STEINER EDUCATION - A bridging system for our children as we return to our Pristine Origins??

12 years ago we moved to Noosa so our boys could go to the Steiner School - this year, all four boys are there, from year one to 8. Their Dad, Carl works at the School 3 days of the week doing all sorts of jobs from maintenance to cooking with the children.. We love the school and it would be even more perfect if there was a kins domain community surrounding the school!

At School our boys knit, garden and cook and do the most wonderful drawings.. we cant imagine them at any other school. The rhythm and melody within their school days are the subtle and beautiful ways of being that are supporting our beautiful boys to feel whole, peaceful and content in the world.. while we extract ourselves completely from the mad world of society..

While many of us transition back to a home/nature based lifestyle inspired by The Ringing Cedars, where we create the opportunity for our new born children to be conceived in pure consciousness within a SPACE OF LOVE, and then to "Taste the Universe" amongst nature when they are so very small, so that they may know themselves as one with the intelligence of the entire universe, Steiner education embodies a returning to TRUTH that may help us along the way back to our pristine origins..

From our Schools Website:

Steiner Education focuses on providing meaningful support for children on their journey through the three major developmental phases of childhood - an education of willing, feeling and thinking. Teachers are dedicated to generating a genuine inner enthusiasm. Learning in our school takes many forms, and gives cognisance to changes in the child’s development in each of the seven-year phases. In the first phase to around seven years education occurs predominantly through imitation and physical activity. In the second seven years we work through stimulating the life of feeling particularly the imagination. In the final period of schooling we address the birth of their independent powers of thinking valuing intellectual development, judgement and a clarity in their independent beliefs.

As Rudolf Steiner expressed:

‘We shouldn’t ask, “What does a person need to know or be able to fit into the existing social order?” Instead we should ask: “What lives in each human being and what can be developed in him or her?” Only then will it be possible to direct the qualities of each emerging generation into the society. The society will become what young people as whole human beings make of existing social condition’.

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I am so glad to see this discussion. I have my children enrolled with Steiner (hard to get into in NZ) in way I loved the way they hold nature so high esteemed in the curriculum.
If you are interested, the DVD called Bright Tidings is worth watching also.
I met a lady who is educating her children from home using Steiner techniques, based on reading the Steiner books and i was very inspired speaking with her.
I find Steiner to be more controlling of children and more of an old fashioned type of system than a free place for children.
During the day the kids are still ordered to sit, stay in and follow instructions. I find also a lot of bored children whom miss their parents and some serious bullying.
I am not considering that children need an education. They need free play, trust and TO NOT follow adults agenda's nor curiculum.
Not to forget either that the schools created were a mainstream for income and employement, wealth, even, for its corporate and preferably, children whom can cope with the pressure of geing with other people they don't choose are victims in my opinions of this system, far far from an Anastasia, free creative thinking spirit and learning among families, friends and very very importantly NEAR their parents.
Montessori is also very very rigid, despite a look and a ''talk'' of being pro child. My child was miserable in there (i left him for a few months, unfortunately). Only months later did he tell me about the bullying and pressures of various nature such as forbiding the toddlers to play freely outside in the ''learning hours". Yak i dont believe this is nice for any child to learn.

Love and light
Hi Anne, Yes I agree with you in ideal sense of course. But I mention Steiner as a bridging curriculum for a very specific reason..

But Two things firstly, montessori and Steiner school cannot be compared, even though they often are simply for their virtues as alternatives to mainstream. Steiner School is a Spiritual curriculum which honours the unfolding of the Being - so as far as an agenda - that is the agenda.

Freedom for the sake of freedom or without loving intent or without a dedicated Space of Love for the child to dwell in dangerous at this time on the planet. and as children cannot be kept indoors, must interact with neighbours, or a local community, go to collect foods with parents and not all of what they are exposed to has loving intent, then there must be something other than freedom that children need from us right now.. Unless of course, the entire environment that a child is exposed to is Divine in NAture, and a space of LOVE, only then Nature can do its job and the child can simply BE himself.

The nature of childhood is one of GROWING and expanding and so the child is constantly taking in from the ethers and the environment he dwells in, the fuel for this expansion. So the question of children needing freedom and play comes down to "Where?" .

Bullying is a product not of the school but of the culture or global consciousness and children pick it up wherever they are unless they are held in a SPACE OF LOVE which protect them from this. The integrity of the protection depends on the SPACE and intention that adults create AROUND children. This is our challenge on the Earth at the moment.

My children and I love the movie the Green Beautiful, and we recognise this lifestyle as the one we aspire to here on Earth. While the world exists as it is now, we also recognise the blessing that our Steiner School gives us for the children to dwell for most the hours of their day in a Space of Loving intent which honours the SPirit of each of our children, , while we adults get our act together to make the world right again and worthy of a divine child of the universe - ie -Create Spaces of Love and Kins Domains.

I know that they are in the best place they can be right now until we can offer them each their own hectare for them to experience complete oneness with nature and the TRUTH of who they are. And I also know thaton that day I will also be eternally grateful for the healthy foundations they received while their SPirits were honoured and revered at Steiner School.

The most important thing for children (And Adults) right now, I believe, is for them to re-connect with their Spiritual Awareness - being the sacred connection and reverence for all creation. This protects them and gives them hope, inner guidance and security - for they too are contending with the global consciousness and intense shifts and changes that are taking place on the planet right now. And if we dont have the perfect space of love ready to offer them before they themselves become adults, then the ones that have the SPiritual connection to the Divine and Nature will carry on our work after us because of that consciousness awareness.

True Freedom comes not to an individual, but only when one is surrounded by PEACE and love which can only be created collectively, by the integrity and pure intent of each individual . This is our global challenge, and I am happy for my children to be in the best available Space of love where they are revered and honoured, while we do what we have to do to create our piece of peace on the planet.

I take it you're an unschooling mother. I just wanted to thank you for what you do and remind you how much of an amazing advantage in life you are giving your children. May the whole world someday soon, begin to discover the logic and rightness of this life-based approach. Thank you again for what you do.

truth & clarity,
but you can BE with your children and DO all those things WITH them and make every day a SPACE of LOVE?
They can play freely AND learn and GO TO ALL FUN places rather than be locked in a school THAT IS NOT A SPACE OF LOVE AT ALL but a space away from their loved ones.
School to me are like prisons.
The children can't get out
They can't play at their own paces
they can't choose whom they want to be with !
Spiritual awareness needs us to take care of our children ALL of the time and THINK, talk, nurse, play with them. Not next yearn right this minute.

If all children were playing with their parents and pursuing their passion everywhere, if parents were being present instead of ABSENT CHILDREN WOULD BE HAPPY.
Steiner School is a Spiritual curriculum which honours the unfolding of the Being - so as far as an agenda - that is the agenda.

THESE are WORDS not actions that are real for a child.
Children need real connections and available love every minute. They will get spiritual if they are having fun AND be with the people they love and WHOM desire to BE with them.
Anastasia says '' children left in school forget their mother''.
How can they become spiritual while locked away from mom ?
The nature of childhood is one of GROWING and expanding

Can't grow and axpand if their parents are not in sight. To grow you need love.
School provede tasks all day and hourly activity without hugs, nurture and consoling arms that children need at any given time.
Schools are not a creation that Anastasia approves.
What are schools ? A place to keep children WHILE parents lead a different life.
I really feel strongly about growth and children in school do not have a voice. They are not offfered the alternative to stay with a devoted parent whom is going to take them places fun and let them sleep in the morning, nap at any given time etc. School is an awful place with boredom at bay and laughter scarce. Sit and observe your child all day one day in school. Oh right you can't it is not permitted. Observe your child and tell me if he is having laugh out loud fun and pleasure. Come on they are there to help you and to provide parents FREE time.

All my words are destined to not argue with you but to offer a different view and an understanding that THERE IS A GREAT WAY to BE with your children, that it is possible.

Your kids need YOU.

Well I understand of course what you are saying and its very beautiful your passion for having children close to Mum and Dad- I agree with you of course wholeheartedly.. When I visited the Hermitage Community recently, all the kids who are grown up now, never went to school, and grew up on the farm and the bond in the family was incredible.

But, What about Anastasia's connection to the Children at the Shchetinin school? I dont think Anastasia would be disapproving of our school at all. Carl works at the school as well three days of the week and he can only describe it as joy - they all go to school together, he helps the teachers with cooking classes and at our school any parent could join in the day as much as they wanted to! The school is full of laughter and the boys adore their friends, and are very close to their teachers who stay with them each year, all the way through. Many parents, not all, are very involved with the school and help to run the school. this is common for Steiner schools. We often have very long weekends and if we need to be together and stay home we just do... Even parents in Kins domains might choose to have a school for kids like the Shchetenin or Steiner schools while re-instating solid home based cultures and the building of trusted kin around them, which could take quite a few generations.. I am also of the firm belief it takes a community to raise children in their fullness. Elders, aunties, younger and older siblings, kind neighbours, etc. This is not common these days to have much extended family about and I know with four boys it was very difficult for us without the extension of family we have found in our school. Anastasia speaks much of the wisemen that travel to domains to teach the children, and she also speaks often of the festivals and gatherings that take place. Well we have all that happen each season with sacred reverence for natures seasons and it is a major part of the curriculum. The annual fair is one of the most amazing days you can imagine and so colourful and beautiful with all the mums and dads in the fair stalls and kids everywhere doing craft, making garlands and silk wands and words cannot describe.....

. and it might be true for many that school is a convenience... but I think it would be hard for you to understand our school without coming here and experiencing it. What you describe of school is not our experience at all and I am expressing that there is something very beautiful available to children and parents in transition back to motherland that we have personally experienced and I am not about to discount that experience - I am here to share the truth of that experience. As I encourage everyone to do on this site.

I would like to hear from homeschooling parents about the joy they experience and what insights and wisdoms they have to share to inspire people maybe with young children who are about to move onto land or create a kins domain. That would be really helpful.. there is good info about the Schetnin school and of course we can offer insight into our steiner school, but what would be most helpful is info from people at home and positive stories and sharings about your experience and how you deal with the world the way it is while Being at home with children.
do you have other adults around for support? Do you get together with other families to celebrate and share or how do you manage being at home by yourself, what sort of things do you do , or do you spend a lot of time in nature??? Things like that. I am planning to have a baby girl and of course I will first create a space of love and no she will not go to school, ever. and I am interested in what your experiences are..

But for now I am happy to say that the Steiner School our boys go to is a joyful and very supportive experience for us all, and it is an integral part of us living as naturally as we can with conscious intention.

I appreciate all you have shared Anne,
Love and light to you and bright thoughts
Kali (and Carl helped on this one too. )
==When a family comes to unschooling by a route other than attachment
parenting, the mother needs to atone. She has parented in ways she
no longer is proud of or comfortable with. The regret and sorrow
aren't hard to muster, when one is trying to create a more peaceful
relationship with a child. The recommendations on this list have
been "apologize," and "make up for it now," but the word for those
things is "atone."==SANDRA DODD

This hits on exactly what I'm going through. Worse still, I did follow
attachment parenting right up until deciding to send Jess to school.

Somehow I have to explain to her (and myself) why I allowed societal norms
to eat away at my convictions, how I allowed myself to be swayed and
believe the naysayers who didn't like a child with a mind of her own and who
told me that she needed "structure". Why I stopped seeing this amazing child
through my eyes and started to view her through mainstream goggles, where
the things that make her unique - her individuality and her quick reactions
to frustration or injustice - became 'oddness' and 'a volatile temper'.
Why I believed that our financial and neighbourhood circumstances were reason
enough to assume that school was a better option for her.

So, to have set my child up with the belief that she could be absolutely
herself and to then have asked her to conform to the multiple petty rules of
a schooled life - now that's a lot of atonement to be getting on with!
(I'm trying to go with a combination of apology and changed patterns of
behaviour and making life as fun as possible).

I suppose the good thing is there's an element of timing on our side.
Just when those of us who have to atone in this way are asking our kids for
forgiveness, our kids are likely to be well-disposed to view us kindly
because they know that at last they've been listened to! At least I hope that's
the case.

Jude x

Kali I do not know your school but Anastasia worships a school that has NO adult dictating :
- times to sit
- time to listen in coercive silent
- teach from a dictating teacher
- stating away from parents at ANY time (do kids have free access to their parents during stress ?)
- telling them what time to wake up

You argue the good things of a joyful athmosphere when parents are present and bravo to such school but if one really stay at a child level of appreciation, How much a child can contemplate his own passion in a group ?? Aren't passions a thing of uniqueness ? Yes to some shared activities with parents but what happens when no one is around and a kid can't put his hands into what he loves best WITHOUT limitations of time ?

For example some kid like mine are in a process of building a train circuit that requires weeks of concentration and need help with JUST this. They are happy doing what they love. They are learning without curiculum.
The school of Anastasia does not have a curiculum i believe ?

All young children need free play UNINTERRUPTED. LIKE BREATHING you know.

School interupts the flow of human children constantly.

There is no need of curiculum just opportunities of fun interesting adventures and space of play. Conversation like Anastasia develops with her son. No manual, books yes but no manuals. And again no ''prof'' except if asked/seeked by some child.

The best minds were self taught. Genius needs only nurture. Faith and trust is what our kids need to learn from their own guifdance.

Love and light
while Being at home with children

Children whom are not in schools are not at ''home'' per se.

We spend 80 p cent of our days OUT.

To the shops, forrests, beachesn museums, library, toy shop, markets, tennis club, botanical gardens, yard, pooles, trains, planes foreign soil etc.

Kids whom share life with passionate parents do watch movies late - and fall asleep in odd places - children internet, play loads of games and cuddle the cat...

We go to pet stores, restaurants, pubs, concerts, relatives, friends.
Hi all and thanks for this great thread. If I haven't put this in the right place, please let me know. I am new to the feeds. anyway...
Aside from homeschooling, the steiner/waldorf philosophy is the best i've seen which understands the connection to spirit. I have visited 2 of their schools, Fair Oaks in California and Emerson in North Carolina. My former sister-in-law and her partner work at a steiner school in Wales. I see a community that is involved and cares for the growth of the school. I love the way the walls are painted the paler pinks/peach in the early grades and the more earthy blues/greens for the upper ages. I love that they don't have to wear shoes in their classes and the projects are not 1 day construction paper items, they actually build and make things. I love the way the families work together to plant the gardens around the school. I know they may seem like small things but they add up and do make a difference. And it does take a community. We do the best we can.
There is a great book Joffa gave me before my oldest daughter Anasazi was born. I believe it is by Joan Salter and is called Your Incarnating Child. It really helps one understand that spirit connection. Also another book I enjoyed was You are Your Childs Best Teacher by Rahima Baldwin (i think). You may already be aware of these, but just thought I would mention them:)

i think that's all i'll say for now. my littlest one needs me at the moment.






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