A BioSpiritual Permaculture Perspective: 

The vision of humanity is as diverse as Nature and as singular as the Sun.

If you take a moment to read the profile comments people share here when they join this forum, you will witness a profoundly conscious collective of people around the world who are discovering and tending to their inner landscape while journeying with awareness through the adventure of life.  Finding ourselves in a global community of conscious co-creators is the healthiest foundation for spiritual growth - a spiritual awakening or upgrade  which ultimately must reflect into our manifested landscape and the legacy we leave for our children. 



Spencer opens up the conversation....  

In these times of change and global shifts in Nature and Culture, we have the opportunity to awaken and stay awake – to live in an awakened way.  The complexities of life are simplified: what does it mean to be human? To be animal? To be consciousness in form?  To be spirit incarnate? 


What is the human potential?  Is it being able to make machines to see distant planets or fly to the moon?  Or is being able to live in right relationship with family and community, in right relationship with wild Nature and tended Nature, tending Nature in a way that supports life, that cultivates the force of Life which moves through all things?


BioSpiritual Permaculture is a support system for helping people step into their fullest potential as individuals and as communities.  When we live in right relationship with the 4 elements, we gain access to the 5th.  Whether that 5th be Co-creation, or Spirit, or God, or any other Divine name, it is a pathway to discovering and recovering our sacred powers as humans to Be.  Worldwide cultures have recognized the power of Light – from “Father Sun” to the “Ray” to “Chi,” we have within us and all around us access to cosmic Light that emanates from all Beings, sentient and insentient.  Eating, breathing, sun gazing, and simply being are all ways to absorb the mystery of Light that rises in the east to inspire us be alive.


Dwelling in a body in this lifetime, too, we have the blessed gift of senses and capacities to create.  Through song, dance, art of all forms, we have the gift of being able to give – to each other, to Nature, to the next generation, and to ourselves: the gift of art, the gift of celebration, the gift of life lived through us.  In our highest expression, we simply are life living itself out in this cosmic experiment of love, dancing through space going nowhere fast.


As we remember our deeper truths as Light, as Artists, we come to recall too, that we are Nature, that we are animal, that we are part of this great web of life, connected and related to all being everywhere.  It is not only a mystical truth of our Oneness, but a simple fact, based on perspective.  Yes, we are individuals in the relative reality, but in the absolute, we are the stars in form, we are Earth, we are land walking.  Our bodies are created from Earth’s elements, and are continually created, maintained, and destroyed on a cellular level.  Indeed, Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva are within us as they are within all things everywhere.  The Great Spirit that moves through all things moves through us as much as mountains.  We simply make the choice to honor that Truth or avoid it.  So celebrate the naturalness of humanity and send gratitude to the infinite beings that support our Nature connection as such.


Marinating in our True Nature, we find that spark of Love that emanates from all of Nature, that is the operating system of animals, of plants, of fungi, of microbes…that simply is living with integrity to ourselves without thinking otherwise.  We share our Love with all of creation simply by remembering Right Relations in every interaction: in Nature and Culture.  It’s not rocket science; it’s simply awareness of our True Nature of Love in relationship with Love. 


All it takes is a shift in perspective to see that we are simply Nature and Light, Loving and Celebrating.  This cosmic dance of creation is all Nature and Light, and its all Loving and Celebrating.  Once we recognize the Power of these Truths, we gain access to the power of Co-Creation, the power of intention to create the world we want to live with.  Individually and collectively.  We simply dream the Dream, write the script, envision the Vision, and change begins to happen.  It’s not without effort, of course, but planting seeds of intention set the growth of a garden in motion.  We can’t have a forest without seeds sprouting, we can’t live in a forest garden without planting plants, and we cant live in abundance without tending to Life. 


In comes our role as stewards of Earth, of Life, of Nature, of our Ecological Selves…We are it all and when that Truth lures us back into relationship with Life, we must make the agreements to remember how to tend ourselves, each other, and the land in a sacred way.  We must support the unfolding of balance, such that Life simply happens with each of us as conscious engaged elements in the dynamic ecosystem of creation.  It’s all happening already, in patches around the globe, of indigenous people holding on the their lifeways, propagating a good message, as well as people reclaiming indigeneity to Land, to a Sacred Way of living.  And in these dynamic times where languages and borders are dissolving, what is needed is not a single culture, but a unified intention to re-create Culture.  

 And then,  when future generations look back to this very moment, they will see that a shift occurred around the world, and people reclaimed their Power as Light, as Artists, as Nature, as Love, as Co-Creators…

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