One Hectare for Self-Sufficiency - A BioSpiritual Permaculture Model in Sedona, Arizona.


Sedona, Arizona

A little Introduction.....

we are going to turn this......


Into this! Stay tuned and follow our weekly updates on how to start a farm from scratch! 

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A few days ago on the full moon, and a root day in the BD planting calendar, we sprayed the entire garden with biodynamic field spray to activate the soil in preparation for planting a cover crop.

 In North America or Central America. we order our BD preps from  ..

Today we have seeded our first cover crop in the garden. We planted red wheat and rye into our bare soil as a green manure, to condition the soil, retain moisture, stop erosion and activate the latent life forces in the soil that need plants to come alive. 

We order our seeds from   the best source of BD seeds we have found in North America.  

Our Intern, Bradley, an amazing musician, drummed and chanted while we broadcast our seed and then gently raked it under. Here's Split Logs Custodian Kim, raking in the seed.  

Tomorrow we collect horse manure from two medicine mares  to begin a  rather huge biodynamic composting operation to make humus.

Anyone wanting an intro to biodynamics we recommend

Stay tuned for our next adventures in Oak Creek Canyon...

Greg and I are finally "working" on our land.  We are not yet living there.  We have a paper mock up with post it note trees and building that I can move around.  We have cleaned off the trash, bush hogged the brush, bought a small tractor with a mower and are having a shed delivered soon.  Now we need water.  I am so excited about following your progress and getting ideas from you.  Thanks!

Joy to you Billa and thank you for being on the planet at this time. Bright blessings to you!

ohhh. thank you Kathie, its an exciting time to be alive and to be helping Gaia to rebirth and regenerate.. 

bright blessings to you too... !

Nice Bernice.. ! its great to camp out on the land as much as you can and witness the winds and the light and let the land speak to you,  can you create a well where you are??  If there is any very big trees theres bound to be ground water , I hope you find some!    lots of love! 

I have walked the property dowsing and there seems to be lots of water.  I am hoping to sleep there on my birthday, August 19th, or at least lay on the earth for awhile.  So many things have just opened up for us.  The universe is smiling at us, I just know it.

:)    :) 

Composting to make humus!

Yesterday we prepared a large compost with algae we dragged from the creek, weeds from the farm, green grass clippings, manure from the medicine mares, wood chip and dry leaves. I'll share more about my methods in a separate discussion, what an epic setting..


progress at Split Log Farm, we sing to the composts, drum and dance as we seed the garden and refresh in the magical creek between hot stints in the blazing Arizona Sun..   things are growing !






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