I am currently reading Dr. David Hawkins' book "Eye of the I", the sequel to his "Power vs. Force", and it is quite enlightening.

Behavioral/Applied Kinesiology is a powerful tool for determining truth in one's life!            As I have found, it is not foolproof, but does become more accurate with practice. 

I recommend the books and technique to everyone, and welcome any personal experiences others want to share.

Attached is Hawkins' "Map of the Scale of Consciousness" (also Appendix B in the book)







Amazon.com "Power-vs-Force" reviews

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I forgot to add that when we tested recently, Anastasia came out as 920, and the Ringing Cedar Series tested at 650, and my personal vibe was 530. Please share your own results here.


Hi Tshepo,


Sorry for the confusion, but the actual technique is described in the books.  It consists of two people doing muscle testing (kinesiology) on deltoid or leg muscles. BUT, there is another way! It involves one person muscle testing with their fingers, and its something I cannot describe just in words.  Fortunately, a quick search for "kinesiology" on YouTube shows that there are thousands of people already demonstrating this technique; and here are some of the closest to what I am currently using (there is also a one-handed method that advanced chiropractors often use):


I cant get the video embeds to take so follow these links-


5 - Kinesiology (Self Testing)


Muscle Testing for TheataHealing


Testing Human Energy


Best of luck!!





Thank you for this information, Pedro. It's very interesting! Love, Sharyn :)
Great books - I've bought and read them. In like manner, "Leadership vs Dominance" is a similar comparison to "Power vs Force".






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