Cellular cycle - beginning 16.4 billion years ago, developed the consciousness of Action/Reaction.

Mammalian cycle - beginning 820 million years ago, developed the consciousness of Stimulus/Response.

Familial cycle - beginning 41 million years ago, developed the consciousness of Stimulus/Individual Response.

Tribal cycle - beginning 2 million years ago, developed the consciousness of Similarities/Differences.

Cultural cycle - beginning 102,000 years ago, developed the consciousness of Reasons.

National cycle - beginning in the year 3115 B.C., developed the consciousness of Law.

Planetary cycle - beginning in the year 1755 A.D., developed the consciousness of Power.

Galactic cycle - beginning January 5, 1999, developing the consciousness of Ethics.

Universal cycle - beginning February 10, 2011, will be developing the unlimited ability of Conscious Co-Creation.

Until December 12, 2012 - so that last Universal cycle doesn't even last a year.

Information from Ian Lundgold's webpage: http://www.experiencefestival.com/a/Ian_Xel_Lungold/id/2209

Since I've only been alive in two cycles so far I've only experienced one Consciousness Shift and that was, according to these cycles, January 5th, 1999...which is pretty accurate for myself, I have to say!

Although a watcher of my dreams and definitely on my own path for all my life I had my first huge awakening and consciousness shift early December, 1998 - I still remember it clearly. For me it is a definitely marker representing a shift within myself. When I saw these dates - that Jan 5, 1999 was the start of the Galactic cycle - woah - it sure resonated with me.

What had happened was - for my birthday I went to a western astrologer. I'd never gone to an astrologer, tarot reader, psychic, nothing like that - ever in my whole life...but a fellow-waitress said she went and that it was amazing so I thought: what the hell - it might be interesting...? And it sure was! I couldn't believe what this man told me about myself - he knew things about my parents as well which was the topper, for me...when I left his office (after some tears - what triggers - and I'm not a cryer) I felt as though the top of my head had been opened up and the universe was streaming in with all these new ideas and...MAGIC...it was the discovery that the Universe and Life was WAY more interesting than I'd previously thought that made it all soooo magical - and it was what I'd really been searching for, and new instinctively, my whole life....with dreams and taking Philosophy at university (what a disappointment that was! They didn't ask me questions and it seemed like all the philosophers we studied didn't answer MY questions - I found I liked the 'first' philosophers the best who felt like 'everything had consciousness and was filled with animation and vitality' - students in the class laughed at that...)

But, I ramble!

So that was my big shift right on time with the Galactic cycle interestingly! From that point on I taught myself western astrology, got more into my dreams, discovered some 'crazy' books (Seth/Bartholomew), discovered Mayan astrology...and the discoveries haven't stopped...

I also noticed during that period that - it seemed that it really took hold in 2000 - that even the older generation (who may have even belonged to religions their whole lives) were questioning and opening to new ideas - shifting their consciousness too...

When you think back to 1999 and 2000 hasn't everyone changed SO much? And it just keeps speeding up!

Anyone else experience something similar?

February 10, 2011 is the next shift....

This symbol is called the Galactic Butterfly which is said to represent all of the consciousness that has ever existed in this galaxy.

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Yep, this is what I saw explained in the docco I was talking about - and I think Ian Lungold was the guy. Not sure. Anyhoo...for my bit, yes, I definitely feel the speeding up and it's exciting. I'm wondering if we need a speeding up of understanding/consciousness and a slowing down of action..... rather than the other way around as we've (whenever I say 'we' Im usually talking about the planetary family, us as a species, unless I say 'we went down to the shop'.....obviously.... :) so rather than 'we've' been living for 50+ years.
Just my little thought to self to start the day.
Thanks for being you!
Yes! And, I love that the last cycle, Universal, is about Consciously Co-Creating...ooooh yessss....and we're starting now...we'll be ready with bells on eh?
Here are the smaller Day & Night Cycles within the Galactic Cycle we're in right now:

1st Day - Jan. 5, 1999 to Dec. 30, 1999 - Seeds of consciousness planted

1st Night - Dec. 31, 1999 to Dec. 24, 2000 - Consciousness is activated

2nd Day - Dec. 25, 2000 to Dec. 19, 2001 - Polarity is displayed

2nd Night - Dec. 20, 2001 to Dec. 14, 2002 - Old and New consciousness collide

3rd Day - Dec. 15, 2002 to Dec. 9, 2003 - The Truth rolls out like it or not

3rd Night - Dec. 10, 2003 to Dec 3, 2004 - Adjustments to the Truth-don’t hold on but flow

4th Day - Dec. 4, 2004 to Nov. 28, 2005 - New foundations of human relations

4th Night - Nov. 29, 2005 to Nov. 23, 2006 - Ethical procedures are implemented
5th Day - Nov. 24, 2006 to Nov. 18, 2007 - We meet our Galactic neighbours

5th Night - Nov. 19, 2007 to Nov. 12, 2008 - The end of manufactured lack

6th Day - Nov. 13, 2008 to Nov. 7, 2009 - Consciousness surpasses technology

6th Night - Nov. 8, 2009 to Nov. 2, 2010 - Bliss, we will need the practice

7th Day - Nov. 3, 2010 to Oct. 28, 2011 - We evolve to conscious Co-Creation of existence and experience

I haven't had many Jungian Ah-HA's with this sytem (and that's what's important right?) but here they are because you might just have an Ah-HA!






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