Rebirth means you recognize yourself as a child of God/ess and you drop the story of what the biological parents didn't do right or what they did not provide and how we are a product of that. In many ways coming to Earth is like showing up at a site that needs reconstruction, restoration, rehabilitation, renovation. Just like a rundown house that needs fixing up and tearing down in some places. We don't want to become the areas we are called to do work on. We don't need to become the rotting wood or the broken window, if that was the shape it was in upon arrival, but because we can't avoid the early conditionings and imprints from all our exposure to it, it becomes hard to see ourselves outside of it. 

If we can see it through the eyes of our divine nature, it can allow us more wisdom in how we tackle the problem because after exposure, we know what was lacking and what the missing pieces are. We get to bring all that forth, even though it takes great strength. It is all too easy to forget and sink into the damage and fall apart - but it is time to remember that we came to change it by being senior to the forces that have broken it down, by doing maintenance work rather than enabling and contributing to the destruction because we take it too personally or we are lost in the shadow and all the symptoms that result from neglect or years of allowing forces to degenerate the temple and the soul that dwells within. 

Our parents and all that is wrong in the world, represent the work that we need to do within, to heal the ancestral lines and to rise above global deficiencies and negative archetypal imprints. We are not their children in the way we are children of Source and Mother Earth ~ Identifying more with this, is where we regenerate, find release and liberation. The story of where we came from is our mission to enlighten, not stay victims to the programmings or short-comings. We do not need to be the inheritors of their patterns and afflictions or societies. WE came to set them free and ourselves free. 

With so much technology used to control the way things play out, it is important to set ones attention on having it catalyze the most profound awakening of our spiritual abilities so one can feed it back a much higher vibration then what it is throwing our way - just like how what we were born into, needs our higher frequency to change the vibration of the family tribe.

If we don't fill the physical experience with depth, meaning and purpose, it is like a civilization making technological advancements without spiritual growth. We cannot repeat these patterns or have them play out to the point of being in fear or imbalance where the quest for instant gratification and service to self pleasures becomes more important than connecting fully to our higher selves. Religion was set up to be rebelled against or to control those who fall into its web, both behaviors miss the mark and we lose connection with the energies that they have mimicked and distorted, when really they are sacred.

Part of the manipulation in our early history had to do with us staying locked into our lower self, where we are just unconscious to the fact that it is the very thing that enslaves us. We need to dig all the way to the light of Source that dwells within. To truly restore, one has to find balance from merging free-will with cosmic law while being willing to do the construction work as architects of heaven on earth. One also has to be willing to transmute and integrate the fragmented and programmed aspects, so the true nature and divine blueprint, can step forward within All.

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