The Gift Economy is gaining momentum - its not money that is the problem, its whose hands we give it to !

I am an immense fan of Kickstarter. Creative people dream up their dream and share their idea online offering a reward to the pledgers.   People vote with their dollar! some amazing projects, albums, films and campaigns have come out of this fantastic platform to help people help each other manifest their creative dreams. 

My favourite project  so far has been: Within Reach

Kick starter is an excellent example of how the internet is supporting the Gift Economy to emerge by creating a platform for people to back each others dreams and creativity.  We were always connected, but we learned the false idea that we are all seperate.  In Permaculture, the problem is the solution.. 

If money is the problem, then money can be the solution too.  We can all support each others creativity by embracing the gift giving game of giving gifts, money and energy to each other instead of to unethical institutions.   By empowering each other , the single threads that make up a strong community weave a stronger culture that is loving, caring , sharing and has infinite creative potential.  We are giving all our power away when we dont make account for where all our money is going and leaving it to centralised banking systems and goverments to manage our lives and our infrastructure when clearly they are not doing a good job.   Reward peoples creativity by showing it ! When ever I go to a market, no matter how little money I have on me, I always support the organic growers or the eco initiatives and if I Cant purchase anything I make sure I give them full support and encouragement. 

Look at what Kickstarter has created since it started.  its a movement by the people for the people  !

WHATS YOUR GRAND IDEA?? how could we help you? 

We can create a similar model to help every willing person receive a one hectare plot- and get as many as possible back on the land and self-sufficient.  lets go kin - check this out!  

The History of #1

On Tuesday, a project called Pebble became the most-funded project in Kickstarter history. This achievement was especially impressive considering the project had launched just six days before.

While Pebble is the latest project to hold the crown, it's not the first. Twelve projects have held the title of Kickstarter's all-time most-funded project. Here they are in chronological order.

New York Makes a Book


Raised: $3,329
Goal: $3,000
Most funded for: 22 days
Reign: 4/28/2009 — 5/19/2009

This project was the first #1 mostly because it was one of the first projects on Kickstarter, period. It launched the same day the site did with its creators including two Kickstarter co-founders.

Allison Weiss Makes a Full Length Record


Raised: $7,711
Goal: $2,000
Most funded for: 31 days
Reign: 5/19/2009 — 6/17/2009

Just three weeks into Kickstarter's existence Allison Weiss blew past her goal in two days. Her project instantly became the model for everyone else.

Help Polyvinyl Save 10,000 Records From Destruction

Raised: $15,625
Goal: $1,000
Most funded for: 57 days
Reign: 6/17/2009 — 8/14/2009

A great record label sells a lot of records early on in Kickstarter history.

Release the next Five Times August album


Raised: $20,546
Goal: $20,000
Most funded for: 35 days
Reign: 8/14/2009 — 9/19/2009

A project of this size is typical now, but $20,000 felt like $1 million in 2009. Plus, it did it in just 31 days when a typical project duration was double that.

The Vanderbilt Republic Foundation: "Masters"


Raised: $50,264
Goal: $50,000
Most funded for: 27 days
Reign: 9/19/2009 — 10/15/2009

This photography project was the first Kickstarter mentioned by the blog Daring Fireball, whose posts have generated pledges for many of the projects on this list.

Designing Obama


Raised: $84,613
Goal: $65,000
Most funded for: 235 days
Reign: 10/15/2009 — 5/13/2010

Arguably the first Kickstarter blockbuster, Scott Thomas' art book about the 2008 Obama campaign was especially notable because he served as the campaign's Design Director.

Decentralize the web with Diaspora


Raised: $200,641
Goal: $10,000
Most funded for: 162 days
Reign: 5/13/2010 — 10/21/2010

Diaspora raised more money in one day than any other project had ever, and became an internet phenomenon in the process.

Save Blue Like Jazz


Raised: $345,992
Goal: $125,000
Most funded for: 34 days
Reign: 10/21/2010 — 11/25/2010

Blue Like Jazz was launched by two fans after the film's financiers unexpectedly pulled out of the production. Four weeks later the project had tripled its goal, and the film opened nationwide in more than 100 theaters last Friday.

TikTok + LunaTik


Raised: $942,578
Goal: $15,000
Most funded for: 441 days
Reign: 11/25/2010 — 2/8/2012

The TikTok came out of nowhere to change what everyone thought was possible on Kickstarter, including us. It raised just shy of $1 million on a $15,000 goal, and was the most-funded project on Kickstarter for well over a year.

Elevation Dock


Raised: $1,464,706
Goal: $75,000
Most funded for: 6 hours
Reign: 2/8/2012 — 2/8/2012

The Elevation Dock was the first Kickstarter project to exceed $1 million in pledges and the first to topple the TikTok. However its reign was extremely short-lived. Only six hours later, the next project in our list topped it.

Double Fine Adventure


Raised: $3,336,371
Goal: $400,000
Most funded for: 65 days
Reign: 2/8/2012 — 4/17/2012

Double Fine raised its first $1 million in less than a day and went on to raise more than three times that. Its big funding total felt destined for a TikTok-type reign. And then along came the Pebble...



Goal: $100,000
Raised: ?
Most funded for: ?
Reign: 4/17/2012 —

Meet Pebble, the new #1. How long will it hold the top spot? Where will its funding end? With 30 days to go and funding already over $4 million, it's hard to say. Make your guess at the Pebble's final tally in the comments below.


    1. Missing_thumb
      Dwayne Miller 1 day ago 


    2. Missing_thumb
      Marc Holmes 1 day ago 

      it broke kicktraq which says it will trend up to $23,608,673 
      Which I dont think is possible I dont think there is that much investing power in kickstarter unless that keeps coming form out side sources. 
      I think 6-10mil depeding on the updates 
      As to pebbles project they have have had two big updates, waterproofing and hacker version. I see two other simple updates they could do which is more colors and upgraded kit inside. IF they do no more updates then it will coast to 6mill I think they could get another 1-4 mill with updates and then if they did more than that then possibly more but its hard to see what they can pull out of the hat unless they start marketing futher a feild.

    3. Missing_thumb
      Marc Holmes 1 day ago 

      Also could you do more blog posts about data? such as most backers, follow up on the new backer effect, etc

    4. Missing_thumb
      Adam Selby 1 day ago 

      Some of your links are broken. Double Fine has a mis-closed HTML tag and the link to New York Gets a Book.

    5. 2012-02-23_141909.thumb
      Daniel Schmidt 1 day ago 

      I think they will raise just shy of $6 million. I am most interested to see if they can handle this many orders, considering their original goal was only like 1,000 watches or something and they are now at almost 50,000 watches or more.

      I also think that how things are handled once this project receives funding is going to be very important for the Kickstarter platform. If there are some major delays in fulfilling orders or if the product is not quite as good as everyone was thinking (or the video made it out to be), it will really damage the ability for future products to succeed so spectacularly.

    6. Fb_profile_picture.thumb
      Arawyn Walays 1 day ago 

      How about a "Mingle" app? this is where two or more Pebble wearers can exchange eBusiness cards and other data by just selecting a Mingle app together. Great for meetings, convention and trade shows.

    7. 389859_671423460500_65902152_33606491_1225168747_n.thumb
      Edward Williams 1 day ago 

      Kickstarter is going to be a saving grace for a lot of up and coming creative projects. Why bother with a loan and interest rates when something like this is available? Truly remarkable.

    8. Missing_thumb
      Fred Orispaa 1 day ago 

      I wonder when we'll see the first kickstarter scams. As it grows, this will inevitably happen sooner or later. Many backers are expecting it to work like a pre-order, but it's more an honor system without any legal commitment. Pebble for example could just take their millions and retire to the Bahamas saying "sorry it didn't work out, insert excuse here" and there'd basically be nothing anyone can do about it.

    9. Fb_profile_picture.thumb
      Daniel Bestmann 1 day ago 

      Fred- undoubtedly it has already been done... Juicies iPhone canles and the iPad stand that looks like a floor lamp for starters and I believe there was a iPhone case as well that raised a lot and resulted in no end product

    10. Fb_profile_picture.thumb
      Daniel Bestmann 1 day ago 

      Cables rather

    11. Img_1261.thumb
      DW Nelson 1 day ago 

      If Pebble is about 20% of the way through their project time window, and judging from this chart:

      they've raised about a third of their funding, so they should end up at about $13.5M

    12. Missing_thumb
      Valerie Sloane 1 day ago 

      It's very cool Pebble has been able to raise so much cash through Kickstarter. 
      On the other hand, I find it depressing that people are so excited about a watch when we can't even appropriately fund our public schools...

    13. Missing_thumb
      Wasim Talim 1 day ago 


    14. Profile-300x300.thumb
      Collin Ferry 1 day ago 

      Regarding Fred and Daniel's comment - is there some some way Kickstarter could enforce a "soft" legal commitment? It would be nice if projects had to demonstrate "reasonable effort and expenditure" to realize the idea or otherwise be required to refund remaining funds to the backers.

      Yes people could still lose money but Kickstarter is reaching the point where the "off to the Bahamas" result should be avoidable.

    15. Fb_profile_picture.thumb
      Kelsey Lakia about 23 hours ago 

      @ Collin Ferry... I had this same discussion with my family the other day before I backed the project today. I've been looking at this project for days trying to make up my mind. In the end I put the faith there because of their accountability with their clients, community presence, and previous model. I do agree though. I'm not sure what protection there is for backers. How a company manages their funds is part of the risk of this investment in preorders... Thoughts? I think this project has the potential to be virally funded. My guess is over or around 50 million. If you think about their current growth rate.

    16. Missing_thumb
      Peter Cohen about 22 hours ago 

      I'd like to second Marc's call for more stats and data posts. In fact I'd be interested in an improved selection in the various enquiry pages. I am one of the people who work on the Wikipedia page about Kickstarter. It is reasonably easy to maintain a list of the top ten projects in terms of pledges and those that will join the list in future. However, there is no easy way of identifying the top ten number of backers and the top ten % attained. Also the money is amount pledged rather than money paid (though the latter would be hard to maintain a list of destined top ten projects for).

    17. Altself.thumb
      George Del Barrio about 21 hours ago 

      It's such a beautiful thing you've built, Yancey... Very glad to know you, and definitely look forward to what the future holds!

      (Good times, no?)


    18. B_1229_s.thumb
      Adam Clark about 20 hours ago 

      Marc > I'm not sure what you mean by "it broke kicktraq which says it will trend up to $23,608,673". I've written extensively here ( about why the current trending model is not a projection, and should absolutely not be trusted as a guess about what the final funding level should be until well-into the campaign. Right now it's simply a linear trend, but I'm working hard on an actual projection model.

      I agree with you, it's not likely to meet that, but if you check down into the pledges by day and the backers by day, they had a little dip a couple days ago, but they're right back up to maintaining that average they started with after the first 3 days ( If they continue to maintain that level of funding, you may be quite surprised how high they just might go.

    19. Me103.thumb
      Komic-t Concepts about 20 hours ago 

      I am not surprised one bit. I was in a barbershop in Memphis TN; while reading the Jan 2011 issue of Entrepreneur magazine I came across the "Money for the masses" article where Kickstarter and several other crowdfunding sites where mentioned. I asked the barber for a pen to write down the information and he said just take the magazine. I went to check out all of the sites mentioned but Kickstarter was the best choice for me. Long story short, I began designing my site immediately. And, I beleive that the Pebble will exceed $16 million because as the days go by and the number get bigger there will be more interest. With more interest comes more publicity and more coverage by outside sources and more backers. 
      MAN I LOVE THIS SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      GO PEBBLE!

    20. Backpiece6.thumb
      E. Houde about 20 hours ago 

      The increase over the past 2 days also coincides with the media hype. They were featured on the BBC's website yesterday and had several write-ups over the course of the day. My guess that will continue as the media continues to pick up the story and then drop down a bit, with probably an increase right in the last week again.

    21. Img_1261.thumb
      DW Nelson about 18 hours ago 

      @Valerie governmental funding is on a slightly different scale, unfortunately, and so education falls prey to that fact. 
      For example, the U.S. Federal Government spent the entire 'Pebble' current funding amount ($4.75M) in about the time it took me to write this (about 40 seconds - i timed it :)

      Congrats to the Pebble team tho, and to KS for offering the enabling platform!

    22. Portrait.thumb
      Bob Waltenspiel about 18 hours ago 

      What are you going to do with your Pebble? I want a display for my iPhone GPS app that shows everything my bike computer and my GPS device shows.

      There's some discussion started on the Pebble Forum


    23. Missing_thumb
      Alec Chalmers about 17 hours ago 

      You forgot wasteland 2, another computer game kickstarter funded project that reached almost 3 million dollars! Ended a few days ago.

    24. Profile pic age 50.thumb
      Tony Cleaver about 17 hours ago 

      I just counted about 10 sales/pledges every 60 seconds- so the final tally is going to be huge.

    25. Profile pic age 50.thumb
      Tony Cleaver about 17 hours ago 

      Right-on, Pebble- Get down wit cho bad self! (and congratulations to the inspired young team of developers).

    26. Fb_profile_picture.thumb
      Ryan Levenson about 16 hours ago 


    27. Rj and jon angels photo 2007.thumb
      Jon "Driven" Singer about 11 hours ago 

      Should easily top $10 mill. Congrats Pebble and Kickstarter.

      Love this web site and how you are bringing funding freedom to the masses! Having so much fun with it.

      Thank you!

      Jon "Driven" Singer

    28. Fb_profile_picture.thumb
      Roger James Hamilton about 4 hours ago 

      To go over $10,000,000 from a goal of $100,000 is a pretty awesome multiple... But at $5m+ its already halfway there, so I'm going for $10m. Poor Sony's big news about their SmartWatch this week has been lost under a Pebble...

    29. 1107412-big.thumb
      Alok Choudhary about 3 hours ago 

      still so many days are remaining. it will more than $20M

    30. Dsc_0066.thumb
      Joseph Lee about 1 hour ago 

      "Poor Sony's big news about their SmartWatch this week has been lost under a Pebble..." Ha! Nice.

    31. Missing_thumb
      Marc Holmes about 1 hour ago 

      @Adam Clark 
      Sorry if you took it in the wrong way I've read you post about the "trending" before, but its not like you removed it so it funny when it say such large numbers (not the first project which it has given silly numbers for) any way keep up the work, love the kicktraq website. Anyway based on past projects the amount pledged daily falls off after each update boosts it up, I dont know about outside effects as they are hard to predict as i dont know what effect they have had on past project. Lets hop that we are both wrong and they make as much head of way to $1billon as they can!

    32. Fb_profile_picture.thumb
      Mark Bakalor 30 minutes ago 

      Pebble will EASILY cross the $10 million mark. They're still averaging over $500 / minute and at that rate they're on track to reach 150,000 backers, selling 186,000 watches for about $22 million.


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