A while ago Kali asked if I would share some tips on Inter Life communication... Begining to feel your connection to creation again is the path to real self discovery. As I don't have a huge amount of time to write or get on line i will leave you with some meditative exercises that you guys can do in your own time and then possibly give feed back if you feel like sharing your experiences? I will add to these lessons, as you progress as communicating with nature or learning to find your language is a work of progress.The most important thing you need is a desire to be open to new worlds (and a loving heart of course)

Communicating with animals is great but the most patient teachers and wisest talkers are the trees. They are always open to connecting with those who truly feel the desire to listen and learn also they have the most incredible ability to heal or ease our blockages. Far more patient and less weary than most animals.

Firstly finding your tree through a meditation or just by thinking of a tree you love. My first friend tree was an oak, he now lives quiet far from me so I talk to the Willow in our garden mostly...but not only.
Once you have found your tree, sit at its base with your back against the trunk and breathe. Just feel your space and let yourself become familiar with the ground and air around you,sit for as long as you feel comforatble.After a few days of doing this you will notice a different quality to the space. Almost a welcoming, it is then you can start your communication. Open your heart and listen to your breath and then listen to the breath of the tree. You will feel it before you hear it. Close your eyes and think / feel your communication (be patient some trees have deep roots and therefor take time to reply) the messages of trees can often be somewhat out of our paradigm of thinking so be open to what you hear/ feel. Thank the tree for the message and continue you communication as regularly as you feel led. Writing down what passes between you is a good way of reinforcing the strength of your communion in your own mind.
This is just a start but can become the begining of a beautiful freindship so take your time and enjoy the company of gentle souls...

X Earthangel

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Thank you very much for this. I do love trees alot. I've heard them speak often...not all, only the ones who want to....they do have their own wishes.

Buddha achieved enlightenment under a tree.
I will meditate on trees today.

Dryad Blessings

Wow Serena what a beautiful pic, thanks for the reply! All our trees are glorying in the rain here in the small desert I live in at the bottom end of Africa! Blessings and light to you and your friend tree's...X
Beautiful, thank you so much for this Angela. I have only just become aware of connecting with Tree energy. I will do this exercise, absolutely...it sounds perfect...
Wondering how any of your are feeling your tree's? Winter time here in Africa and my leafy friends are in hibernation or a slowed up state of being... Although the rains are imbuing life to all around! I have a message from my young yellow wood tree's (equivilant of Cedar for us here in South Africa = indigenous) for all of you tree lovers and green angels... " Reach up and stretch down, connect with heaven and earth, allow yourself to BE apart of both as you feel the wind upon yourself and your breathe connects you to me"
Lots of Love
Thank you Angela, this is something I will defintitely do. I know the perfect tree for this and I can't wait to connect in this way with him. xx






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