Back in the Personal Stories section Paulette told us how she rescued a fallen baby bird by hanging a bird cage where the parents could get to it with the baby inside.

Last evening I had the chance to try it out... A baby was on the ground.... with my three legged cat sitting near it and the parents swooping down to peck at the cat. I really didn't think the cat could climb trees with just three legs, but who knows... he certainly has tried.

I got the birdcage, put some mulch in it and took it over to where my daughter had picked up the baby.. we put him in and put mulch around him to keep him warm. Then left him...

This morning he seemed well, but the door to the cage had blown closed and one of the parents was just sitting on top of the cage.. I opened it and stood back to watch. Not long after, the parent entered the cage and fed the baby!

So much for day one!

Thanks Paulette.... I truly would not have thought of doing that if I had not ready your story.

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When we first discovered the bird on the ground, it was near a fairly tall compost bin with slick sides and a flat top. No way a three legged cat could get up there. We just put the cage up there since it was close and it was late. That's when the door blew shut..

The next day, my daughter hung it in a tree that the cat would not be able to climb... he does have limitations as to which kinds of trees he can climb..

Sadly, the baby died that afternoon.. I think the night it spent on its own with no parent to keep it warm was just too much exposure.

Paulette's baby bird story is here:






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