From Sex to Superconsciousness

I think we would all agree that Anastasia represents super consciousness embodied in so many ways.

Here is some insight and wisdom that I have attempted to articulate myself here in this site myself over the last two years..Much better said by Osho..

We gain nothing through denial, everything and more through transcendence.
I don't want to have to heavily moderate this discussion, so please read and contemplate for yourself and respect where each other is at on their journey. As cocreators we must be completely empowered by access to our own inner wisdom and never fall prey to dogma or false images.

By ye fruits, ye shall be known!


Go to this link:

Or find the books Sex to Superconsciousness by Osho.
The Universal Tao network also has this wisdom to share.

Talks given from 1/8/1968 to 16/11/1970
Original in Hindi
Book Chapters: 8
Year published: 1979
Source: and


Chapter No. 1 - Self energy from sex energy (The Perennial Path)
Chapter No. 2 - Tantric path to super energy (The Perennial Path)
Chapter No. 3 - Reflections in a mirror (The Heartbeat of the Absolute)
Chapter No. 4 - Sex, the genesis of love
Chapter No. 5 - From repression to emancipation
Chapter No. 6 - The pinnacle of meditation
Chapter No. 7 - Sex, the super-atom
Chapter No. 8 - From lust to the lord

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Research this topic for youself and contemplate using your own witnessing and awareness and come your own conclusions according to where you are at on your journey..

Hi All,


Interesting topic for sure.  A good friend of mine in Ontario Canada just channeled some great info on the topic of Sacred Sexuality.  You can order the CD here:


Big love to All!



if you read in the Anastasia books...she is givibng a total understanding what sex is like and how should be used and when.

All sex debate is created by the OCCULTISM and is a weapon in their hands, be it in the version of Osho or any other guru. All books and all knowlegde avaiable today is written by occultist...Osho was one of them.
The matter is deeper than it shows on the surface.....
Anything done by books like this on the contrary ..will remove the REAL instinct of the union of a man and a woman....
this is the obvious motiv to write such books
It looks like really interesting stuff Billa.  Thank you for posting it here  : )

I sort of think sex is like chocolate or other indulgences.  Unless you're reminded of it, after awhile you stop focussing on it.  The problem is that our North American culture throws it in your face all the time.  This is sort of unnatural and even tends to dull our responses, as any addiction does over time, so it can be less and less fulfilling and then there's a need to go to greater and greater perverse extremes for satisfaction.  Plus it takes our attention away from the truly important things that make sex wonderful - good health and relationships.


Hey Rebecca ~ How do you feel about Anastasia's recommendation that a couple only needs to have sexual relations if they are both wanting to co-create a child?
I don´t think the couple should not have sex inbetween the wish  for being with  child...only tha the couple stays together nbo matter what and start with  sex aftere  the y had known each other a  good while like 1 yrs or untill they  build the house -- anyway   untill  they  marry
sex need to be transformed in creativety, i don't like the word sex at all, just to care for one another, i so can live with that, i don't like to be used as a body, only as a soul, i better have no sex then something that makes me feel like i have it all, while it doesn't, just love please, bey sex XD

Woooow. I finally read all the chapters and really got to say that my eyes were opened. Some parts I didn't fully understand and some I didn't agree fully, but the majority of it sounds a lot like Anastasia. Some of it actually has helped me with just trying to make changes in my life. The whole pendulum of a clock thing is definitely what has been going on with me. I've been vegetarian and have always eaten healthier than most, but whenever I try to go vegan or raw vegan then it backfires and I end up eating crappier. So just being able to recognize that, to keep still, to stop focusing on the enemy, and to start focusing on doing everything wholeheartedly and eat with my body, mind, and spirit and not just my mouth. All of this has really helped me and I feel more in control. I also like how he describes fasting as an opportunity to reset your hunger so that instead hungering for food you hunger for God because your body hungered while you prayed, so I'm thinking I might try that with helping me hunger for healthy raw food. 

Also, if someone is only going to read a little bit of the talk then I suggest chapter 6 because I love how he describes love. Love is not a relationship; it is a state of mind; it is fluid; it is natural. I really like what he says about our current situation where sex is suppressed and thus it has become man's central focus. I used to be a member of a church that really suppressed sex and nudity and well let's just say that my state (the state where this religion is most prominent) has the highest rates of rape and porn.

I'm so glad that you posted this Billa because I was wondering about what Anastasia said and thinking that what a life without condoms or birth pills. Too many babies! I first thought, because it seems like guys want it like every 24 hours and I thought this can't be how God wants it to be. I mean animals only want it once a year. But now I understand that there is something behind the sex that people crave and that is the egolessness and timelessness, that divine moment of being elevated. I hope to help my husband and I save our energy with celibacy (without deprivation) so that we will be able to pour so much energy and love into bringing children. It sounds almost impossible and cruel to me, but with the power of meditation and love I think we can do it. I know this is quite a controversial subject for people, but it really is so important and should get much contemplating because it can bring about so much change in the world.

"I know this is quite a controversial subject for people, but it really is so important and should get much contemplating because it can bring about so much change in the world."


wow thanks Jaesi, you really got the essence of it...   good for you for reading all the way through!  

We have lost our way on many things.   This topic IS THE MOST ESSENTIAL OF ALL.. Thanks for being brave and posting your insight !   love Billa






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