Hi all:)  I feel inspired to get this ball rolling, following on from reading Sandra Rae's blog about Ideas for a Ringing Cedars School; reading Donanne's inspirational story about her free school as a child in the woods and her current journey with her own children;  wanting to talk more to new member, Patricia, about her homeschooling experience with her 5 children; reading about Anne's unschooling with her children; and the many, many others inspirational stories on this site.  I believe we all have a wealth of knowledge and experience that, combined with the Anastasia books and other information out there, we can create a fabulous "school" that can be transferred anywhere in the world, but that isn't really a "school" at all;)  


I come from a primary teaching background in the state system, that I left after I had my children because I couldn't imagine sending them to such a structured, controlled environment where the children spend so much time doing 'busy work' and learning (so it seems) purely for the intentions of passing a test or getting outcomes checked off, so the teacher can say, yep that child is ready to move up to the next year level, or nope, that child needs learning support.    Even as I type this now, I am amazed/horrified/can't really think of the right word to sum up how I feel about this whole system and the part I played in it for so many years!!!   How asleep was I?  So glad, for my own children's future, that I am awake to this now and can change it all for them:)


So I am interested in trying to figure out how this new type of 'school' would look?   I don't even want to call it a 'school'.  Any ideas on a better term?  At present we have our children enrolled in a great little independent democratic school that our eldest will start next year, but I still have my reservations as it is not Spiritual/Consciousness based and still adheres to the state curriculum (required by government) and I don't like the fact that I am handing my children over to someone else each day.  Now, for my family, this is the best case scenario because my Husband doesn't agree with Homeschooling  or the Steiner schools (too spiritual) so this was the best compromise we could come up with, but I am working on trying to convince him otherwise.   I know that I can manifest anything I desire:) 


Okay, so enough of that.......let's get down to business.......how will this 'school' work?  It needs to be able to fit in with government rules and regulations, because in some states/countries (such as the state I live in) you are not allowed to 'unschool' and have to still adhere to certain curriculum guidelines (as Nick is finding over in Western Australia).  So I am thinking if we really want to manifest this and make it work, we need to come up with some way to 'report' our child's progress to the g'ment in such a way to keep them satisfied, while still allowing our children to be free to learn what they want, when they want.  From my experience in schools, there are set outcomes for each year level that have to be 'checked off', so my thought is that maybe each child has his/her own list of outcomes that parents can check over the lifetime of their 'schooling' years, but not in any particular order.  For example, perhaps at age 6 your child learns about and comprehends maths from 3 different school year levels but doesn't show any interest in reading or writing yet.  The parent can then check off those mathematical outcomes and not worry about language until the child is ready, which may not be until the age of 9.   I hope this is all making sense and not too confusing.  It's a bit like the Russian school (on the DVD) where the children learn a whole subject in one year, that would take a child in regular school to learn over 5 years.


I also imagine this New Earth/Ringing Cedars School to be a bit like homeschool/unschooling amongst the different families in each domain where they come together to learn, not in a 'school' but in nature.  Sitting against a tree or lying on the grass.   All of the parents and people in each domain are the children's teachers and the children themselves teach one another.  The children are learning about science through hands on gardening and their art lessons are when they are inspired to draw/paint/sculpt with pure joy, imagination and consciousness with their friends and family.  Music lessons happen with other kin as they sing and play instruments around the campfire.  Physical Education is covered by dancing barefoot on Mother Earth.  Children learn about mathematics as they count the number of apples produced on the apple tree that season or when they are helping to build a new house/structure in the community they can estimate and measure. 


Okay, enough of my babbling......would love to hear other's thoughts/ideas/experiences/etc   


Love and Light,

Sue-Ellen :)

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I am excited!!!! Just came across this when I did a google search for unschooling in Australia. Perhaps I am not up to date with current trends, and it is now actually possible to do unschooling in Australia.....WooHoo!!!! Ok, off to do some more research.

I knew you could find a way! I am so glad!
Gratitude! Gratitude! Gratitude! Yes! Yes! Yes! Thanks Donanne, yes the Law of Attraction is a marvelous way to live your life.....JOY, JOY, JOY:)
Thanks for those links, I will check them out when I have some more free time and get back to you with my thoughts. I love the sound of being able to start your own Democratic Free School. The school we have the boys enrolled in, has been going for about 20 years, so I think it's just a 'freer' (don't think that's even a word;) ) type of school but the kids still have to follow the curriculum. Just not as strict as the state system and the kids get to choose what they'd like to learn about in a voting system....ie, majority rules for the whole class. There is a school about an hour's drive from here that is trying to get up and running again.....they were shut down a few years ago because of government bureaucracy. It is based on the sudbury model, which I don't know too much about either.....off to do some more research. :)
It is very easy to unschool in Maine but I have heard more challenges in other states. I am sure you could find info on line about how to do it in your state. Having an opposing father can be challenging. I have had the same but I am glad becuase it brought me to the LAw of Attraction. By learning how to use the LAw of Attraction I have learned how to manifest my desires and find solutions for everything. Living by example is my greatest teaching tool for my children.
IT sounds like the Democratic Free school you are talking about is not really free if they have to follow state requiremnents. Is it a charter school?
In ME you can start your own unaccredited private school and you don't have to do much at all to satisfy the state. My sister does it and she says you barely have to tell them anything. Another way is to just start your own private Democratic Free school. Then you can have a sustainable nature based school with no requirement to take classes.I am doing this but do not have a homebase for it yet.
I really enjoyed going to a free school where the parents were very involved. No one loves your children like you do. So why do we trust them to? Being a part of my girls lives has been the most rewarding thing I have ever done and they are my greatest teachers.
Unschooling is so natural and flowing and allowing of your natural instincts to be heard. Structure takes away from that and says I know what is better for you then you do.
The best parenting educators that I have found that are closest to Anastasia's ideas are
and Alfi Kohen (not sure the spelling)
I know a few and have heard of many unschooled children who grew up to be absolutely amazing progressive thinking, grounded, self confident, and incredibly intelligent adults. The ones I know were homebirthed and received extended breast feeding as well.
We just had a reunion for the Free school I went to as a child. Many of the kids went on to work for themselves and I have heard that homeschooled and unschooled children become the bosses of the public schooled kids. They also have an easier time getting into college and much easier time knowing what they want to do in life.
What a gift we give our children when we find a way to live outside the maintream box and raise our children naturally. There is no end to the benefits of it.
Hello Sue-Ellen and Donanne,
I thought I would share a little bit about our homeschooling.
In Wisconsin, it is easy to unschool, and many of us do it. I feel strongly that when we are close to our children, and observe them with love, educational guidance becomes obvious to us. Guiding their learning becomes second nature. A lot of freedom is given to walking, contemplating and playing outdoors. As questions arise, learning comes. In that order...a curiosity, a question, then education.
Our schooling takes different shapes at different times in our lives, blissful in peaceful times/lessons for the the whole family when we allow stress to enter. Sometimes we engage in deep, lengthy studies, and other times we trip lightly over a topic. There are lessons that get visited a number of times before it ever feels right, and some things just seem to be born in each one of us. Always, I feel I am learning with my children. Sometimes I feel I owe them more of my time, but never do I feel it is not worth it.
On the topic of further education I have come to this:
I do not encourage my children to go to college. That's a shocking statement, but I'm sincere. Instead, we encourage our children to apprentice to a mentor, learn a skill or trade through research and practice...or by simply living.
In the case of my oldest daughter who has immersed herself in the study of photography for the past few years, we purchased a professional camera and support her communication with other photographers online. She has run a successful photography business for 3 years.
Our primary tool for education is the land itself. Our goal is to give them what we feel previous generations lost...a deep knowledge of the earth's gifts, and a gift of the land itself. Our desire is to secure each of our children with their own little piece of the planet. We could not imagine them lacking in anything if we succeed.
Always learning!
Patricia Gardener
Wow! Thanks for sharing Patricia:) I especially love the part about your daughter's photography business. Just out of interest, how old is she now/when she started the business? It is a great example of how we can help our children.......WOW! WOW! WOW!

Do you know I have been saying to parents of the children I have taught for many, many years now, not to stress so much about grades etc (especially the parents of children who are in "learning support") and have even said the same to friends of mine who have children struggling at school.......IT DOESN'T MATTER!!!!!!! What difference does an A, B or C make in Mathematics or Language or Science if the child is not going to need any or all of those subjects in their future career/life purpose???

Way too much time is spent stressing (children and parents) about getting good grades and going to college/university. And yet here is your daughter, Patricia, showing us that you can have your own successful business when you have parents who have not let fear rule their lives and have allowed their children to blossom naturally and supported them on their own individual path.

That is the big problem for me with regular schooling. When you have a whole class of children, it makes it so difficult to allow each child to develop individually. I imagine this New Earth/RC type of school to be one where each child has their own individual program and follows their own interests/passions/strengths.

I realise the ideal for every child on the planet would be to stay home and have their parents assist/co-educate (such tricky use of words for unschooling because the parents are not "teaching" their child - yes there may be times when they do "teach" but mostly they are assisting their child by helping them find the answers - kind of like a resource manager. Interested to know Donanne and Patricia, how you would define your role in your childrens' learning). But while this is the 'ideal' I can't imagine parents everywhere suddenly 'waking up' tomorrow and quiting their jobs so they can stay home with their children and do unschooling at home. Kind of like all of these Anastasia principles....they are the ideal for future generations. Yes, some of us are already paving the way for these future generations and that is AWESOME and we are all helping others make the transition, whether it is our own children, the next door neighbour, family & friends, or a larger group, we are all helping. I feel called to help by way of starting a school, so that children who are not able to be unschooled, can at least have the next best thing by coming along to a "school" where they can be themselves and learn at their own pace, according to their own needs and interests, etc.

Ok, I feel like I'm waffling on again here and suddenly just had an 'Aha' moment of my own, realising that there are already many schools out there doing this kind of thing! I think the underlying, hidden purpose of this discussion may purely be for me to "wake up" and realise this is what I need to do. I have tried to get this ball rolling on other sites and on this site before but have either deleted the post or dismissed my idea as being an "impossible" one. It is time for me to take back my own power and DO THIS THING!!! Get rid of that FEAR (after all, FEAR is just False Evidence Appearing Real!).

Ok I will keep you all updated on my progress............
My daughter, Indigo, is now nearly 16. She was 13 when she started her business.
I couldn't agree with you more regarding the unimportance of grades! I'd add that it may even be harmful to take grades seriously.
I feel your passion for starting a school, and encourage you to create that dream! We need teachers like you. Sometimes the bridge between two worlds is the most important structure. My job as a mother/teacher is easier to implement. Your job would provide the bridge to welcome youth to a better world. I support you!
Patricia that is amazing to hear that Indigo (love her name!) was only 13 when she started her business. Congratulations to you both:) What a fantastic example of real life learning!

Thank you so much for your support.........GRATITUDE! GRATITUDE! GRATITUDE! Your kind and encouraging words have touched my heart so very, very much. Thank you Angel :)
Wow Radha! Thank you for sharing this amazing speech.....this one will go down in history as one of the great speeches of our time!!! Erica is an amazingly mature, wise and courageous girl. I'm sending this off to all of my teacher friends.....

Love and Hugs,
Sue-Ellen :)
On the note of true education one may reference a book written by Look Senior Editor, George B. Leonard back in 1968 entitled, “Education and Ecstasy,” in which he did a three part condensation in Look Magazine. The first part, How School Stunts Your Child’s Grow. 2nd part Visiting a day in 2001. 3rd the Future Now. The essence of the book is simply in the title. What stood out most to me was a study done on the background, the youth and upbringing of 20 creative geniuses, which revealed three important factors or common grounds in all 20.
1. These children got an abundance of love and attention (water to make the soul and heart grow).
2. Each child was somewhat isolated from the rest of the social structure in their early years. Maybe they did not go to kindergarten or pre-school but were raised more or less within the family unit. Here you have the principle of the individual and the collective. The question is how much can the individual contact within his Divine Self or Holy Christ Self which supplies and is the source of all the invention and creativity mankind has ever seen before the collective eventually wins over. We face the never-ending universal question. How much for the individual and how much for the collective as philosopher and astrologer Dane Rhudyar wrote decades ago.
3. Lastly the children got an abundance of fantasizing which, to me, is the key to all creativity, originality and invention at the core of each our beings.
For those interested in the book, copies are still available on line searching books out of print. I have been buying older books, usually pre- 60 publishing dates as it seems the foundations through the publishing companies then began deleting and changing certain things in books like the deleted history of Russia Anastasia spoke about in one of her books to better serve their agenda revealed by Norman Dodd on you Tube through this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YUYCBfmIcHM This congressional research for America focuses from basically from the 1900 to 1953 by the Reese Committee.
Thanks Teddy! I'll be sure to chase up that book....it sounds fascinating :)
Education & Ecstasy, though out of print, is a good book and easy reading but only elaborates the contrasting principles of regement or programed learning with the tightly organized but highly boring classroom structure which trickles down to a drip the huge gush of individual creativity verses the individual and their enthusiasm and joy to learn and experiment in whatever field or area of their free will choice. What better teacher than the vast expanse of nature like Anastasia speaks and lives where one can contact their Mighty I Am Presence, Holy Christ Self or the unlimited God presence within us all which Anastasia so clearly expresses in her books.






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