Spider Woman

Spider Woman is a metaphor for she who creates from a central source. One day it is She who will pull all of her creation - back to her source. Her web represents the grids or matrix of our reality - the Spider Web Effect. Spider Woman's web links you to everything and everybody in our reality. It is how we learn to be psychic and to connect telepathically.


Spider woman is linked with Dream Catchers.

During dream time we remove part of our consciousness from physical reality and venture off through 'her' web experiencing that which we cannot understand with our physical consciousness.

The Internet is a Web of information that is helping you understand and experience at this level of awareness.

Native Americans believed in the legend of Spider Woman, she who sits at the great galactic center. She is the female force of all creation who joins all nations, all tribes, all galactic families, and all realities together, in her web. This may be the reason UFO sightings are becoming more common. Space travelers have woven their web of destiny with us in the past. Presently, we as a people and as a plane, stand at a crossroads at the end of a major age and the birth of a new age of revelations and inner peace. We stand at the possibility of destroying ourselves environmentally, with war weapons and global politics, and the petty little bickering of dictatorships and power hungry men. We also stand at a place where we can transform our lives with inner healing, planetary healing, and taking responsibility for our choices, and our decisions.

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