This was the idea that really got me interested in reading the Anastasia books. A friend had posted just some words to the effect that we can imbue plants with our biological information so that they can keep us healthy - and he sited washing your feet and putting that water on your plant - and that's it. No link. Nada. Soooo a quick google search led me toooooooo...the Leonid Sharashkin interview at the website (first time I'd ever been there) and I was just BLOWN AWAY!! I looooovvvvvvvved this interview and I particularly loved this idea. It felt so right. Simple. True. So, of course, I had to get all the books (and sent them to family and friends too - even before I'd read it - so sure I was that it was going to be amazing...)
Here is what I wrote down in point form of the whole process:

How to Plant a Seed to imbue it with information about your body, mind and spirit...

Stand barefoot on the spot where you will plant your seed
Put the seed under your tongue for 9 minutes
Hold the seed between the palms of your hands for 1/2 minute
Present the seed to the Sun and Celestial energies
Breathe on it
Spit in the hole the seed is going in
Plant it in the earth where you were standing in your bare feet (information about your toxins through the sweat of your feet)
Do not water the seed for 3 days (it needs to steep in your information)
Wash your feet without soap and water your seed with this water after the 3 days is up.

Anastasia adds that we all already know when to do the actual planting for different vegetables and fruits (see the Farmers Almanac for the moon calendar)

"Anastasia maintains that the fruit cultivated from the seed in this manner, and consumed by the individual who cultivated it, is capable not only of curing him of all diseases of the flesh whatsoever but also of significantly retarding the ageing process, rescuing him from harmful habits, tremendously increasing his mental abilities and giving him a sense of inner peace. The fruit will have the most effective influence when consumed no later than three days after harvesting."
(from Book 1)

PS: Please use only organic seeds as non-organic seeds are coated in rat poison for preservation (!) Or phone your seed company to see if they do coat them or not. We've found that many don't coat them with anything.


In Book 3 she talks about planting a seed for a Tree (the Cedar trees in the city) and although I'd probably do all the above for a tree seed, too, this is what she said - and it's beautiful...

Hold the seed in your mouth
Plant it and water it every day
"Before watering he should put his fingers in the water, and should be in a good humour. And the main thing - he should be wishing good for himself, his children and descendants, and a conscious awareness of God. This he should do every day."
"When the seed sprouts, one may share with it one's innermost thoughts..."
"...The seedling will grow and develop through the ages - a cedar, after all, will live more than five hundred years, beget offspring and tell the young cedars about the soul of those that cultivated them."

And these trees (I'm sure any strong, beautiful long-lasting tree)..."Warmed by the kindness of human hearts, having touched the human soul, they will take in the best rays the Universe has to offer and start giving them back to Man. And Man and the Earth together will begin to shine once more in that place - now and forever. And there will come a new conscious awareness, and discoveries of universal importance will go forth from such people through the whole Earth."

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Thank you so much for this concise information! Thank you - pleasure to have you here with us.. Love Kali
Yes!!! I knew I would find one of your pearls around here. LOL
Thanks so much for your input sis. I love your Vibrant, alive beautiful soul.
I want to add this part - it's from Book 5 page 114 about planting your Dreams with the seed you plant and then watching them grow and materialize with the growing of the tree...

A: ..."if you, right where you are living at the moment, even if it is just a tiny flat, plant a seed in a little clay pot of earth from which may grow a shoot of a family tree, this tree will eventually grow to maturity in the future familiy domain..."

V: "You yourself are talking about what will be - that's not the same thing as right now. In other words, a dream cannot materialize itself in a single instant."

A: "What do you mean, it cannot? After all, that material seed you plant - that is precisely the beginning of the dream's coming true. The shoot interacts with the whole Universe, it materialises your dream, and you will be enfolded by splendid bright energies, you will stand before the Father as the embodiment of His Dream."

I have ordered some tree seeds (one's that I can't get around here very easily: pomegranate, blue jacaranda, neem, goji berry) and I am going to plant my dreams with each of the tree seeds (in pots for now) - perhaps one will be my Dream for the World, another my Dream for Me and my Space of Love, another my Dream for my Family & Friends, another my Dream for my Village then radiating out from there, another my Dream for just plain old Love, Radiance, Health and Beingness! And then when the trees sprout and grow and flower they will always reflect back to me the Beauty of my Dreams that are manifesting manifesting manifesting....

I'm a novice gardener.. but I decided to try the "Anastasia Way" myself. Feeling very spiritual and serious I took out my packet of seeds and prepared to form a personal relationship with them...

They were marjoram seeds. They were so tiny I just dumped in a mouthful and had to spit them into the soil.. I nearly inhaled them in my laughter at myself!!
Hahahhahhahhahhaaaaaa that is tooooo funny! That marjoram is going to have a sense of humour and joy, I do believe! I'm chuckling.

I'm waiting for a few tree seeds to arrive to do my thang...right now here in Mexico it is just getting HOT, HUMID and RAINY so it's not the best time to plant anything - but I figure a tree seed should do allright - can't wait!

I think Hilarity is a pretty good emotion to imbue them with....ayyyyy!
Well, I just planted my first seeds Anastasia style!

I opened a papaya to eat it and saw a lot of sprouting seeds inside so I thought: they want me to plant them! I took 5 little seeds, prepared a planter to start them in, stood on the dirt inside the container while holding the 5 little seeds under my tongue, facing the sun and spoke to them, infused them with sooooo much information and said that I saw them growing strong and beautiful, producing delicious and nutritious papayas...mmmm mmm! 9 minutes of infusion and beauteous thoughts and feelings. Then, when I held them in the palm of my hand (surrounded by saliva) and placed my other hand above to infuse them with more growing energy I was shocked, really shocked, to find that as I moved my hand in and out with small, elastic movements as though I was pulling apart and pushing together a ball of energy I was holding - that the part of my palm that the seeds were nestled in was pulling and pushing in rhythm with my top palm! I would start and stop and go faster and slower and sure enough my bottom palm underneat the seeds would pulse with it! WOW. It makes sense though - those little seeds, exploding with life, were wrapped in my water-like saliva (receptive!) and the energy from my other palm and all that life were totally communicating!!! Cool. I presented them to the sun and I could swear that I saw one move....breathed on them off the planter, made the little holes complete with spit and, planted those little beauties. I'll water them on Sunday with my foot water and I will let you all know when they start to come up!

I'm pretty excited. I hope the weather right now isn't too intense for them (hot, humid, rainy). I'll be keeping them out of the rain and they'll just get the morning gentle sun to begin with....
Sweet. My corn and beans are coming along nicely I planted this way. And now I have a ladder to a giant with a golden egg laying goose. LOL Seriously though my Potatoes are 4ft tall. Wild. They are getting ready to flower then when the flower dies, I think is when you get to go digging. Yess
Oooh cool! I'd love to see some pictures of your plants here in this thread when you get a chance. I've never planted potatoes before but I've dug them up in others' gardens and it is like finding treasure - sooo fun - can't wait to plant some. Sweet potatoes do well down here in this climate so that's what I'll be planting - have no idea when to tell they are ready, though - ahhhh lots of learning to do!
there is on this site
where all the english books come from
a free ebook to be downloaded
that talks about those questions

in case you have not yet read it...

Hi Tracey I hope this is OK - I am using this great summary to send out on my newsletter. Interestingly this is what got me to read the books as well.
Absolutely - please do, Mary!

Hi Tracey, and everybody,

I am very interested to hear from anybody who has used this method of infusing the seeds with their energy.

I made an abortive attempt at this a few years ago, but fate intervenced, and it came to nothing.

I am now ready to make a fresh start...  i have selected which plants to grow this way, testing intuitively, asking my deeper intuition for help in selecting the exact perfect varieties for me. I am ordering the seeds tomorrow, from the seed co-op, and this coming summer I will be doing it, using my full range of skills as an orgainic gardener with forty years gardening experience.

I will post progress reports on this site.

Today, i began clearing the ground. I have a raised-bed garden that measures 10 metres by 5 metres, it's been overgrown with weeds for some time, so there is a lot of hard work to get it ready. some of it wil be no-dig, and some will be dug.  The above-ground crops will be no-dig and the root crops will be dug.

There is a major problem with kikuyu grass, that horrible grass-weed that spreads everywhere here in this area of NZ.  I will cut this down to ground level, and then use biodynamic peppering to get rid of it longer term.

I am growing only old heritage varieties (NO morern hybrids), as these have higher nutrient value.

As well as using the "Anastasia method" (as per pages 77 to 80 of book one), i am also growing using  a technique known as Biointensive Growing (look it up on the internet), and also "nutrient-dense" techniques (look this up also).

This iwll be the most awesome garden ever, I can FEEL it, i am so EXCITED about this....  it is the culmination of forty years of hard work.

These plants really will heal me of all ailments, body, mind and spirit.

Thank-you, Anastasia and Vladimir!!!  :)

Much love to you all,











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