I have always felt my whole life that I wanted to live in harmony with nature... and reading Anastasia's message about our true nature, our hidden capabilities, and the lifestyle we are meant for, creating spaces of love and creation in harmony with the universe has really struck a chord with me.


However, I have major problems with her views on sex... on it only being for the creation of life, on every man's orgasm putting a new soul through suffering... I just don't get it. What creator would create life that would naturally do something like that? Children by nature experiment and touch themselves, and do not feel bad about it unless they are shamed for it. Sometimes people orgasm in their sleep and cannot control it. And this makes souls suffer?


I struggle with this even more because I do not want to have children. Raising children has never been something I envisioned as part of my life, or anything my heart says is right for me. I have found my soul mate and we are both very happy and neither of us desire to put children into the equation. We would rather spread love and kindness to the whole world through our creations, than spend our lives raising kids. I have had my share of problems with people discriminating against my lack of desire to reproduce before I read this book, but to read that someone I otherwise found great truth in believes that it is wrong for me to have physical intimacy with the one I love, since I don't want to take care of children for the rest of my life, has deeply upset me.


I do not believe I am wrong in not wanting children. I do not believe that others are wrong in wanting them either. I believe whether we create new life or not should always be our own choice and much deliberated upon before we arrive to a conclusion. I have been deliberating about this for many many years and have consistently found that I just plain don't want kids. For me to have kids would create an unhappy new life because they would be unwanted. I could not do that to another human being.


Are there any other childless people who have integrated Anastasia's teachings into their lives somehow? I would love to hear many different perspectives on this as all perspectives carry an amount of truth.


Thank you, and love,


Deep Forest

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Deep Forest ~ I cannot totally relate as I do have children.  Am also probably not in a position to shed a lot of light o the issue.  However, I did want to send blessings to you with my words until someone more eloquent comes along to post.  I came from a place where I was taught to be extremely judgmental of others.  Thankfully I have awakened enough to respect all even though I cannot always understand their situations.  So, for whatever it's worth, I see no wrong or blame in whatever choices you make.  My hat is also off to you in seeking clarification in an area that seems very confusing.

Opening the door for more clarity for us all......


"Sex Matters -Sex to Super Consciousness" a book by  Osho   - sheds great light on Anastasia's view on co-creation and the transcendence of "sex" energy.  He integrates it all and shares more detail than Anastasia was able to share with Vladimir.


As well there are many discussions in the conscious conception group.. 


Conflict of any kind, inner or outer is always dissolved by greater awareness and that comes with an expanded view..     its a big journey kiddo..    good on you for asking, your words are those of a true seeker.. stay open...

the things that challenge us our our greatest portals to our highest potential... love Billa

Darling, there is nothing wrong in this universe (except doing harm)  . We are all at different points on the journey.. I can hear you really inquiring about this from a deep place...


you must remember when Anastasia is speaking to Vladimir she is speaking to him in the context of his own perception of Sex - and at that point it wasnt a very enlightened one nor was it neccessarily about love..  but she is trying to convey a universal truth that is indeed hard to comprehend.

Osho goes on to explain it in more detail because his audience are already spiritual seekers - many people had extreme reactions to his words also.


On one hand you are very much on track with not wanting to perpetuate Children because of your own experience -  As Anastasia says if you want to give birth to a fully Conscious child, you need to become conscious yourself....   whatever we have in us when we concieve is the ingredients of our creation.  It is cosmic law that all things produce after their own kind...  I wasnt aware of this before I had children and had to catch up really quick on what I hadnt sorted out in myself (basically created a quickening of needing to grow and heal ) and I am still doing that today -


but,  I brought my children into the picture as much as possible so they understood the karma that we were all living with - (otherwise they sense the lie as Anastasia says and they distrust adults - you dont have to be perfect but you do have to be honest)   which is why they support me to do what I do now and dont need me to be with them all the time.  We love each other and miss each other, but they understand that it was a very difficult time for me to have mine and their dads ancestral karma multiplied out four times and reflected back to us and I was very exhausted!   I was the one to also physically carry them, after all... 


Now we are all healing and journeying as friends and companions on a life journey...   they really appreciate when I explain things to them, and we still have issues like any family, but its all about staying aware and practicing non-resistance and conscious witnessing of feelings of agitation and discomfort around particular issues so we can get to the root of them for release..   it takes a lot of love and patience and commitment to respectful honouring of each others choices and reality..


Holding on, only hurts the holder...      and if you really resist, you can also hurt people around you by acting from pain instead of awareness..


so..   as for enlightenment....


When was the most awesome, beautiful , moment of your life when you felt connected to all things in all ways and just plain happy and content in the wonder of it all?


Thats the egoless state.   one can quite often feel that in the pure moment of ecstasy when no distraction can possibly enter that moment........ and we are fully and utterly in the feeling sensation of being alive .........and Osho is saying that that is a glimpse, a rare moment of what our true nature really is..


He is saying   its a pathway , and explaining that pathway in detail . Where as Anastasia lives in pure ecstatic connection with creation so does not need to go backwards to try and reach that state... if that makes sense.   We must remember our sister lives in an ideal reality with nature and doesnt always explain the transition processes to access the reality she lives in, not until Vladimir poses a question to her and then she thinks upon it and applies her perception of harmony in alignment with cosmic laws to solve things...


Osho is hear giving us the solution that Anastasia might have come up with had someone asked her the right question..


Its not that the need for physical intimacy goes away, the experience of it is what changes. I agree with Osho when he said to embrace the desire to be intimate, give yourself absolute freedom to express yourself as life force in human form but do it with great reverence. Treat it as a cosmic, sacred, blessed experience because it is also the very sacred sacred act that can also give life to a new human.

And as I said in my other post today - that for every carbon atom in our beings, an entire star was born and died to offer us just one of millions of carbon atoms to have this life and all that supports it.  So all things are very very sacred, LIFE IS SACRED...


when one is conscious of how  sacred it is to feel love, to have love, to know love and cherish it for the very miracle that life really is, and we at the same time EXPERIENCE THAT AS A FEELING REALITY in our bodies,  the portal to en'-light--en-ment is opened and we glimpse the true reality that life really is a miracle. Creation is a miracle..   This is the bright thoughted, enlightened state Osho and Anastasia are speaking of... 


Blessing to you darling..  you dont have to figure it out all in one go.. just enjoy the journey and be true to yourself...   life is a miracle to be experienced and Earth is the school of learning...  We each play a role in life experiencing itself and you my dear are very very precious..


love Billa



Thank You Deep Forest

Thanks for sharing! just as i wantedsomoneto share thought and feelings with! :-))

Im in a process of meeting aman, much younger then me,as i iwshedfor, and he , me that is older, that healways wanted.

we have shared an amazing truthful journey toghetr for some weeks now,,,,and in his visoins he sees me pregnent-the giving birth, and feeding the children.

I think this weeks we have developed as human beeings , asin a 20 yeras oldmarrige;

Still;im 50, i always wanted to receive a child of God thogh..and suprisingly, i felt it is still possible.

my menstruation was gone for a short time,and back, and i feel beeing healthy, young, fit, fertile and ..this is also what he sees me in his vision.

i feel we have been given an amzing gift,that we can do with, what we decide.

At this moment: we never meet in person,bit i know every cell of him,i ilerned what it is to share with a younger man,

and it seems as it all lwell..still we have feras,

and he have doubts of his freedom, and i ido have some visions now, seeing him, as a responsible father, palying with the childern, in peace.

i have been the "pushing" force, tacing initiative- a lot, to manifest in body and flesh,,and i feel this willtake to much of my energy.

So i stay grateful for everyting that i have beenableto let go..that i learned of me,,and yes, then it allis alive fully!

its all there!

i live i sweden he is on london,this is alli know-just now!

do you have any reflections to share on this?

Light and love



I have friends who have been together, never "married" but consider themselves to be, for 20 some odd years. They never wanted children, because they themselves were having too much fun being kids themselves. I would consider them my best and longest time friends and enjoy their company so much because of the freedom that they have to be just the way they are, with no excuses or guilt trips. I love them and appreciate their awe in life's journey. They make me smile. I'm sure God knew I needed a good friend to be crazy with. My kids think I'm crazy so there's no connection with them right now as they are 20 and 19. You follow your own spark. Realize the expression that you and only you can offer of the creator. Whatever that means is no man's judgement, only your delight to be free in who you are. If you are happy, keep doing what makes you happy. Love and peace on you. Jane

I see this discussion seems to have run it's course. However, I would like to suggest that, for an alternative and very enlightend viewpoint on this subject of the spiritual purpose of sexual relations, with or without children, the book "Making Love" by Barry Long is really excellent. Barry describes how our culture is sex-mad, and totally saturated with dysfunctional sexuality, and he lays out how an individual couple can turn this around for themselves, if they are determined enough, and it is NOT easy to overturn a lifetime of bad habits, of using each other's bodies in a lustful, low energy manner. He also describes some of the energetic consequences of low-energy sex, and some of the energetic mechanisms that are built into our bodies, for example how a man's body is designed to be a beautiful bridge between his partner's upper and lower body during the act of sexual lovemaking, but if they are caught up in lustful thoughts and feelings the low-vibration energy of that will block the finer-vibration energy.

He also describes how right-thinking spiritually focused lovemaking can be used to help each other overcome the bad habits of lustful sex, however it takes a huge amount of determination and persevearance.

Anastasia will be well aware of all of this, hence her teaching to Vladimir about lustful sex, and in his case he possibly is not ready for spiritual sex except when holding the thought in his mind of co-creating a new life, because his pure love and desire for fatherhood can override a lifetime of bad habits that would otherwise take years of intense dedicated practice, which is not practical in their case.



Thank you, Peter, for this inspiring recommendation <3






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