I was using my very sharp fruit knife a few days ago and tried to cut some lemongrass root , which was much harder than I realised, and nearly sliced off the top of my finger. 
it was a very deep cut and blood immediately begin oozing down my hand. 

I went to the garden, chewed a comfrey leaf and then wrapped the pulp (with my saliva) around my finger.

Fixed it with a small bandage..   

Only Two days later , this very deep cut is healed up and sealed up and I have used tea tree oil on it twice for bacteria and aloe on it once to promote healing of the skin. 

Comfrey can be used for bruises, broken bones, and general healing. we put it our smoothees and salad and feed it to our animals.. 

In the garden it is known as a soil miner..  with its deep tap roots bringing nutrient to the surface and laying it down through the biomass of its leaves as they fall .. it likes it moist and in essential to making compost and organic gardening.. and saved my finger! 

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