Do you think that the name "un-schooling" is scaring some parents? Do we believe that what is called "un-schooling" is the real form of schooling? If yes, then what would be a better name/title for this sacred activity?


Thanks for any thoughts on this.



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Hi Marleny!

We are a family of "un-schoolers" and I think you may have a point about the name being off-putting. There are so many labels out there but we prefer to call ourselves "natural learners" (yes me too, we are all learning new things constantly, right?)

However when dealing with people unfamiliar with the concept, it is sometimes just easier to tell them that we learn from home. It's pretty clear what I'm talking about and there is no "school" to be seen ;)


With Love,


How about home they learn life skills along with us

You have a point Marleny in that title possibly turning off some parents. I personally liked it as, what most of us (I believe) refer to by "Un-schooling", is pretty much the opposite of how education is forced in schools.  I wouldn't want this type of education related at all to traditional schools.  While there may be a better title....would definitely like to see one that reflects this.  Am enjoying others responses - thanks for starting this discussion.

Blessings & Be Well~ Michelle

I am grateful that you bought this topic up Marleny, it is a discussion that I have had on so many occasions with other 'unschoolers' :-) I want to move away from labelling us as unschoolers, or even labelling us at all........ But when a 'label' or name is handy, natural life learners as Eric suggested, is much more in alignment with our families intention. It feels so much better to me :-)



Hi marleny, inspired me and I had a think and just thought up this for a new name to something that is new for alot of people and people need something that is uplifting and joyful, what about...New-Schooling..:) thats what it is isnt it? :)) 



Thank you everyone! Your thoughts have sparked mine. Yes, Natural Learning, natural learners: isn't that what we all are in the end? If school teaches us how to learn, then I am curious about the meaning of "learn".

I went to visit our old friend, the dictionary, and this is what it says about the origin of this word: Origin Old English leornian "learn" , in Middle English also to teach, of West Germanic origin related to lernen, also to LORE.  Now, "lore" is defined as "a body of traditions and knowledge on a subject, or held by a particular group, typically passed from person to person by word of mouth." Lore can be traced back to Old English "lar", meaning "instruction."

Steiner's thoughts on the subject were many, some of them just came to my mind. He thought that the spirits that were incarnating at the time (1912 or so) were already wise, since they had lived many lives, they had ALL the information they needed about the world, and that the work of the "teachers" was to remove HINDRANCES, that they would be able to access this information.

Now, what are hindrances? One could say many things are. Some come to mind: dogmatic thinking, categorizing every thing, "good vs bad" mentality, lack of health and life forces, exposure to media at an early age (it conditions the mind as seen in the dramatic differences between societies that have been exposed, and those that haven't), lack of spiritual understanding, overly developed intellects that are not balanced by feelings, will, and spiritual life. Diet, lack of will, sexual aberration, addictions of any kind signal an imbalance, depression and any other emotional-psychological disturbance like guilt and goes on.

Feel free to add what you think constitutes a hindrance to our development. I actually ask that you think of some and post them: to identify these is a great step in understanding what the children truly need from us, what we choose to balance in ourselves. Thank you all.

Steiner told how great men of old notice that human beings were content with sitting around the fire, telling stories all day long, prone to fantasy. This brought concern to their hearts, for they wanted human being to observe what was around them, to learn from it, and they decide to develop education, a living form of it. As time went by, much dross was tossed in with the gold, thus arriving at the form of education we have today. The idea was to balance the human being, not to overwhelm them. This kind of instruction seems to be (at least to me) closer to the word LORE, passed from individual to individual by word of mouth, by observation, by living the wisdom, by being that which is known. This seems to be what we talk about when we speak of un-schooling, right?

Maybe the humble school that I'll help create will be called something like "The Lore House"?

May you be in love and lore,


Love this Marleny and have shared your insights with a friend :-)

Thank you Michelle!

I have just received this link/video:

Then you may visit this lady's website:  She has written Radical Unschooling - A Revolution Has Begun. This is hot stuff, my friends! Watch out world!

Awesome stuff Marleny, thank you!  Have shared...doing what we can to help the world wake up!!






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