The Roots and Shoots of BioSpiritual Permaculture

Summer Solstice, 6.20.2012


The roots of BioSpiritual Permaculture reach into the depth of what it means to be human/alive.  As mammals, we are in relationship with Wild Nature like the rest of our kin and separation is mere illusion.  As humans, we have the capacity to interact and tend our environment to support ecosystems in order to cultivate abundance.  As individual souls here with unique gifts, we are blessed with the opportunity to live our vision and offer out passions to community.  As universal Spirit and the Spirit of the Universe, we are luminous Beings that embody Source Energy.


The canopy of BioSpiritual Permaculture branches out into the elements.  The Light Energy holds the qualities of Air and represents Sunrise and Spring.  Art & Celebration are manifestations of Fire and represent Noon and Summer.  Nature Connection is Earth and is found in Sunset and Autumn.  Love & Relations are the Water element of our emotions and represent Midnight and Winter.


The four seasons flow through a year, a lunar cycle, a day, a breath: from the inbreath of Spring, the full retention of Summer, the outbreath of fall, and the empty retention of Winter.  This pattern of our own breath follows that of Earth which takes in carbon dioxide in the spring into the bodies of plants and releases it in the leaf-falling autumn.  In a day as well, photosynthesis is most active and absorbing carbon by day, releasing it by night.  The energy rises from midnight to midday with Yang energy, which is represented by the ‘sunny side of the mountain.’  After the peak of Yang energy, the Yin energy increases towards the darkness of the night, just like the expansion of light from winter solstice to summer solstice and the contraction from summer to winter.  These natural cycles flow not only in our breath, but also have the capacity to guide our daily rhythms to be in harmony with Natural Law.  When we align ourselves to the patterns and flows of Nature, we reconnect with the capacity to co-create reality.  Through the powers of intention and design, we can craft the life we seek .  In community, we weave the web of relations to reclaim the whole.  In culture, we cultivate the unique gifts that we each carry while also celebrating the commons and the Oneness of Life. 


The cosmic dance is happening, it’s simply our awareness and attention that are needed to remember how to align with it.  When we allow ourselves to resonate with Nature, we then have the capacity to harmonize with it and emanate a higher frequency of life force – just like a guitar string that vibrates when another guitar plays that note and how our energy field is constantly emitting frequencies that interact and affect our surroundings, be it the water we drink or the people in our presence.  To remember the sacredness of every moment as opportunity to consciously engage with the dance of Life is a choice and a practice.  To wake up is one step…to stay awake and present with the power of Pachamama by giving our gifts and being in right relationship with the elements. 


As those that choose conscious evolution, we have the opportunity to support those that want to claim their vision and commit to living the soul-full path of service.  In deep connection with Nature and in empowered capacity to cultivate health and abundance, our soul and spirit have the capacity to be present with Life.


BioSpiritual Permaculture is a Way – beyond set guidelines and principles, by attuning to the Nature and Culture of place, we develop the capacity to steward a space…in which we can live out our highest expression in service of Life.  By practicing the arts of listening and cultivating Energy, we can have the right response infused with the power of peace.  By celebrating and imagining, we can feel the potency the flows through our body/mind/spirit.  In the Daoist view of jing, qi, and shen, the ‘three treasures’ or ‘three medicines’ can be brought into balance for the benefit of health and longevity.  Connecting with the Yogic view of the body, the Western vision of the axis mundi can be cultivated in the chakra column through which the Kundalini Shakti of mother earth flows up through us as creativity manifesting itself, while the heavenly Energy of Cosmic Consciousness descends from the Universe through us and our actions into this Earth ecosystem.  Dwelling within the Microcosmic Orbit, energy rises and falls, activating our Energy system through the Fire Cycle of rising/Yang energy or calming our system with the Water Cycle of falling/Yin energy. 


In our own center, of awareness and energy, we connect the center of the world synthesizing the energies of Earth and Sky.  Centered among the four directions, four elements, four seasons…we have to potential to engage with Life in a co-creative process of actualization, manifesting our vision in collaboration with Nature and Culture.  In that Sacred Center, see and honor other’s as being in their own center.  “Namaste” means “I bow (to you)” and is our way of saying “I honor the place in you where the entire Universe resides, I honor the place in you of Love, of Light, of Truth, of Peace.  I honor the place within you where if you are in that place in you and I am in that place in me, there is only one of us.”


As we bring our hands together in front of our heart, we connect our two complimentary sides and activate the flow of Divine Love.  From that ground of connection, the capacity for an energetic interaction beyond time and ego arises and from there the possibility of cross-pollination of vision or collaboration makes change possible. 


And so the flower of connection and fruits of service give rise to the seeds of mentoring: propagating culture from one generation to the next, passing stories and prophecies, principles and practices.  With the intention to support the regeneration of culture and of Life on Earth, the inter-generational web of relations is an integral matrix that allows for mycelial-like communication of information through time and space.


BioSpiritual Permaculture inoculates the body, mind, spirit with the unlimited potential to design the future Dream, to envision and create our highest potential.  When we root into our presence in/on/as Earth, we can reach into the elemental relationship with Life.

Spencer Nielsen.

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