"Be forewarned: Things will change for you once you can communicate with trees and other nature beings. You will “wake up” to a feeling of deep connection with all of Creation. This process of waking is one that occurs both physically and emotionally. Your experiences in nature will be richer, more textured and vivid. As long as there are trees nearby, you will never be alone. You may receive teachings and guidance from your new friends that will take you to places you never dreamed of."

Tree Song Shaman takes you into the world of communicating with trees....

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Thanks for this link, what an honour to KNOW a tree... to talk to a tree is like whispering with the Divine.

Trees are our standing friends, we have a giant beech tree which I tune in with Anastasia..I get pictures and guidance..also let her know she is not alone and all is working according to her visualisations. Blessed be






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