As a member of the New Thought movement and a fan of Abraham-Hicks, I find myself a little disoriented when I see discrepancies between Anastasia's words and those of Abraham's or others in the New Thought movement. Certainly, I find more similarities among them all, driving home the Truth that we are powerful Creators, One with God, and worthy of Grace.


Yet, some things do come up that are different. In these instances, I turn automatically to my own feelings and intuition for the answers. Sometimes, the answer is not the same as Anastasia's. I wonder if perhaps that is because of my own level of purity of thought. Or could it be that some things she said to Vladimir Megre can be taken out of context, or were simply for the benefit of him alone (and perhaps those more like he was at that time). I'm not the kind of person that won't question something if my heart tells me otherwise.


I will try to come up with some concrete examples for the next time I'm here at the library. Maybe you have had these feelings too. Thanks for you thoughts. Peace.


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Yes, for example, Anastasia has a lot to say about the "dark forces". Are there really forces outside of ourselves influencing what we do? Or is it simply a matter of the choices we make? God has given us all of Herself, everything that we call "good" or "bad". Then from everything available to us in any given moment, we may choose whether or not to follow the calling of our own true Spirit selves. I have a very difficult time stomaching the idea of "dark forces" prowling about in our lives. 



Hmm this is interesting to think about.  I follow my heart on all the matters.  I feel like there is no right or wrong way about anything yet in order to keep bettering myself I learn from others.  What I am learning to follow how I feel. 


I remember reading Anastasia about UFOS and sometimes it differs from a lot of other people's aspects of UFOS.  For example I think she said that UFOS are made of plant material or something which doesn't quite make since to me.  But I believe her for her experience. I also believe my experience with them and have seen lights from them that I wouldn't be able to explain how it was made. 

As far as Abraham I can't think of any difference right off the top of my head, but it would be interesting to read some.  I think they slightly disagree on topics like sex, materials, and things in the physical world.  But the main point is that our thoughts create everything and it is important to choose better feeling thoughts. 

yes, i have definitely heard or read abraham saying, "we're here to tell you how to have the life you want, not what you should want." i've thought much more on this topic since beginning this post. i think that abraham has a very broad view on who and what we are. but i don't believe that abraham is exactly "one of us". perhaps they don't see the whole picture like anastasia does. she has a vision for the future of humanity, the world, and the whole universe. i think abraham is simply trying to get us in touch with who we are, and then letting us go from there. which is very good as well. we need to begin somewhere. even though abraham raves about sex and such, perhaps the energy involved is something not wholly understood by them. i guess you got to take everything with a grain of salt. something more profound might come along (as it certainly did for me the day i began reading anastasia!)


as for the dark forces she speaks of so much. i understand now that those forces are man made. they are nothing like the devil that is the cause of so much fear and trouble among the religious of the world. but she says each thought remains alive in the universe always. when so many "dark" thoughts and deeds emerged from people, especially when concentrated upon with the purpose to steer humanity away from the truth, those thoughts did not simply disappear. a force was created on purpose by some and created by default by many who came after. it is now a well-oiled machine working and gathering energy on its own. and we are the light to counter it. i hope that made sense. its not anything outside created apart from humanity, but by us instead. and yes, we are responsible for it. for i know that it is a day to day, moment to moment struggle to free myself from negative thoughts and feelings.

Hmm I like having these discussions- Anastasia felt so right in my heart the first day I read it as well.  I haven't read the books for over a year- but their information and Anastasia travel and remain in my heart with me. 

  One thing I am learning about dark forces (from a friend) is that they are in fact energies.  Naturally humans are not born with these energies- but overtime things like conditioning and negative thoughts are things that keep these negative energies around.  I think there are dark spirits like the greys that come to us when we are vulnerable and we sometimes choose anger, fighting, negative thinking instead of nothingness, peace, meditation. 

  I am a very sensitive person and I see spirits and I learning how to communicate and protect myself from them.  Not all spirits are bad, but I believe there is entities that can also have a more negative feeling about them.  Then when we are anywhere near a "negative" feeling they can latch onto us.  Ever wonder why sometimes you walk into a room and feel negative thoughts that came from no where? Or someone does something that used to trigger you, but you moved past it and suddenly you feel yourself reacting?- those to me are times when energies come in. 

  Although there are energies I believe we are responsible for choosing our thoughts and not allowing these energies to affect us.  I find the best thing is to realize there is a negative feeling lingering or just came thru and to breathe and ask what the message is.  The best thing is to be in a state of non-reaction. 

   That is just my take though :)






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