"There comes . . . a longing never to travel again except on foot."
Wendell Berry (Remembering)

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http://ringingcedars.ning.com/group/ecobeing/forum/topics/the-baref...    - an exiting discussion on barefooting  

Lovely vidoe Billa! So good to here your voice ;)


I have always been a barefooter at heart. When David (beloved husband :)) and I first dated he was amazed that as a Woman I only had 2 pairs of shoes....... He should have known then that I was no "normal" Woman ........ hehehe


I was going to ask about how you feel on man made surfaces as I am not comfortable on them in my bare feet. I agree with what you say about taking in the "grime and negative energy". You have also got me contemplating about the wearing of shoes all day during the everyday stresses of modern life and the taking off of the shoes at the end of the day in our home environments. If our feet are draining the electromagnetic charges or stresses out of our bodies/energy fields, and if we dont make time to release all that rubbish back into our Mother (earth), then are we contaminating our own living spaces with this energy??  It seems to me that many peoples living spaces are not the peaceful havens that we need them to be. Maybe it would be good practice to remove shoes before going into our living spaces and run around barefoot outdoors for a time before going in. This would release some of this energy to our Mother so she can transform it. Hhhhmmmm. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?


Happy barefooting xo

Hi Gab,  


I dont feel too good on man made surfaces with barefeet, especially in towns, cities etc..

Enter Vibrams - a barefooters dream  - good in the cold and where its dirty..

you can even feel the sand between your toes..  great for transitioning to barefoot...like a glove with grip..

I also dont like to walk/stand  on flat hard surfaces indoors, it is very unnatural and I notice how drained I get from it, especially concrete..  never build your house with concrete floors..   (ouch)

  Simple wool slippers or natural moccasins are good for indoors and investing in a pair of Earth shoes if you have to work in shoes at a job or stand on your feet all day is something you will be forever greatfull for.. (lazy yoga) really healed my back a lot and I used to stand on my feet up to 12 hours a day working in my organic store and never did I get tired feet wearing these shoes..  so if you have to wear shoes - make the investment..  


Liberation is found in simple things - raw organic food, barefeet and sleeping under the stars. three simple things that will drastically change ones reality.


I suggest to people often to take 10 minutes at the end of the day to sit or stand on the grass in barefeet and let the energy of the day drain away. it soo  important.  and yes , LIFE itself is a process of constant combustion and that produces etherical and physical wastes. when we aren't living in symbiosis with nature, we are trapping all that combustion inside walls and basically dwelling in rooms of waste and distorted EMF frequencies.. any wonder we get sick!    


Feet on the Earth and a night under the stars are epic cures for build-up of wastes in the body.

and dont forget to eat your fresh greens.. :)


and if you are really keen, morning walk on the morning dew is priceless.   then  onto nettle foot baths.. oh it goes on and on , little upgrades everyday..    :) xxxx


Heeey!  I have those same black Vibram 5-fingers! I wear them any time I can because at work I have to wear steel-toed boots all day... it feels like i'm wearing Frakenstein shoes. When explaining the Vibrams, people seem to have a hard time understanding how they're better than shoes like being barefoot (or semi-barefoot via Vibrams) is this bizarre new concept. A lot of the time most just think i'm wearing toe socks around:)






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