Anastasia says we should use the tools of the dark forces that are founded on false images for GOOD.


Money is one such thing. To me money is our current means of exchange of energy for material things.  But the heart of the issue is Freedom and Abundance vs Slavery and Money..

Living in harmony with nature, we could and would (and did) just exchange things without money but then.....    no one would make any money off the exchanges that take place..  or be able to charge interest on money that is borrowed to be able to exchange things..   this "middle man" process skims a lot of energy off the top of basic human interaction that could take place without money, without problem.  But since the first day that coins were offered to the slaves to carry stones under the false precept of "Freedom" a false image has been in place and many are still living under this spell.

Conscious awareness of this fact is where we find our liberation from this false image..  the "slave to money" comes from the foundation of slaves going from one master to another..    from the priests to money...   its legacy continues to this day.. 


In the here and now....


As permaculturists we view everything as a resource in a system that can just be re-designed to be used for good and alignment with creations design.


So if we come back to the idea of conscious "exchange" we can transmute any "slavery" residues by being conscious co-creators using money like ingredients in a compost.. using the tools and resources we have right here in the world in the here and now for good... this is why Permaculture Design principles and systems thinking are so aligned to the Vedruss ways Anastasia shares..  Use the tools and resources in the world for good! Support the good! goodness sets our hearts on fire and our spirits Free - expressing our essential selves and true nature... 


But we have many blockages to our freedom!

Sex and money! the most controversial topics! We'll talk about sex another time, but for now we are in a re-design phase to re-organise the Earths bounty back into harmony with the original plan. We are going to have to use the current method of exchange "money" to turn this tide gracefully...   and now is the time..   massive action is needed and we are about to launch a plan to extract a whole bunch of money from the old destructive system into the new co-creative system and before we know it -  we will transcend the need for money , just as we will computers etc.. but we are now in transition..  instead of re-inventing alternative monies or trading systems, lets just use the system we have for good - but with as direct exchange as possible and without paying interest.


The two simplest things you can do today - cut up your credit cards and get a visa debit card instead,  start going directly to growers for food or at least the local organic grocery store to cut out many many middle men, think about every purchase you make and who you are "Exchanging" with.


In a little bit - I will make available an e-book to work through step by step retrieval of your precious human energy from the money system so that you may engage with it in a truly empowered way and only as you consciously choose.   Becoming Ethical and completely responsible for every "Exchange"in your life-sphere.. 


BUT! first things first - air your grievances and thoughts about money without fear of judgement, here amongst your kin:





Go FOR IT ! .. Let's have it out..





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Absolutely, Josie!  Thank you for that clarification of reality.  Money in and of itself is nothing.  Literally.  It is simply an agreement between human beings (ego-body-minds) believing themselves to be separate entities living in a physical world to impart certain values to specific physical objects, a convenient means of exchanging 'goods' and energy.  Psychologically and 'spiritually' speaking, as sovereign creators of our own realities, money 'is' for each of us what we truly believe it 'is' to us individually.  Whether we attract it or repel it depends primarily (but perhaps not completely) on our attitude towards it, and abundance in general.  Many people with LOTS of money do indeed use much of it for completely anonymous acts of generosity and assistance to those in physical need.  Sure, they are in the minority these days, but they DO exist.  Money, the monetary system, is only a tool, neutral to the core.  I'm sure you've all heard the metaphor before, so I won't belabor it.  Regardless, I like your first commentary very much, where you lay out a clear path to a money-LESS society, starting from our current state of chaotic affairs.  It may not be a 'perfect' plan, but I admire your visionary positive thinking, and the fact that a future such as that IS definitely possible, given committed people like yourself gathering together and manifesting it directly.  Brilliant!  An individual like yourself (and most of those in this cyber-community I'm sure) would be welcomed and appreciated in the community (not development, an existing older small town) where I have established a small domain for the coming Transition.  And you are absolutely right -- for those willing to commit, willing to fully release their attachments and let Spirit be their Guide (like Billa obviously has), it takes relatively little of that paper illusion called money to manifest your dreams.







Hello all :-)

I have never posted here before, but am loving reading the threads from time to time. I love this thread and love that it helped me clarify my feelings about money. Josie, I am inspired to write your beautiful words on money and stick them on the wall, so I have a reminder, when I am feeling trapped by the monetary system, or feeling lack, or struggling to allow my free children to be able to have their own journey with money.

Love Erica. x 

What comes to mind is one paradigm is power, sex and money another paradigm is friendship, love and respect.   So money can be a way to 'buy' respect.  As we all know it is better to earn respect or just give respect to each other.  Shifting from one paradigm to the other is the challenge.

Josie you are very articulate but I believe you missed my point.  In yoga terms it is attachment to an object or ideal or outcomes that causes problems.  It is not whether we have lots of money or no money it is whether we are happy or worried.  If we have money and worry about having it then it isn't fun. If we have no money and worry about it it isn't fun.  If we are happy and let money and other things ebb and flow then we are happily surfing the universe.  If we have love and are love then we will get the sex we need but if we pursue sex we will not get or give the love we have and we deserve.  Does that make sense?

Well, there is Simoron teaching spreading in Russia for the last few years.

In addition it cover issues of getting as much money as you need as well. I will tell you more about it if you wish because it really works (at least for me!). 

Thanks Yuri, can you please start a new discussion about Simoron and yes, please share!   xx

The green Beautiful is a great, funny, inspiring movie.


It would be great if more people would watch it.


I also recommend: The Resilient Gardener book by Carol Deppe.  Lots if interesting information and full of other great references for people who need more information on a particular aspect of diet, health, fruits or vegetables.

I agree with Anastasia: Lets use the money for good and lets work to transform these energy into something that reflects more who we are: light and love!!
Ivette mendoza

This is very well put Billa. The idea has been to keep people in apartments or houses with insufficiently large gardens precisely so they need money and therefore will work for employers. Money is one of the most important tools we have at our disposal and can be put to good use for creation. The more the better. The books even talk about setting up investment funds designed to counter destructive enterprises and turn them over to creation. It really isn't about abolishing money certainly not for the forceeable future. Rather it is a very clear direction in which money should be flowing. If you invest your money with the right people they will also invest it with the right people and so on. It is like for example turning the shower on full and removing it from the toilet bowl and directing it out the window into the flower bed. So rather that seeing money as something that can be spent any which way or 'invested' in the most profitable way even if it is destructive, rather there is only one way it should flow. So if you can make a bunch of money in a creative way all the better, you could help loads of people acquire land for kins domains or invest it in the decomisioning of destructive enterprises or put it into a microfinance project for kins domains so that once it is paid back it can go on into financing another kins domain and so on. Like imagine you could set up a trust so that the microfinance company keeps relending your money to people to set up kins domains even in 200 years time. With say 100,000 dollars that could be something like 400 kins domains you helped get going and if some of those people also went on to do the same you could have helped set up many more.

i feel like if i had some money, i could get free of it! pretty silly, but in all honesty, i think a lot of people ultimately feel this too. i know the error is in my own thinking from moment to moment. who am i to go around thinking that everything i need isn't naturally provided, given i just wake up and change my thoughts a little!

as a matter of fact, most of the things i desire come without my having to exchange money with anyone. but yet i carry around this thought in the back of my mind about lack. it seems as though every time i start to wake up a little more, i fall right back to sleep. but i know its inside each of us to stay awake, change our lives, and change the world.

Greetings Kin

This is a very hot topic right now as the dark forces try to create ever more fear through the monetery system.  We really need to keep ontop of the fear machine and transmute it to love and light while the current system collapses to allow a better, brighter and fairer system to evolve..

I agree with much of what Josie and others have written and I would like to add the possibility that 'money' is an entity, a being it's own right with whom we can make friends. Money is impartial but, like all things of Source, wants to share of itself in abundance. I too have my share of money 'issues' and have tried many techniques to clear any negativity around money. I came across this; (scroll down till you find the 'Reconnecting with the Spirit of money meditation)  a couple of days ago and feel it's a very powerful tool to help us make friends with money. Actually all the 'tools' on that page are very effective. After I did the meditation I realised alot of my belief of scarcity came from being around parents who fought about money and the lack or misuse of it. Half the battle is knowing what the block is.

much love and light


Money is only an energy- it comes and goes through us. We do not have to classify money as good or evil, the good or evil comes from individual vessels (humans -the warehouses, transporters and depots) of money. This has been my thought on money for many years. I am enjoying reading what everyone else has to say about it. 






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