Hi Folks,

I sent an email out to everyone in Melbourne on the forum,

We are having a little get together for Melbourne readers to connect.

Here is the Info if anyone else is interested, would love to see you there :D



Our first meeting will be on Saturday the 3rd of December @ 4pm,  
Fairfield Park Boathouse - off Heidelberg rd, you will see a large sign saying, "Fairfield park boathouse"
follow the asphalt path down to the left, take the first set of stairs on the right (you will see a an octagonal structure at the end of the steps)
and just beyond there is the amphitheater, walk down the steps and we will meet in the there,
(If you have trouble finding it please contact me on 0424 140 824)
please bring some snacks to share and anything else relevant,
we will just spend some time getting to know each other,
what has inspired us, and whatever we like!
Look forward to meeting you All...

Bright Thoughts :)


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i wonder if you can get to fairfield via train from melbourne.  hope thats not a stupid question lol

i dont think i can make it today.

but will keep in touch.

kind regards

Sorry Khale, i had trouble with my PC and couldn't reply,

We will be holding another one in the new year sometime,

and yes you can get there quite easily if you get off at Clifton Hill station, (epping line)

and follow heidelberg rd to the right(when facing north), might take you 20min on foot,

I will email you soon for the next one!


Hi Jason, sorry I missed the meetup... I didnt see it until today, hope there is another one soon, I would really like to see some activity on the Ringing Cedars here in Melbourne

Hi Everyone, hope you had a Lovely Christmass/Holyday season...

We are looking to have another meet-up for the new year..

How does the 4th of Feb work for everyone? 4pmish @ Fairfield Boathouse...

BTW if this is to far for anyone, let me know...



Hi Folks sorry to say yet i have to cancel the meet-up for Feb 4th, I didn't realise where i would be that day!

We could have another meet-up in the near future, feel free to PM if you have any questions or suggestions :D 






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