PERIODS & BIRTH - There is a beautiful and simple sacred link of between Menstruation w/out Bleeding or PMS and Birth w/out Pain.... please read the chapter below if it so inspires you :)

I think this is an important discussion topic that I want to bring up. I am looking forward to any comments or experiences.

I will post in the groups Conscious Conception, etc and in Divine Nutrition


Here are 3 articles about Menstruation with little or no bleeding:

I wrote the following post last year as a chapter in my manuscript "Born in the Garden"

(there are quite a few typos please ignore! and the message is quite strong in the beginning of this chapter - too strong i think. One day I will edit it so to hold more Love and Positive Images and Feelings instead of the fear and pain of the past. Loving you. -love Roxy):


Re-visioning the female 'Moon-cycle'

(letting go of hemorrhaging)

I think it is incredibly important for men and women to understand the effect that food has on reproductive organs, fertility, PMS, menstrual hemorrhaging, discomfort during pregnancy and pain or complications during childbirth. For seven years I have wanted to talk openly, spreadthe word, teach and inspire those interested in this. I have dreamed of writing, doing presentations, summer camps and opening a healing center dedicated to the restoration of painless moon-cycles and childbirth to women. I saw myself in my 60s running this center for women, teens and girls wanting to prepare for conception, or to heal and balance reproductive and hormonal system.

Needless to say, the majority of our population is not ready to address this subject - but each year awareness and acceptance of the obvious benefits of eating raw food increases. Our population is suffering from low self-esteem and receives much of its comfort and enjoyment from preparing and eating a variety of cultural cooked and processed foods. I completely understand this - from personal experience!

I originally wrote the essay below in March and sent it to an email list of women whom I used to invite to 'Goddess Healing Circles' (aka 'Red Tents') - women's gatherings that I organized in Vancouver.My own healing experiences beginning at 18 were my first steps, organizing goddess healing circles were my second steps, and this essay was my third step towards my very long term goal. I received several replies of disagreement and most women did not even reply. But, I received more emails of encouragement, personal stories and gratitude for the valuable information. I was and am super excited about that! I hope you enjoy.


of the 'MOON-CYCLE'

We've come to associate the Red Tent and its rouge colour with the blood of our monthly moon-cycle. In the spirit of releasing and letting go of the Age of Pain that women have held in their wombs from menstruation, childbirth, menopause, abuse, rape, sex or sensuality without love, traumatic births, sterilization, and the countless women that have died or almost died in childbirth due to hemorrhaging, I call upon a RE- VISON of the meaning of the rouge of our Red Tent. I choose to reclaimed the red associated with our Goddess healing circles in the spirit of healthy, strong, beautiful and radiant women, embracing a new time of Rebirth, Resurrection and Spring... the dawn after millennia of suffering and loss of vital living red blood for far too many reasons.

Why have I brought up this topic with such passion, my beloved sisters,

maidens, mothers, and wise crones?

Because I have simple information I would like to present. I know that the subjects of menstruation, ovulation and birth are difficult to not take personally. It is necessary to make an effort to open ones heart in order to receive this message:

Your body naturally ovulates. Each month, for some of us every 28 days in the cycle of the waning and waxing moon, our bodies produce an egg:

"During the days before a woman ovulates, the lining of the womb - the endometrium - thickens in preparation for a possible conception. If the egg released at ovulation passes through the womb unfertilized, the thickened endometrial tissues are not needed - and in a truly healthy woman, as in animals in their wild state, those tissues are mostly reabsorbed. What remains is expelled over a short period of time as a slight mucus discharge " - (quote ???)

I share this quote with you to let you know, if you did not know already, that menstrual bleeding is actually a 'medical hemorrhage' is not natural, healthy or desired. Each month when you bleed, you are hemorrhaging. Note that any 'hemorrhage' in the body whether you are male or female is definitely considered a sign of dis-ease. It is natural for your body to ovulate and upon the release of the egg each month to excrete a little mucus, but menstrual hemorrhaging and PMS are signs of trouble.

"Why than," you ask, "does everyone, including the medical, alternative and holistic healing professions, consider bleeding normal?", "Why than is the monthly bleeding considered a sacred and a special time for women in many, if not most cultures?!" and, "What significance is this to women today? Is this not yet another unnecessary and useless condemnation of the female sex organs?!".

Well... I can answer these only partially, which is my best present ability. Then, you can do your own research and figure it out yourself.

A healthy woman experiences her ovulation each month usually in harmony with the cycles of the moon. Her true 'moon-cycle' is a painless cycle of the creation and reabsorption of eggs and endometrium tissue. Does that not sound more beautiful and sacred than a monthly cycle of

shedding blood, abdominal pain and emotional imbalance, commonly referred to as 'the monthly sacrifice that women make'?

From what I have read and experienced in my body, I have concluded that we experience menstrual hemorrhage only when the our blood and cells are low in vital nutrients. Malnourished cells create blood vessels that are weak and more prone to rupture, especially at 'that time of the month', increasing the chances of menstrual blood loss. Cessation of this menstrual hemorrhaging naturally occurs when the quality of our blood, cells and blood vessels increases. We continue to ovulate, become more fertile and healthy, but no longer experience PMS or bleeding.

How can we cease bleeding and PMS but continue ovulating and become more fertile and healthy???

The answer is very simple: a change in lifestyle and eating habits. The eating of nutrient rich foods build strong connective tissue without taxing the digestion. This prevents menstrual hemorrhaging/bleeding while of course increasing our health, fertility and hormonal balance. The length of time it takes to completely cease menstruation logically depends on the physical health and vitality already existing in the woman. For some menstrual bleeding will cease immediately upon the change of eating hiatus and for others bleeding will gradually decrease each month.

I find it especially interesting that women who have either never menstruated or ceased menstrual hemorrhaging due to more a natural lifestyle and primarily raw fruit and vegetable eating, report painless childbirth. The correlation of painless childbirth, ovulation without bleeding, and raw food eating has been researched and documented for over a century. It makes sense that healthy strong connective tissue made of the highest quality organic phyto-nutrients will not tear or rupture but be flexible and stretch. The strong blood and tissue that results from eating raw fruits and vegetables and creates uteral, cervical and vaginal tissue which naturally, easily and painlessly give birth.

Anyone who has read the original book 'The Red Tent' by Anita Diamante knows that historically women were dying in childbirth even over 5 thousand years ago. My question is this: what were these women eating that weakened their bodies so much that they could not survive something so natural as childbirth? Through contemplation I realized that our foremothers (and most woman today) did not have access to the

quality nutrient rich food necessary for experiencing ovulation and childbirth without pain and blood loss. Hence childbirth was and still can be considered dangerous because of the pain, blood loss and hemorrhaging. There's that word again!

By now it's clear that eating food low in phyto-nutrients equals hemorrhaging.

When a woman eats primarily raw fruits and vegetables she is always rebuilding her body with the highest quality phyto-nutrients and naturally cleanses her body as she replacing old blood and tissue with new nutrient rich blood and tissue. As she nourishes and detoxes her body, she also lets go of old toxic emotions. Old toxic emotions and stress can cause heavy menstrual bleeding, fertility and birth complications. For my self, it is essential to maintain loving and expansive energy to nourish my body, let go of stress and release any emotional pains.

Now drugs are used deal with the pain experienced during menstrual hemorrhaging and childbirth. Some women just accept their pain and try more natural soothing methods. But why should we mask or cope with the pain instead of just cure it? We only need higher quality blood and tissue - we only need higher quality food. Fruit, greens and vegetables, herbs, nuts and seeds are now available all year round. It is very simple, we only need to try it for 28 days to prove that it works!

Just think... are you willing to experience a healthy ovulation cycle without menstrual bleeding and a painless childbirth of your beloved children?

With a strong desire for health and healing in our hearts, this is a question we can all ask ourselves and teach to our daughters, our maidens and mothers of the future.

And of course we all know health depends not only on the quality of food but also on quality exercise, air, water, home and emotional/spiritual harmony.


Let this be a call out to all the women that I know and all the women you know. The Age of Pain has ended a new dawn has already risen. Now is

the time for Rebirth, Resurrection and Spring! You can join the celebration whether you are ready or not to change your life. It is more important that you know with all your heart and being that that lo' Age of Pain and unnecessary suffering is over .

To me, 'red' is the colour of the nutrient rich blood that flows through my veins, in health, because my Mother Earth feeds me at her breast - her abundant garden - the most divine pristine sweet nectar of the Universe, her beloved fruits, berries and herbs. And so I endeavor to be a gardener of her beauty and bounty. The Red Tent is RED because we were born from the red wombs of our human mothers and our first earthly homes was in their bodies, surrounded by the red of blood and tissues of their uterus, fed by their red blood through our umbilical cords. Even the sweet breast-milk of our mother came from the red blood of her body. May we never forget where we came from and what we carry within us. May you too cultivate and garden a sweet, fruitful and beautiful bounty...

"Plant your garden with your seeds of hope. Plant your garden - fill the soil with your love. Receive from your trees, yes it's a feeling of peace - risen from the pristine origins of your genes!"

Thus! as we and our daughter maidens ovulate each month in our sacred 'Moon-cycles' ... we can contemplate the miracle of our body's ability to create human life. We can bring our focus to the generations yet to come and to the harmony that we are all re-creating on Earth - into eternity and beyond.

Our rouge 'Red Tent' takes on greater depth of meaning and responsibility.

So there it is, from my heart and hands to yours, with great LOVE.


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i just added "the simple sacred link" below the orignal message.

I definitely share this message with more gentleness the more that i age!

let me know your feelings and experiences.

I do experience that my moon cycle adapts to the moon. my favourite is ovulating during the full moon and releasing the egg during the new moon.


Hey girls,

I am very interested in observing my period this moonth!

Roxy, I saw your vid blog, asking for responses concerning raw diets and the effects on monthly bleeds - or lack thereof  :)

I bled over the new moon, must be 3ish weeks ago now ... this coincided perfectly with research to do with the beetroot reset - so I did that - however ate cooked beetroot - the veg is just not so popular here, or maybe it's not the right season - and I was walking up in the mountains ... see the goat photos on my page!  I still fasted the day, but didn't experience any weakness or major purges from my gut.  I then went raw - one week after - so really only the 2 middle weeks of my cycle (in the 2nd now)   ....

I have found this month, that the full moon was exactly mid cycle.   I'm rusty - when is ovulation??

I'm looking forward to seeing how my period goes this month.  I don't normally bleed alot - or in fact have any discomfort.  But as I've gotten older I've found that about every 3rd or 4th month I will have really sore cramps - enough to wake me in the night - which I never experienced growing up. 

I feel intuitively diet has a massive effect - especially learning from another conversation with Billa on here that I read - how menstruation is also a time to purge or cleanse out toxins.  Something I had never really thought about...    And how stress is related ... something else I am considering now.

I want to bleed minimally, or not at all.  I want this funny crabby PMS'ness to dissolve.  I want my cycle to be free of hindrance.

And I really want to bear my future children from the stars, pain free ....         in ecstasy!

I just have to add, I have never felt as good as I have, eating RAW.   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  There is something bubbly, hilarious, exhilirating, sacred, simple, mysterious and primal about taking fresh fruit and veg and .....   devouring.   !! hehehe

The starting point for creating a natural experience of our cycles is to tune into the moon.

An epic book called The Red Tent , is set in biblical times giving insight to the lives of the women.. They would all retreat to their red tent to bleed together during the dark moon. At the first sign of the crescent new moon they would emerge from the red tent. It's a very profound book .
It is set in a time of Kingdom not Kindom and when male domination was normal and men had many wives.. Not the divine plan, but a beautiful insight into the sacred realm of woman/sister hood.
The moon controls all movements of fluid and breeding cycles on the planet: tides of the great oceans, the movement of fluids in stems of plants, fish breeding, mushrooms spawning... And womens estrus cycle..

Estrus is the breeding cycle we have each 'moonth'. We are 'ripe' when we are ovulating- mid cycle, full moon, and if our egg is not fertilized, our ripeness wanes until the dark moon and the cycle begins again.

Maiden mother crone.

Maiden time is the beginning of the cycle, after reset time, after the new moon, it brings fresh energy and a new signature of energies according to the position of the celestial bodies...

Mother time is when we are ripe and fresh for fertilization, full moon, a mother is the fullest expression of Woman, the full moon is in it's fullest expression.

Then the crone time as the energy wanes, we integrate the cycles insights, the seasons blessings, recieve the gifts and the wisdoms and grow wiser with life experience, just as a plant absorbs the celestial energies and grows toward the sun...

Pmt- cranky time before bleeding. This is crone time, and the crankiness happens because of the distortion in the collective field of humanity. The honouring of grandmother wisdom and indeed tha place of our grandmothers in our cultures has been lost. So their is no honouring of the crone, a womans body feels the dishonor, and expresses the discomfort. Our beautiful bodies then bleed to try and cleanse the disharmony from the micro field of the body and the macro field of humanity.
eckart tolle once said that he felt women had great potential for enlightenment during menstruation. He was picking up a thread of insight without quite understanding that enlightenment will be present when menstruation is transcended, by the entire humanity. Do animals seek enlightenment? No, we only seek it because we have fallen from the grace of creations divine design. But womans body does not forget, and the pain and bleeding associated with birth and our cycle, only exists while we are out of harmony with the divine. Enlightenment is a natural state of being, only we have forgotten how to create enlightened children, the secrets held in womens bodies are immense.
When there is again a true honouring of womans innate intuitive wisdom, connected to all creation, the Goddess principle in all creation, including living in complete harmony with nature, pmt and menstruation will dissappear from our reality.

We will instead come to experience estrus. A breeding cycle, not a bleeding cycle. We will Go on and off 'heat' like our animal Kin, and we will make babies in the spring. Birth them just before winter at peak harvest time and we will come to know ecstatic birth and the creation of fully conscious children.

And peace shall prevail on Earth.

Love will be all around..

And we will celebrate the joy of cocreation with our beloveds, in our spaces of love.


Yes it will, (peace), and Yes we will, (celebrate with joy) ...


This is exactly the wisdom I had forgotten ...   Oliver very much recognises the parts of my cycle, often naming it before I register I am behaving Maiden, Mother or Crone like.

I just love how I was  pulled outwards and upwards this past full moon - off to the stars at the near top of a hilly range.  Currently in Crone ... and I have just written a blog after some revelations today.

Billa, my Mum has the Red Tent and I remember her telling me how much she enjoyed it, years and years ago ... it has always stuck in my mind, but I have never come across it. I will pick it up from her in January! 


Thank you so much.  All this just adds to my understanding - sometimes I need to hear things a few times before they live in me.  Bleeding/Breeding ... what has happened to us?  We need to take back so much!




That was amazing to read!

I would love to share it-on FB for example-is that ok with you?


sure,, just click on the FB like button at the bottom of the first post...  then its referenced back to hear, so that's fine...   glad it resonated with you !   xxx

amazing picture!


YES yes yes :) loving you always - feeling the depth. staying strong bright and grounded ;)


"i just added "the simple sacred link" below the orignal message.

I definitely share this message with more gentleness with each year that i age!

let me know your feelings and experiences."


Hhe h hehehe! yes! its wonderful! RAW Joy! :-))

i read your message weeks ago when i was not prepared to write an answer, but i want to thank you so much for you post and i am pleasantly surprised to know that you watched that youtube video. interesting eh?

i want to tell you that:

"i just added "the simple sacred link" below the orignal message.

I definitely share this message with more gentleness with each year that i age!

let me know your feelings and experiences."


:o !! what is the simple and beautiful link? i woooondeeeerrrr  ! :-))

hey hun i just posted it above, i am curious your reaction!







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