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ite and have a review on the following page where the process of personal development and couple in love collaboration is described towards consciouss love based conception in a state of prime self union.

The Golden Path of Sacred Love


Learning Process

The main aim of the Golden path of sacred love, is its self-transformational effect to be integrated and made possible, in all aspects of human life, as well as the to support its practitioners to develop the necessry self-awareness, heart based consciousness, prime self union and prime love self source in order to care for it.

Following are some of the elements and stages of development you will enjoy on the practice of this path:

  • Make possible the experience of completion and self responsible decision making.
  • Self honesty, self-love and truth to be self-recognized in the self-experience.
  • To recover the original natural state of own body energy mind heart and soul that was experienced before any sexual experience.
  • The experience of several qualities of expressions of a love based sexuality which is free from the body, to later integrate them all in the experience of the emotional-organic-consciousness. The recovery of own dignity. Prime-Completion of the human self-expression of love, which is integrated in the whole life experience.
  • Heart open, sharing, welcome, receiving, celebrating, playfully experienced. The achievement of a heart flow as foundation of the sacred love completion process. Active and receptive skills development.
  • To perceive, respect and honor the space of sexuality as a sacred space which is dedicated to prime self union.
  • The golden path of sacred love means fun, several possibilities of experiences dedicated to soul-prime-union to be experienced and discovered.
  • All the worlds of the gods and goddesses through sacred mystic sexuality to be experienced, called and given as a gift, of completion, and own life consciouslly in such a quality to be filled.
  • The collective of gods and goddesses, divine human beings, called back to earth, waked up and as a new society to be anchored.
  • Prime self union, the prime source union, which is self expressed in the prime verse.

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