Anastasia says we should use the tools of the dark forces that are founded on false images for GOOD.


Money is one such thing. To me money is our current means of exchange of energy for material things.  But the heart of the issue is Freedom and Abundance vs Slavery and Money..

Living in harmony with nature, we could and would (and did) just exchange things without money but then.....    no one would make any money off the exchanges that take place..  or be able to charge interest on money that is borrowed to be able to exchange things..   this "middle man" process skims a lot of energy off the top of basic human interaction that could take place without money, without problem.  But since the first day that coins were offered to the slaves to carry stones under the false precept of "Freedom" a false image has been in place and many are still living under this spell.

Conscious awareness of this fact is where we find our liberation from this false image..  the "slave to money" comes from the foundation of slaves going from one master to another..    from the priests to money...   its legacy continues to this day.. 


In the here and now....


As permaculturists we view everything as a resource in a system that can just be re-designed to be used for good and alignment with creations design.


So if we come back to the idea of conscious "exchange" we can transmute any "slavery" residues by being conscious co-creators using money like ingredients in a compost.. using the tools and resources we have right here in the world in the here and now for good... this is why Permaculture Design principles and systems thinking are so aligned to the Vedruss ways Anastasia shares..  Use the tools and resources in the world for good! Support the good! goodness sets our hearts on fire and our spirits Free - expressing our essential selves and true nature... 


But we have many blockages to our freedom!

Sex and money! the most controversial topics! We'll talk about sex another time, but for now we are in a re-design phase to re-organise the Earths bounty back into harmony with the original plan. We are going to have to use the current method of exchange "money" to turn this tide gracefully...   and now is the time..   massive action is needed and we are about to launch a plan to extract a whole bunch of money from the old destructive system into the new co-creative system and before we know it -  we will transcend the need for money , just as we will computers etc.. but we are now in transition..  instead of re-inventing alternative monies or trading systems, lets just use the system we have for good - but with as direct exchange as possible and without paying interest.


The two simplest things you can do today - cut up your credit cards and get a visa debit card instead,  start going directly to growers for food or at least the local organic grocery store to cut out many many middle men, think about every purchase you make and who you are "Exchanging" with.


In a little bit - I will make available an e-book to work through step by step retrieval of your precious human energy from the money system so that you may engage with it in a truly empowered way and only as you consciously choose.   Becoming Ethical and completely responsible for every "Exchange"in your life-sphere.. 


BUT! first things first - air your grievances and thoughts about money without fear of judgement, here amongst your kin:





Go FOR IT ! .. Let's have it out..





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Thankyou Emily.   Your answers are the last pieces of my what I needed to understand within my own creation, in order for me to release the way I look at money.

This particular excerpt really does it for me. "When we step into a space of accountability and realize we are the true master of our own expereince - like a wizard standing on the top of a mighty mountain peak.(see above)..........    WE ARE THE POWER. etc"


........thankyou so much

Sat Nam

Someone made a film about her! wow that's great. I checked out the site and noticed it was shown on tv here Dec last year, doh! I don't watch tv so....looks like I'll have to throw some money their way to see it. Pity they can't do what the backtoeden guys did.

I admire her hugely for giving away all her stuff, I feel like doing the same thing sometimes. The more stuff you have the more money you need. This is another way of releasing the tyrany of the monetary system; live more simply, more and more. It's obvious to us here but for the vast majority it isn't.

There's also an English man who lives without money he's written a book, The Moneyless Man, A Year of Freeconomic Living by Mark Boyle. He set up the online Freeconomy community that helps people share their skills, tools and spaces for free. He decided to put his money where his mouth was and live a year without money. He did and he found he enjoyed it so much he continued. He has a degree in economics and six years retail experience so he knows how many beans make five as they say. This is a quote from the book;


   One of the first, and most important, lessons I was taught by moneyless living was to

   trust life. I firmly believe that if we live each day in the spirit of giving, we'll receive

   whatever we need  whenever we need it. 



ps, Ainslie, Inelia Benz has been a huge help and inspiration for me recently :)

It looks like the moneyless man is still living the life. I found an interview at and it leads to a website where there was an article about occupy wall street which is one of the best I think.


I shared it on twitter. Here is my twitter list if you would like to also share info: #occupynola #occupydallas #OccupyChi
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YES, Billa!  You have asked the perfect question, stimulated the perfect discussion, as how one FEELS about that bizarre and powerful thing we call 'money' does indeed determine one's relationship to it, and most forms of abundance.  Thank you for asking that extremely thought-provoking question!



I used to focus more on money and trying to attract it, but then I started to notice that it really wasn't money that I wanted but the things that money can get me and I felt by focusing on the money, who is just the middle man, it made me get sidetracked and forget the things that I really want. So now I don't really think about my money, but just pretend that I already have it and have faith that whether with or without money I will get what I want. Like right now I am searching for land, making plans, and learning all about gardening, terrace design, natural building, etc. When I find the land and I need the money, then it is only a matter of figuring out exchanges and finding the right connections, I've seen lots of money fall into peoples hands without them working for it, I believe in the law of attraction, but rather focusing on getting that million dollars, focus on what you would get with it, and then you may be surprised by the way the universe provides that for you... you might get it without an exchange of money

Great perspective Jaesi. I shall do that now! Being aware of how the monetary system really works (source Zeitgeist: Addendum and Classified by Thomas Anderson: I have found it a big conundrum to live in abundance, and money plays its part in achieving that for me for the time being, while also being as true to myself as possible in the present circumstances and living and honouring myself and other people as best I can knowing the facts regarding money and how it is created with the goal in mind to destroy family and loving and respectful communities.

Your thoughts here will go a long way to help me heal that and share in the pure awareness so that I can continue attracting all that I need to contribute to this world with honesty, integrity and love. Thanks for sharing. Much love and respect!






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