I don't know if it is just me imagining this, but it seems like many are struggling to get pregnant. I'm certain it is because of our diets, environments, etc. Disease is definitely prevalent nowadays. Anyways, I know of many couples who are trying and even their tests say that they should be able to get pregnant, and yet they have been trying for years. Some of these couples I'm close friends with and I feel like I can help them. I've offered two friends some help and they said they will do whatever I tell them to. So I am coming up with a plan, but I want to know what some of your ideas are, as to what would help pregnancy happen. I was thinking of beetroot cleanses, entity cleanses, anastasia diet, meditation, time with nature, aligning cycles with the moon, sleeping under the stars, placing a vision of the child, and breathing through prana. Any other ideas? I'm not sure if I can get them to change their diets though, they really believe that they can't live without meat and cheese... heck, I haven't even accomplished all these things myself, maybe I should just work on doing these things myself before trying to helping someone else to do it lol. Now I feel like deleting this... oh well, someone might get something out of it :)

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