If you want to know the thoughts of the Creator then know nature, feel nature. Also examine how your nature relates to the nature around you, examine your shadow aspects too. We tend to embrace the cute and cuddly or the majestic and powerful but we do not acknowledge the things we do not like...Like Flea's! or mosquitoes, flies or my personal shadow animal the slug and snail. It took weeks of meditating on the energy of a family of snails for me to realise that they reflected an aspect or enery that I was having issues with inside myself, I was jealous of them! They took life slowly, were superbly sensitive to their environment and were totally self sufficeint...Things I wanted to allow myself to be but was taught that it was wrong... I now have a deeper and more whole understanding of them and the weird fear reaction I had has now been transformed into appreciation. Each animal, plant, element that meets you is a whisper from your Creator. We are know having to relearn this soul language, this language that is a multifaceted reflection of your soul into the space around you. It is how we learn we are not alone ever, I do not think that we can fully co create without this understanding because in order to be a part of it you must understand the language of your partner in CREATION...

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BEAUTIFUL! Encore! Encore!
Aloha Angela,

Two years ago I moved to a remote area on the Big Island on Hawai'i into the rain forest where I am very secluded. I live without electricity, but with all the conveniences needed. I have found such peace being in balance with nature and Creator here in the quiet, with nature as my guide to living in harmony. I am living in harmony with the forest rhythms now and am much healthier and balanced as a result. Sometimes I can get pretty reclusive and resist going to "town" and yet after a while I feel the tug of humanity and the desire to be connected to others. My shadows apparently have been other folks energies, rather than forest creatures. The whispers of the land have been instrumental in the healing of energies. I feel the land as the living entity that she is, her emotions and her energies . . . my own land in particular. I can feel her no matter where I am and she gives me the calmest touch-stone (literally and energetically) from which to consciously create balance and harmony - which I can then share with others. The language of the forest is so amazing - the joy of being present to her nuances is almost without expression with the enormity of the blessings. She teaches me something every day and my body and spirit rejoice!
Wow Sharon, it sounds like you are already experiencing your paradise. It was strange for me because it was the animals and the land that taught me to 'get on' with my own species again. I feel the over whelming love and compassion that all of creation has for us (sometimes mixed with a little frustration at our blind ways) and I know that we are meant to reconnect to find that we are home. Your land will love you like a mother! How precious?
I am visualising the land we are on as one day being in our custody that we may care for her and have somewhere to let our children sink their roots. I live on an olive estate in the most beautiful valley in the western Cape South Africa. It is in an area called the klein karoo or 'little desert' our old farm house is backed by the Swartberg Mountain range and we face the red mountains which used to be the fault line of Gondwanaland millions of years ago before the continents devided... but we see! I think where ever I am the natural world will be my guide and guru... Lots of love to you and your part of the world!






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