For like minded beings in the N California area who want to network, support each other, or meet so as to establish our own kin domains. We can be an outpost for creating Spaces of Love, in and around the Bay Area.

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LAND in Northern California

Started by nina. Last reply by Billa Jul 29, 2011. 2 Replies

hello,I have under contract 35 acres in Northern California and am willing to let 6-8 people buy in. Please call me at 541-201-0808 if you're interested...thank youContinue

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Comment by Aida on March 5, 2011 at 3:24am

Aho Beloved Relatives,


Thank you so much Beloved Bron for being willing to co-create with me. Anastasia would speak so often of being able to dream the whole thing, but she is of Pristine Origins and so it is much easier for her, but we have to work together in our dreaming and I welcome this kind of co-creation, for this coming together, for this family, for you all are truly family. I have returned and I plan tomorrow (Saturday) to take my daughter to the San Antonio Preserve to walk around and sit with nature for a bit. I myself used to love this as a child, I often played alone, just in my thoughts wondering through the hills. Id always lose my shoes, never did like those things, and usually most of my clothes, which my Foster parents would be mortified and so angry at me for losing them in the forest. I recall as a child that anything I dreamt of or prayed for I would surely get, but as an adult Ive gotten further away from nature and only three years ago began to feel the call back to her again. My mother has told me often of my conception and the events surrounding it, Id like to share them with you too, I have never really spoken of them but I want to share them now.

I was planned, my father and mother wanted very much to have lots of children, I was the first and I was wanted. They tried for years, like 6 years before I was conceived and the very week I was conceived was the very week my grandfather (my fathers father) passed away. My parents were at my fathers home, his place of birth, his place of conception. This would be the first time my grandparents met my mother. My grandfather passed away about a week after they arrived, and that night he came to my mother (in spirit). She described it as this, "I felt someone touch my cheek, I woke up to see who it was and there standing in the door was your grandfather, all in white, glowing, smiling so big, he said something, but I do not remember or perhaps I didnt understand but he was smiling and I felt love. When I told your father about this the next day, his mother said yes, he came to me too. When we returned home a few weeks later (they stayed with my grandmother for a bit) I found out I was pregnant, with you "AIDA". (that is my given name) They did not know what it meant, they had not come up with a girls name, thinking I would be a boy so they gave me the name of the nurse who delivered me.

My mother tried to breast feed me, but I would often gag she said, so it scared her, she thought her milk was bad and ended up weaning me early, Perhaps what she would be thinking when she breastfed I did not want. I wouldn't take formula or manufactured baby food so they would cook down food and smash it for me. I was very close to my father, often going out with him and driving for hours. I was loved.

But my mother said this, "Your father was not a good husband, a good father yes, but a husband no. He would leave, taking you to his girlfriends and out with his friends, and leaving me at home. Everyone loved you, him especially. I thought if I had more children he would eventually stay." So she bore him two more daughters before she finally left him when I was five years old. I did not see my father again till I was 9 and only once. He passed away when I was 12.

There is more but perhaps at another time. I have a feeling that if I stood on this land, the land I was conceived on that I might find a new strength that I had forgotten. I'd like to know what you think. Any of you.

And yes Transformation, in my dream the trees are so big, wide and tall, and I do see a tent. Thank you so much, my love and dreams are with you. I would also love to try and dream for you all as well. My love to you all,

Running Deer

Comment by Aida on March 2, 2011 at 5:04am

Aho Beloved Relatives,

Thank you beloved transformation for responding, and thank you for your positive words and energy sent our way. I will be leaving tomorrow  to Vegas to pick up the kids, my partner will be staying behind. We (the children and I) will take a bus back up here within the day or two of arriving in Las Vegas, it looks like we are going to try and make this area our home. When we became homeless it was hard for my children to stay in school so they have been with family. I am glad they are coming home.

My dream is of a new "tribe", those that are like minded getting together building a community, my dream to plant and heal mother earth, to allow healing of the soul and body of each and every family. I had to leave my garden behind and my dream is to build another, to run free, not just my body but my spirit. To give my children and others the chance of pristine life. I have been studying herbalism on my own and wish to be able to provide anyone free of cost the ability to learn how to heal themselves instead of putting all the man made pharmaceuticals in there bodies and further hurting themselves, families and Mother Earth. In my dream there are many children, a school, I am an old lady and I see our families flourishing. My children, grandchildren, great grandchildren.

Most of our parents were not aware of the things we needed to be MAN, but we now know what is necessary, blessed Anastasia and Vladimir for giving us the keys, I dream of being able to give this to my children, to the world. I have looked in to Eco villages but like most others there is always a fee. We do not have money, and it has been difficult to find work, like many other families because of lay offs we are struggling, but we are rich in spirit. I thank you for offering your help in my dream. My love goes out to all of you.

Running Deer

Comment by Aida on March 1, 2011 at 6:02am

Aho Beloved Relatives,

at the end of last year, my family and I became homeless. My partner lost his job and tried to survive on our savings and his 401k but that didnt last, we are family of six, then we lost our home, all our belongings except 2 computers and clothes and then our car. We spent our last 600 dollars to move from Las Vegas to Mountain View Ca because we were told there was a job, but when we got here the job had been given away to someone else a day or two before we arrived. We managed to get help from a local church who has put us up in a hotel for three weeks, but they can not help any longer.

Before we came up here I had a dream, in my dream I was pregnant, laying on the ground in the ferns of the forest floor, staring up through the redwoods, the sun peaking through the tree tops just enough to warm me. I felt at peace. Because of this dream I felt confidant that this is where I am supposed to be right now, but so far I have yet to see the forest. And now it looks like I will have to leave on the 2nd to Las Vegas, and I hope we can make it back here but I dont know. I hadnt really been online, or on this site in a few months and only today saw this group. When we left Vegas and lost our home, I had to leave all my plants, my whole garden behind, and I feel lost. I dont know what I am supposed to do. I had planned to give away cedar seeds in my area but then became homeless before I could, I feel like the dark forces are really working hard against my dreams. I am trying to be strong enough but I think I need help. All of your help.

Im sorry this was kind of a lot but I needed to finally say it. My blessed love,our blessed light (earth/world), and our blessed darkness (heaven)are with you all.

Running deer

Comment by alison struppa on October 20, 2010 at 11:02am
does anyone have any good suggestions on intentenal communities in northern california. i know of what i can find in directories or on line, but still collecting info as i seek best match for my family.xo
Comment by Sophia Ross on October 19, 2009 at 4:30pm
I look forward to meeting you when you are in the area. I am exploring the area and scouting out where it would be good to farm, settle, connect and all those good things.
Comment by Violet Aldrich on October 19, 2009 at 11:16am
I am in new mexico north and south. But i do plan on checking out northern caifornia at some point. Itd be great to hook up or something and chit chat about good stuff!

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