I have under contract 35 acres in Northern California and am willing to let 6-8 people buy in. Please call me at 541-201-0808 if you're interested...thank you

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Aho Beloved Nina,


I would love to know more about it, and where its located. We have a pretty big family actually, both of us being married twice previously (long story short, we had not developed any spirituality up until almost two years ago). So between the two of us we have five children, WOW, I know. But we are thankful for all of life's lessons and especially our children. Three of our children are 4 and under so are not in school yet and I would like to be able to home-school them instead of sending them to school to learn bad habits, lack of pristine living. Perhaps you understand. My older two are 8 and 9 and I would very much like to have our space of love in effect before my oldest (a daughter named Charlize Heaven Isis) starts her womanly flow. For some reason this is very important to me. I am 28 years old and my Partner is 36. He is a wonderful gardener, artist and great with gadgets, electronics and some carpentry. I myself have been studying on my own, through internet and networking sources, the lovely work of Herbalism and Gardening. I used to have an herb garden in my last home but had to leave it behind when we became homeless. We are more than willing to work and start with anything that needs to be done. We dont have much money just a couple thousand saved from our taxes this year. I am reluctant to use it for anything other than the purchase of land even though we are homeless and hurting for money. Im sure you understand. My love and light to you,


I wonder if this has progressed at all Nina?






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