We have many wasps living in and around our home..  its like wasp city.. if you get stung it can really hurt!  

This morning Keith noticed a nest on a palm from hanging directly over a main path and thought someone might bump into it and get stung. 

I went to have a look at it and was speaking over the nest as I explained how insects are very sensitive to our intention and feelings and if we do not fear them or live in offence of them as though they always want to hurt us, and instead learn to respect their space and needs along with ours, then they will be calm around us and live in harmony with us..    

We can also assert our own territorial presence with all the animals and teach them how we want and need them to interact with us by defining our SPACE.  That is mostly done with intention. can be done with your own pee and training things in the garden by subtle shifts and pruning and walking in the same places habitually.. (songlines in ancient times)

Its a very primordial act for every living thing and its worth functioning from this basis with nature in your power, claiming your space and respecting theres..  (especially important for rats that want to take over your space and do things like purposely pee with a strong smell that has hormones that can make you more messy so more conducive to them nesting there!)  

Territorial challenges can be fun and insightful as you learn about the ways of different beings! 

Anyway, back to the wasps.... 

As I was talking over the nest I noticed the wasps  become completely still and not move on the nest that they had been busily building.. I stopped talking and they began moving again.. In that moment I decided that they had felt my intention (or was given the insight and the OK) and that it was probably best I move them for their own sake and make my Man happy too. 

So I consciously asked permission from nature, insects, wasps, everyone and then snipped the whole frond with them facing away from me. It crashed to the ground and do you know what? not one of those wasps moved the whole time! I simply picked it up and moved the whole leaf to another place in the garden where no one is in danger of each other.. 
The most important thing was the energy we emit when we are with very sensitive beings like plants and insects, native animals.. The more you work on your fears and steadily forge a deepening relationship with nature the closer you can get to the wild things.. 

That was a cool experience to observe..  honouring the life and spirit of things with a designing discerning mind often brings great insight and discovery - the joy of being a gardener! 

Have you had any experiences like this? 

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Lovely experience Billa!  I have done pretty well communing with wasp and bees but not so well with fireants.  Both in Florida and Panama there are multitudes.  I have done my best to communicate on a variety of levels but they still continue their nasty bites.  I have resorted to avoidance which means I often don't walk around a lot in those areas or at least not barefoot which is my preferred way of being.  If anyone knows any magic specific to these critters, I'd love to hear.

Urine!!! It is amazing. We had a woodchuck that had a perfect home in a stacked stone patio outside our homestead. There was a small garden bed next to the patio and our woodchuck helped himself to all the delicious garden treats. After talking with the locals who all said we need to shoot the woodchuck, my sister mentioned that she had one , and her husband peed on the woodchuck hole and he left for three years. I went and peed on the stone patio and near the hole, and voila. We haven't seen our woodchuck

I have problems not with bees or wasps but with tiny, tiny grass ticks. They dig into my skin, their presence felt with intense itching and considerable welts even though they are so small that they are just the size not of a pinhead but the sharp point!

They get me when I cut the grass on the edge of the paths  - I use a calorie-driven reel mower and hand shears - and when I brush under the privet which has gone feral around here. We are cutting back the walls of privet, putting the shredded prunings back onto the ground from whence it grew and carefully protecting the native tree seedlings/saplings with adequate shade cover. But I cant sleep for the many, many itches especially on my torso.

How do I commune with these tiny things?






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