning to wait until the next day when I only work a very short time in the morning away from home and then home the rest of the day. 






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