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At this school, revealed in Book 3 of the Ringing Cedars Series, the children have designed, built, and decorated their own campus. They cover the entire high-school curriculum in one year and get official Master's degrees by the time they are seventeen. They cook their meals, do administrative work, and write their own textbooks. They contemplate the meaning of the Universe and swim in mountain streams. They dance, draw, sing, and pick strawberries in the surrounding fields. They have no interest in the TV or video games. They do not prepare themselves for ‘life' — they live every moment they breathe.
In this inspiring video these children will move you to tears and their words will touch the very core of your being.

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Comment by Birgit D. Kamps on February 17, 2012 at 4:11am

Please contact me directly via as I'm giving the rest of my life to co-creating public awareness and actions around the importance of providing a "Space of Love" for children in the preverbal years (in womb to 3). Thanks Bill and all the other members in this "Nature's Child" group for your rays of love for children ;-) With love and delight, Birgit D. Kamps ( and

Comment by Jonathan (of the Hart home) on September 21, 2011 at 7:25pm

hmmm ... its been a  while since anyone posted here.

I attended a session on the LifeLine Technique on Friday. It looks extremely hopeful. Pleasse give the page a visit

I watched someone experience a session. I don't know if she is healed but I do know the woman who did the session is genuine.

Comment by Brígida Brisa on October 31, 2010 at 1:28am
Thank you! But you too have a victory, because you had homebirths and you are getting successful at raising your children in Nature. Maine must be very cold, and they still don't mind it. Where I live doesn't even snow...
I have met one person who raises her daughter 100% in nature. The girl can actually convince adults to not to eat meat. She is a very kind and joyful 10yo and makes her own clothes. She had been in the city once and she said she wanto to never come back there. I met tis family a little befre I read the Ringing Cedars Series, and I got so inspired! They are a True Bliss in this world, they changed my Life. And I thought I had changed a lot, then I met the books... Light attracts Light, we must be Light specially with children all the time. Thank you all!
Comment by Donanne Dean on October 31, 2010 at 1:12am
You are so fortunate to be learning about all of this before having children. I have one child who was conceived and born at home. Not in the same spot tho and not outside onto the Earth. There are so many things I would do differently now. You have so much opportunity ahead of you. Because you don't have children already you can actually raise a child with only natural things around him/her. You have the chance to allow his/her speed of thought to be far ahead of all of ours just by conceiving, birthing and giving him/her freedom to be in the natural world.
Comment by Brígida Brisa on October 30, 2010 at 11:54pm
Consciousness is collectively changing. Let's enJoy!
Comment by Brígida Brisa on October 30, 2010 at 11:53pm
So Happy it is all working there! Unfortunately, in Brazil it is illegal to homeschool, but the irrisory fine of R$50 (US$30 app) in some cases makes it worth trying. Anyway, there is law on allowing homeschool which will come to pass. I don't have kids yet but I will surely homeschool them. And I think of not putting any devices at home, although I will explain about them.
Comment by Donanne Dean on October 30, 2010 at 11:34pm
We were interviewed by channel 13 for the news about unschooling. The consciousness is rising and people are starting to think for themselves. I am so glad to have the chance to spread positive awareness in any way I can.
Comment by Micelte on October 30, 2010 at 8:21pm
Thank you so much for your message, Donanne, it makes so much sense. I am just at the end of a day out in the mountains with my two daugthers, and we all feel so good right now. It also helped to refresh my mind and my ideas, and I have to say that there is nothing to learn in order to do what's best: just go to Nature, and let Nature do its job! Watch it, learn it, live it ;)
Comment by Donanne Dean on October 28, 2010 at 10:48pm
Oh I forgot one more thing. Get rid of the TV. We do keep one in the closet to bring out and watch movies occationally but you can do that on a computer too.
Spend as much time out doors in Nature as possible. We do this in Maine and there are many months here that it is very cold. The girls don't mind the cold. I have to bundle up much more then they do.
Comment by Donanne Dean on October 28, 2010 at 10:46pm
For me the first step would be to take them out of public school. Homeschool or better yet unschool them. You can get on homeschool forums in your state and learn about all the amazing homeschool stuff going on. Another good teacher to learn from is Alfi Cohen. Or read John Holts book "Learning all the Time".
Some people complain about what their children eat. I have noticed that as long as I eat healthy then my children like to eat healthy too. ( I have never sent them to day care,pre school or public school tho)
You could re-read the part in book one about how to bring your children into the garden.
Spend time playing with or even just observing your children. Make time for snuggling and cuddling. Sleep together. Be a happy example for them. I love practicing being happy no matter what is happening. (takes practice) I use the teachings of Abraham_Hicks for this. They have childrens books I read to my kids.
Has their mom read the Ringing Cedars books?
As you change your children will too and so will all those around you. Remember to have fun. I started making changes in my life out of fear and that did not work. Once I learned to focus on what I do want and stop focusing on what I do not want, my life got much better.
My best advise would be to follow your bliss. Your children will see the example and know it is good for them to follow theirs.


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