Holistic rangeland management
A system that uses intensive rotational grazing of livestock to sustainably manage land and provide animal yields, developed and taught by Allan Savory.


This man, Allan Savory, once bought into a lie that everyone accepted blindly. This lie resulted in something horrible happening, which he supported at the time. But now he has a mission. A simple and beautiful mission: SAVE. THE. PLANET. He’s going to do it, too. Watch and be in awe.

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My personal experience on our farm reflects Allan's philosophy.  

Our land responded with eager desire when we brought in animals to graze.  When we purchased our land, it was grown over with invasive plants.  Our first few years of gardening produced increasingly worse.  Then, we befriended beautiful bovines and lovely sheep that we rotation-graze in the pastures.  The earth they cover has brightened and strengthened each year.  There is a very vivid difference in these areas compared to the areas that are not in pasture.  

We had been a family who did not eat animal products until 7 years ago, when we decided to bring "Hazael", the Jersey into our valley.  We fell in love with her and wanted to share her milk with her calf.  Since then we have added others.  Each is an endeared member of our family.  How can I describe the smell of sweet summer on her breath?  I have often napped by her side.  There is something very mothering about these ladies. 

I really enjoyed this video.  I love our relationship with our cows and sheep, and am ever so aware of the earth's response to their presence on our farm.

I'd love to hear what others feel about this video.

That's great feedback Patricia.. Thankyou for sharing some of your journey with us. Life is not the same without animal friends and I would love to be a custodian of a large herd , the island I am going to live at has an old goat population as well as kangaroos . I'm really looking forward to cocreating with them and we are able to have four horses.. :)






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