In Santa Cruz, 2012 I attended with Spencer a BioDynamic workshop day with the master Harold Hoven and his wife and we talked about the connection between the planets, the preps and the human organs.

This conversation inspired me to blend the preparation herbs together and make a tea tonic to drink. Its lovely and has the effect of all-over well-being. When I start drinking it again I always think "why did I stop?!"  its calming, uplifting, soothing on the nerves, makes me feel smarter and sharper, but relaxed and grounded. The nettle oxygenates my blood and transports the rest of the herbs to the vital organs - they have deep cosmic intention to heal   so they know what to do in the body! I think I'll blend it to sell online if anyone wants to try it..  

it contains:

Dandelion - liver cleansing and can increase appetite  and improve digestion

Valerian - soothing, sedative, nerve calming, muscle relaxant

Nettle - major blood cleansing 

Chamomile - calming, relaxing

Yarrow - digestive tonic and overall "healer" 

Oak bark - astrigent,  cosmic connection, protection

These are just some of the medicinal properties of these herbs and some are quite potent and should be treated with great respect.  Nettle , Chamomile and dandelion can form the basis of the blend with smaller amounts of the others added. If you have trouble sleeping or have anxiety add more valerian and watch the results and adjust accordingly. its important to watch your energy levels and see how you respond to these herbs - err on the side of  less  to start and learn about each herb..  grow them in the garden too!  they are all excellent for the soil and enhanced exponentially when made into the BD preparations which are the ultimate soil medicine.. 


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