Hello fellow Kin,
I thought that you may like to hear from Marie and myself.
After being together since 1993 (married 2004) we have put off bringing a child into this world for many reasons, not old enough (or sensible enough) not wanting to bring a child into this sort of messed up world, not the right time, well we put it off long enough.
After reading Anastasia, that someone gave us, I had to order the whole series. I read them and loved them.

The books gave me the inspiration to start our Domain on a piece of land that we had previously bought, in the hope to build on it. I have started a food forest, fruit trees, nut trees and a few raspberries, asparagus to come.

Anyway I wanted to let you all know that a new Being is on its way into this planet.

We have prepared our minds and bodies for this for 3 years but it was not until we read the books last year that it helped us a lot. In March we did a month detox and intestinal cleanse, we have not been intimate together since then, and for the last 2 years have been on a high raw diet, using loads of our own grown food.

In August we followed Anastasia’s suggestions on Co-Creation. Following the Vedrus rite for Telegony. For 3 days we slept naked under the stars on a straw bed with a blanket, only thinking about our Son. That was amazing.

Then in September we went to our Domain with dinner and had a wonderful evening Co-Creating, thinking about our Son and each other, it was such a special time, I think I would need to be a poet for my explanation to give it justice. I would just thoroughly recommend it to everyone.

Marie is now just over 3 months, with a little bump showing. We are planning a birth on our Domain where he was conceived. There is a little Mulberry growing for him that Marie held under her tongue, when its ready to be planted his placenta will be placed with it.

I thought that you may enjoy to hear that Anastasia’s vision is coming true, we can all help create a wonderful world for our future generations.

Blessing to your thoughts

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Chris - what wonderful news.  I am thrilled to learn that you are following this ideal and would be so interested to know how everything turns out for you and your family.


Congratulations on being so ready to bring in the New Earth.  I am sending prayers and blessings for your joyous pregnancy, birth and parenting experience.




This may be of interest to you:


Thanks Chris & Marie!

Wow this is amazing!



Chris and Marie,

My thanks and pure joy for sharing this the budding of her vision with us. And thanks particularly for mentioning having taken three years of preparing mind and body. It is truly beautiful how you are moving through and toward her offered sanctities. Wow! And please let there be more that you will share. So exciting and wonderful. Write an epic poem Chris. Sing an all day song Marie. I would love to know more about your particular experience and I suggest a blog here if at all possible. Tell us what you are imaging for the birth and infancy?

Much love and interest.

Thank you all for your kind wishes.

I will keep you updated as to what happens.

Thanks for the link Jeanice lots of interesting things going on.

Megan it looks like you have a wonderful life ahead of you, I wish you Blessings for January.


May 2011 bring you wise words and wonderful choices.

Blessings to your thoughts


thanks for sharing your experiences with us,

so inspiring..

I cant wait to do the same! :D 

one day when I find a man who loves deeply and kindly!! :))

as a birth assistant, I would love to hear about the birth! 


sending you blessings!!!



YES! this is great! thank you!


This is so beautiful.  YOU are so BEAUTIFUL!  Congratulations to your holy trinity!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing the miracle... inspiring!!  <3

Hello All,


I have been wanting to give you an update with our life now that we have a new Being with us.


Our Son 'Seth' was born on the 24th of June.


It has been a fantastic experience, and also at times a little trying, as the procedures that are usually followed were not a path that we wanted to follow.

We did not have any scans, we only got round to seeing a midwife when Marie was around 6 months.

Right up to the end they wanted Marie to take an iron supplement as her iron was low, we did not feel that this was right, we just upped the iron rich diet, green juices etc.

There is so much worry and fear in the whole process, we felt very pressured by the midwifes. We know that they where just covering themselves so we just helped them along and sent them good energy.


We stayed on our Domain in our caravan for 6 days before the birth, this was really great for us to relax. Marie had been listening to Hypno-birthing which she found helped.

The labour was calm and relaxing, towards the end it was getting more intense but bare-able.

When the midwives came it was not anyone we had met, but they were lovely. They measured Marie and she was 9 cms and ready to give birth. But they where reluctant about our position (the far end of a 10 acre field/woodland) and if anything were to happen that needed medical assistance it could not get to us quickly, also because it was a first birth for Marie, they tried to persuade us to go to the hospital, we did not want this, we came to a compromise and chose to give birth at home, so we drove Marie home it is only a mile away, we did not mind too much.


Seth was born about 4 hours later, naturally with no problems or complications and no drugs or gas.


He is now 5 months old sitting up on his own, wanting to walk and trying desperately to crawl, he is still just on breast milk, although he does love to chew on the plants in the garden.



Chris Marie and Seth.


Look at that little prince! Thank you so much for sharing! You will learn so much from him! I am so excited for you all!






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