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FROM BOOK ONE (from the new version that came out in April 2007)

Children sense the artificiality of a false union. This will make them skeptical about everything their parents tell them. Children can subconsciously sense the lie even during their conception.

What individual would want to come into the world as a result of carnal pleasures alone? We would all like to be created by a great impulse of love and intention.

People who have come into this world into a ‘false union’ will look for true satisfaction in secret, apart from each other. They will have lover after lover, relationship after relationship, realizing intuitively that they are drifting farther and farther away from the happiness of a true union. (pp 64)

When we are born we take in a huge flood of information from the universe through the still soft upper part of our heads. All children born are already the wisest creatures on Earth. They are God-like.

The technocratic world makes it very difficult for parents to do the right thing. When a baby is born and first looks around, what does he see? He sees an artificial environment in his crib, with its bars, walls and pieces of fabric. These are all attributes of the artificial world that has been created by a technocratic society. (pp 93)

Then the parents offer him toys and things that rattle and squeak. Why? He will try and try to make sense of these things and their noise. He will try to understand them through his God-like mind but won’t. His parents will then wrap him up in restrictive blankets and diapers of which he tries to fee himself. The only thing he can do at this moment is to cry and cry. He cries for help from parents who don’t know how to help him. From that moment on this angel and king becomes a slave to his parents.

For the next few years this child is given object after object, toy after toy in hopes of making him happy. He is rewarded with these things. He comes to know these things as being the dominant objects in the world where he exists. Even though he is an angel and a king, in his infancy he is treated as imperfect and is pandered to by his parents and everyone around him. Even in schools and other respected institutions that are considered ‘educational’ he is always reminded and exposed to the makings of an artificial world.

According to Anastasia, not until the age of nine does he hear a passing mention of the existence of the world of nature. Most people never become aware of the truth, even on their deathbeds. The meaning of life escapes them.

“The meaning of life is found in truth, joy and love.” (pp 94)

Anastasia gives an example of how a family could raise their child. She talks about parents who bring their three-year old to their dacha plot and bring along his favorite ‘artificial’ toys. “Oh, if only they had not done that”’ she says. The child could have been entertained by nature instead of some plastic manufactured object.

Anastasia says to ask the child to help you do something. Ask him in all seriousness, without any pandering, because the child will be able to offer you assistance. When working in the garden ask the child to help by holding the seeds in preparation for planting. Or have him help rake out the seedbeds or put a seed into the hole you have already dug. Talk to him about what you are doing. Really explain things to him.

Explain things so he can understand. Tell him that you are putting the little seed into the ground and covering it with earth. Then the sun will shine and when it is warm enough the seed with start growing. You will see the seed poke its head out of the ground where it hopes to catch a glimpse of the sun and feel the suns energy. Then the seed will grow bigger and bigger until it becomes a flower, tree, vegetable or fruit that we can eat. The seed will prepare everything for you.

Whenever you visit the garden plot and when he awakes in the morning, have him take a look at the garden to see if any new seeds have sprouted. If he notices a new sprout coming up then show your delight. If you are putting young plants into the ground and not seeds it is important to show and explain to your child the difference. If he breaks a plant or branch when planting then take the broken plant in your hands and tell him that you don’t think that the plant will grow because it is broken, but that you will plant it anyways next to the healthy one and see if it grows or not.

When you visit the garden a few days later point out the broken plant and how it is (probably) not growing. Remind him that it was broken during the planting and this is the reason why it is not growing. Do not use any kind of preachy or derogative tone towards your child. Talk to him as an equal. Remember that he is superior to you in some respects – in purity of thought for example.

Whenever you sleep under the stars you can bring your child with you. Let him lie down and sleep next to you. Look at the stars together. Under no circumstances tell him the names of the planets or what you think their functions are. Let him decide for himself. Just ask him what stars he likes the best and let his subconscious mind take over.

You need to know the best way to ask your child questions. For example you should give your child his own garden plot in the second year of his learning about plants and gardening. Let him do whatever he wants with it and plant whatever he wants. Do not force him to do or plant anything. Simply ask him what he likes. You can offer help but only after asking his permission to help him. When you are planting your cereal crops in the garden let him throw a few seeds on it.

Once the child starts to think for himself and analyze, his cells will awaken up in his brain and will make him smarter and more talented than those children whose corresponding cells are still dormant.

His purity of thought will make him an exceptionally happy person. The contact he makes with the planets and all living things will allow him to take in – and exchange – more and more information. The messages coming into his sub-conscious will be transmitted to his consciousness in the form of thoughts and discoveries. His appearance may be that of others, but this is the kind of Man that will be a genius. (pp 95-98)

In Anastasia’s culture older generations treat an infant or young child like a deity or God. They use the child’s responses to their interaction with him as a check on their own purity. (pp 99)

What do plants growing in a garden have to do with raising children? According to Anastasia, as a child is getting to know the plant world and is starting to understand how they are a part of the universe, the child is also having contact with his planets. With the help of his planets and his parents he can quickly know the truth. He will develop skills in the fields of psychology, philosophy and the natural sciences.

Once artificial manmade objects are introduced and used as examples of something, the child will become lost. Nature and the Universe cannot help him if this happens. (pp 107)

Anastasia tells Vladimir that he can’t be there when his son’s eyes first take in a conscious awareness of the world. She says that his son doesn’t need any kind of senseless toy or plastic object and that he will take in and make sense of kinds of information that will make “your” kind of education seem ludicrous. She tells him the only way that they can be brought together is through purity of thought. (pp 139-140)

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I try as often as possible to allow my son to connect and reflect on the natural world, I also am aware that I can only do what I can do...I do not live in a forest with wolves and bears to care for my child but I am hoping that I can support his awareness of LIFE through everyday interactions with our animals, our garden and by taking his experience of the world seriously (with value). I also know that I do not contain the purity of thought that my son deserves to be bought up with, supporting his growing... I can only hope that I will learn enough to be worthy of him as a parent!
Sandra Rae~ My heart goes out to you. It is not easy having to share a child with those who have completely opposite parenting styles. All you can really do is to teach her with your heart when she is with you and trust that her higher spirit will guide her as she needs when she is not. Keep her connected and aware of the living world. Going outside is wonderful. Grow something from seed so that she can see the process of life occurring. Make a fairy house out of mosses and sticks found around the yard or nearby park. Give her simple and natural play things that through imagination can become anything. One of our favourites is silk scarves. The fabric is delightful and we have made all kinds of wonderful satchels, dresses, flowers etc with them. Beeswax is also great for little hands and you can make all kinds of neat things with it including miniature cakes and tea sets. Take a fallen branch and cut it into little logs that can be stacked for building. Lots of ways to experience nature both inside and out. These subtle ways speak to the soul and reach very deep.

It is important for her to have a relationship with her biological father, she needs to know that side of her story. Just trust that through the experiences you offer she will be able to make decisions based on an awareness of how different approaches provide different results. It seems that this is probably difficult in the actual moments you are experiencing it though. Personally, I can think of no reason I would allow people to come into my house and inspect my living environment, but I do not know your circumstances so please do not mistake these words as judgement. It is more of empathy for your situation. Be confident in the choices you are making. You do not have to answer to anyone for following your heartfelt intuition on parenting. I would consider trying to take a stand against this. Perhaps you could keep a journal of how they are trying to manipulate you with fear, if for no other reason than to obtain clarity of the situation for yourself. It would also be some sort of documentation of what is going on here. If you have an ok relationship with the father, then maybe you should only deal with him and leave the others out of it. Pick your priorities and be firm about them. Let go of that which you can not change or it could drive you nuts.

It is wonderful that there is a man in both of your lives who can understand a more sensitive way of family life. This can be huge for her longterm and will enable her to see how much a loving relationship enhances our being. There will be bumps in the road but think beyond the moment and find peace in knowing you are acting from the heart rather than the head. The universe will take care of the rest. I think you are a brave woman for standing up for what you believe in. I am hear for you. xo

I have used the Law of Attraction and pure thought to transform my life. I practiced focusing only on the things I loved about the father of my daughters. I practiced feeling good about him even tho he did in reality do things that were totally unacceptable. As I got better and better at focusing on only good thoughts and feeling good in my body my husband began to change. A little at first but then he went thru a massive spiritual transformation and I did too. We are an amazing happy family now and he shares my life values and is reading the Ringing Cedars and he understands me now. WE have amazing conversations. He treats our girls with respect. It is a miracle. I have to admit I asked Anastasia for help. It is incredible how life transforming it is to focus only on what feels good. Pure  thoughts! 









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