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FOOD AS MEDICINE – Living Food for a Living Planet

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Plant foods in their natural state – whole, ripe, fresh or raw organic wild fruits, vegetables, greens, sprouts, nuts and seeds - are designed by the inviolable laws of Nature to sustain human life and help open our Divine connection to the Earth and God. Nothing manufactured or cooked over 105ºF (some say 118ºF) can compare because live plants, and especially fruits and sprouts, contain vital and abundant information from Nature that nourishes and heals body, mind and spirit. Eating raw plant foods is not a diet, it’s a worldwide blossoming of awakened consciousness.

Other nature-supported lifestyle choices ensure the Divine energy in raw plant foods will create a life-sustaining body climate that continually renews every cell and causes health, not disease. Choices such as: getting an abundance of clean air, water and sunshine; vigorous exercise; regular internal cleansing; loving and healing the Earth through growing your own food; developing emotional and physical poise; a congenial environment; not overeating or under-sleeping; eliminating food stimulants and animal foods such as dairy and any flesh; and breathing in lots of pollen. We are what we eat and surround ourselves with. “Food is our medicine” as Hippocrates said. The more we live by the laws of nature, the more lasting are the benefits we all seek. So are the changes worth it?

Envision for a moment...
Living as long as you wish with pure energy transformed from the Sun
Having all the energy and vitality you need, no matter your activity level, even if pregnant
A strong immune system - no sniffles, headaches, colds, allergies or digestive problems
A clearer mind with higher speed thinking and elimination of “brain fog”
Preventing or alleviating nearly all disease, even cancer
Losing excess weight permanently
Youthful, glowing, clear skin, signs of aging disappear
Improved athletic performance and strength building, with no recovery pain
No symptoms of menses or menopause
No dependence on drugs or stimulants
A perfectly sound sleep, cheerfully waking up
Calmness in the face of adversity
Reliance on real feelings from logic and experience, not emotions or fear, for food/lifestyle choices
Living harmoniously with Nature's laws
Minimum 50% reduction of your food bill
The destruction of Earth slowing down to a crawl, with greenhouse gas emissions reduced 90%

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Comment by Billa on December 24, 2011 at 4:36am

Don Bennett commented on Anna's group "Beginners in a fruitarian/raw vegan lifestyle" on 30 Bananas a Day!

If you are "sick" (body dealing with a viral or bacterial infection) or are going through a heavy "cleansing" bout (symptoms can be the same), you should have no appetite. And you shouldn't be eating anything if you're not hungry. There is no food that has any healing qualities... a banana knows only how to be a banana; it offers fuel and nutrients, and nothing more. The best thing for the body re: healing is abundant nerve energy, and more of this is available when you don't eat. Most people prolong acute illnesses by eating, thinking they are doing something good. You do know what happens when the infection is so serious that the body initiates a fever, and then you eat, right? You throw up, or rather your body tosses the food back out. Why? Because the body will not tolerate any digestion at this point because digestion uses a lot of nerve energy, and the body needs this to prevent the serious infection from becoming a fatal infection. I knew someone who used the vomit response as his criteria of whether to eat or not. This is unsound. The correct criteria to use - from the body's perspective - is hunger. If you've got swollen glands and other symptoms of the flu, trust me, you won't be hungry. If you think you are, you're not. "Feed a cold, and you'll starve a fever" means if you eat when your infection is not that serious, you can make it more difficult for the body to resolve the cold in a timely manner, in which case it can turn into a more serious infection requiring a fever to aid in its resolution, and at this point you will vomit if you eat, and that's where you get the "starve a fever". Many people misunderstand that expression, and misquote it saying, "feed a cold, starve a fever".

Another perspective: Irritants like cayenne pepper and garlic and onions, et al, are irritating to the body. They don't enhance the immune system, they stimulate it because they cause damage that the body must then deal with, and this stimulation often has the side effect of dealing with other issues that the body really didn't want to deal with yet because it's dealing with something more serious, but it had no choice once you forced its hand by burdening the body with irritating substances. My body is a better judge than I of where nerve energy should be used, so I respect this.

Comment by Serene Bardol on October 13, 2011 at 10:11am
ahhhhh.... persimmons. i love fall if only for that reason alone. i've been feasting. they grow all around me. i can't seem to get enough!
Comment by Serene Bardol on September 7, 2011 at 4:12am
yes, thank you billa! i've been trying to eat lots of greens (as much from my "anastasia garden" as possible). it has occurred to me that a colon cleanse would be helpful. its going to have to be something i can do myself since i don't quite have the resources right now to go somewhere for treatment. i'm not really familiar with the coffee enema, but i have heard of it. guess its time for google! thanks a lot. its great having a support system available for this. i feel like i'm finally ready!!
Comment by Billa on September 4, 2011 at 12:48pm
Well done Serene!   it will just be toxins moving into the blood stream. try and sweat as much as possible, skin brushing and some form of colon cleansing will help. when you exercise at the same time as eating raw, you are increasing combustion (use of) in your whole system so the cells will start to throw off the old toxins - you cant avoid it. but coffee enemas are my best recommendation.   coffee enemas boost an enzyme in your liver that cleanses your blood - your entire blood goes through your liver every three minutes so if you give it a "car wash" with these liver enzymes, stimulated by the coffee, you will feel better instantly!  just google "gerson therapy and coffee enemas.. "   let me know if you need more help..  good for you!

oh, and chlorophyll from wheatgrass or dark leafy greens will help dissolve toxins..      make sure you have loads  of green!
Comment by Serene Bardol on September 4, 2011 at 6:52am
i've been 100% raw now for almost 3 weeks, definitely my longest stretch yet. i was feeling an abundance of energy around week 2. then, my hubby and i went camping for our anniversary and hiked a lot more than i have in a while. i didn't have a lot of nuts on hand so i worry that i wasn't getting enough protein. my mind is certainly clearer than before i went raw, but my body has been sluggish still ever since that weekend. any advice on what i might be missing?
Comment by Jane Wojtaszynski on June 17, 2011 at 9:46am
Today, I ate a breakfast of strawberries, as I walked through my garden. I'm sure I ate some pollen along with them...
Comment by Billa on June 14, 2011 at 9:25pm
Comment by Serene Bardol on June 12, 2011 at 4:58am
thanks you. that does make sense. but also it seems that the time of year he visited was in the warmer months. there would have been so many other things fresh and available. he said she only eats them dried and i wonder if there is another reason for this, or if maybe i'm taking it out of context.
Comment by Suzy Gneist on May 10, 2011 at 10:20am

Many mushrooms are edible. In Europe it is common to collect them in autumn (at least when I was young, not sure about now) and what you don't eat can be dried for storage (like porcini). There are also inedible and poisonous mushrooms which you need to learn to identify (usually handed down, at least that's how I learned them) and they don't become edible as far as I know. Some can cause kidney or organ failures and even kill you.

I believe it is just the normal way to provide food for winter by drying or preserving the autumn harvest. If you have lived in a country with long winters, you may know that before the invention of supermarkets and air travel, the food was collected and stored to be used throughout winter. Preserves, dried foods, pickles and storable fresh apples, root crops, cabbages and potatoes were stocked up and used over the cold months. Vegetables like kale, carrots, swedes, turnips could survive the first frosts and still be harvested in December or kept fresh under a blanket of snow. After the winter feast (Xmas/Midwinter) these were usually used up and the stored food was then all there was until spring (the 'hungry gap') when the first wild herbs would sprout and before the first crops were bearing again.

Comment by Chris Balaam on May 10, 2011 at 7:53am

Serene, it may just be if you can dry them, they will last a long time. If fresh they are only around for a day or two. She could wander round knowing that the dried mushrooms are available if stored.

I also have a theory that the inedible ones may become edible when dried! But I have not checked this out, something I only thought of the other day!


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