Exemplary Space of Love in the Arctic! The "heartfollowers" Benjamin and Ingrid read the books and followed their dreams!

I am so blessed to have stayed with my friends Benjamin and Ingrid while I was in Norway recently. Of all the places and people I have visited, the "heartfollowers" (literally their name) are living their truth, truly..  They live  on an island in the arctic circle surrounded by brothers and sisters, aunties and grandparents and they are truly creating a space of love raising their children consciously, committed to a vegan lifestyle  with lots of yoga and wilderness exploration.... as well as sharing time with their beautiful horses, family and friends.  I see in them the power of  living for successive generations in the same land (5-6 generations in this case) and the love and support of having extended family close by. Seeing all the cousins play in the dome everyday and tinker in the dome garden was such a beautiful thing to witness.   

 Reading the Ringing Cedars books whilst pregnant with their third child  inspired their geodesic dome and created a micro-climate habitiat for their family to dwell in.  All of the extended family has read the books and now there are two domes on the island and one more underway.. 

After reading the books they realised their late grandfather had planted Siberian Cedar Trees on the family plot in the mountains that as children they rode their horses on everyday. Their Grandfather planted these trees during the second world war. We went there together crossing 12-15 creek crossings up into the mountain to find a grove of cedars around a little forest cabin next to an incredibly pristine mountain river rushing right past the cabin. We lay under the cedars on the forest floor and I noticed how incredible the light around us was ...

Looking up into the Cedar Canopies.. 

In the land of midnight sun and northern lights this family have pioneered the art of following your dreams and living close to nature. They are the most focused and inspiring young family I have met this lifetime and my dear friends.   Its worth following the "heart followers" at their blog or on facebook for daily inspiration :)

and here is a great article following the construction of their amazing home..  

This is Sandhornoya Sisters Sandra and Ingrid and I preparing the fire for Summer Solstice Ceremony  when all the families come together and share a feast and fire by the ocean.  Precious Memories.. 

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