This is a wonderful short story of the power of positive confession.
I thought you all would like it. Joyce is a member here and has just had a break-through grant for their Colorado Kindom. You GO JOYCE!!! and you do it!!!

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Thanks Radomir -- I have sent a request to receive this info.
You will love it sis, truly this is where the I Am works. We are created in I Am's Image thus the reason thought proceeded by Words spoken by a person works. Either to their hurt or to their gain. They co-create their reality. This is a law of I Am, this is a law of the Universe. I am Happy, or I Am Sad etc. I say it and I Do It, because I Am. I guarantee you that Joyce spoke the words I do It over her kin Oasis to acquire free land. Guess what, she did it. Dolph said, this is what I want, then believed it. He too is now arriving at I Am now living at where? Where he is. He will say I Am here. Is this hard to understand? When Anastasia teleports she thinks, then says in her mind, I Am over there... But puts herself where she goes, So I Am standing here becomes her reality. She is where she is. She is not a hologram. Does this conciousness ring true in anyones heart?
I Am a Son of The Universe, I Am made in the Image of Yahuah. I am Man. I am beloved of The Creator. I Am Radomir Son of Hanok, Son of Yared, Son of Yahuah. I Am that I Am.
I have heard the words and I will practice them diligently and see for myself.

But as for Anastasia teleporting, she also said one has to go into the very atoms, deconstruct them in their perfect order and to rematerialize them atom by atom properly, reconstruct them in their previous order for one to materialize as they were....'simple' she says, but...maybe a little bit different for us. I tried to find it but cannot....maybe someone else can find it?

But I do get the message of Joyce...and even the fact that she says you don't even have to believe it as her son demonstrated when he did read without believing his own words. I am excited to try these new 'open sesame' magic words. It is easy for those who need not say them because their lives are fine.....but for the many who are deeply challenged by unseen things.......the proof will be when these people say them and life changes......these are the ones who can speak about the magic of these words.

I would like to hear from others who say these words and have it work for them.....from those who actually have experience with doing this and having things change for them.......






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