Recently an interesting thing happened...

I was visiting the Hermitage for the first time and was in awe of what I experienced. We stayed there overnight after talking to our gracious hosts to the early hours of the morning.. In the morning when I awoke and I felt the first feeling of the day in my very comfy bed at the Hermitage and one word is all I could feel - ABUNDANCE. This place is alive with PURE ABUNDANCE.

For the first time in my life I felt abundance co-created by humans and nature. I often experience pure abundance in pristine wilderness especially in the nearby forests which are brimming with life. But this was truly the first time I had experienced in real life a human made co-creation brimming full of abundance. I am still integrating this experience as I have only dreamed of such a place.

What was only an overnight stay felt like at least a week as we took it all in.. and I felt I was in a living fairy tale of grand space and noble people that I only have imagined a day before.. (more on this later... see the kins domain group..)

Meanwhile, the very same morning Carl (my love) who was in a different place altogether was given a tiny little book - the Abundance Book.

When I returned home - we read this little book together and all of what Anastasia shares about the Ancient secrets of the power of the image were sumarised here in just a few pages with great power and intention behind it.
Carl, who has not yet read the Ringing Cedars books - here manifested himself his own version of the same message. And from this little book I shall share some simple wisdoms..

As I know this issue of abundance is common to many, especially in creating Kins Domains here I create a space to reclaim the Ancient Right of Pure Abundance for All.

Please share your own stories and revelations to inspire and confirm the natural law of Abundance.

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A PRAYER AND MEDITATION FOR ALL - Contemplate upon this if you will.

"The Ancients taught that to understand one's self was to understand God, and through the process of meditation, one could release the divine energy within and transmute discord into harmony, ignorance into wisdom, fear into love and lack into abundance.

The initiate was trained to conceive the highest and noblest ideas as the vision for manifestation, and then to identify the symbols of the vision with the Master Spirit within - the source of all.

Regardless of the level of instruction, one particular teaching remained constant throughout the initiation process: Mind and emotions embodying love, gentleness, and peace eliminated limitation - that such a consciousness of harmlessness freed an individual from the bonds and restrictions of the race thought. "

Excerpt from Tracing the Principle of All-Sufficiency
The Book of Abundance - John Randolph Price

These are powerful yet simple words.
Dwelling thoughtfully upon these words in quiet meditation and conceiving the highest and noblest visions of your own, for your Space of Love, for all your Kin, whilst knowing full well that the source of all Creation is your greatest alliance in manifesting your vision, you are thus placing yourself back in the realms of Co-creation and releasing the divine power within that is the truth of who you are.

This is my prayer for all.


Abundance was revealed to me over the last two years working in a small vineyard. The energy released from bare sticks in the earth to heavily hung vines as the season progressed was a powerful, irresistabe surge. In a way we had to harness this energy to our own purposes. In another way we were helping and working with this intense, potentially overwhelming release. Working day to day in awareness of this force has been humbling and uplifting. Even now, as the leaves yellow and drop, lying in damp clumps along the rows there is a feeling of nurturing, nourishing and restoration. And some trepidation that in the spring the buds will burst again and blossom and yield, and yield, and yield.

Beautiful! our natural heritage.. We need to learn to work within this realm again.. it is oh so natural....
Yes to Abundance.
In this movement of ours, going back to Nature and simplifying etc..... when I speak to non RC readers, I am constantly asked the question by those who have no clue....'but will we have electricity'? and, 'appliances?'...and my personal favorite...."I don't want to live in a cave!".....when I hear that one, I go blank.....have no clue what to say.
I don't want to live in a cave though that can be cozy too....however, when that comes up, people are thinking of the false history we've been handed about neanderthals etc. and its primitive lack, and survival mentality, walking a day for firewood etc. I'll have none of that, thank you.......foraging when you can garden. This quality of life is simply one of consciousness.....survival will have one foraging, living with lack and constantly looking for food and ways to protect their possessions. Abundance consciousness knows how to garden, and build and craft sustainably ensuring lifelong supplies and regeneration, and this always is enough to share. This higher quality is revealed in the beauty of their creations.....God is abundant in its beauty.

Abundance...yes!....I want to live like the Hermitage people do. I 'see' in my minds eye lushness like those pics there is less harm to Nature in doing what they do than what 'we' are doing....being purchasers/supporters of industrialists. At least they are growing their own trees to make their own furnishings which lasts for years in beauty. They are several steps above and beyond conventional living and seem a great transition example to green living in abundance.

Natural shouldn't be associated with lack, or sparse, or dull and boring.

I want all the comforts when I make my transition. The quality of life must be high. When I am completely self sustained by the land, in both material things and non material, and developing Self, then I can eventually weed out unnecessary things....for ex;...telephones, when I become telepathic......washing machines and computers when I perfect the use of the Ray. And other things in time. Eventually with our Ray we can disimparticulate matter, as in the furniture or machinery we will eventually no longer time. Maybe I won't need clothes....but I suspect in this lifetime I still will. Maybe our next generations won't need them, but Vladimir has described Anastasia as wearing a 'grey flaxen' dress at even she wears clothes, and the Grandfathers wear clothes. I'd love to make all my clothes, weaving, sewing, natural dying etc.....a craft of great comfort, beauty and grace.

The Hermitage is a great example of how to begin to transition from 'dependents' to 'independents' but in great natural abundance.... eventually we can let go of those things that will bring us closer to how Anastasia is living.
But Nature is abundant and it is Natural for all to have all needs and pristine desires met.


On expansion, abundance and shock.

Every seed has the potential for expansion

Where ever one puts one's presence, their intent, is where expansion takes place - Abundance


In bare land there may be no fear.

Bare land in one's face is the shock point of 'a ringing cedars journeyest'.

One needs to gather courage and step beyond this point to allow for further expansion - abundance

Peace and love
Chris - I love what you write.. it resonates with me deeply. and is very calming..

Bare land. yes that is my dream. The place where there is no fear.
Where I can expand and be as big as I am. We are.

I have done much with what I have, where I am, all my life... and done the best for people and planet that I can with what I have.. (see Jo's blog)

I am ready for the place where no fear exists. Where the abundance of me and my kin can take material form on the Earthly plane.

In abundance and expansion.
Courage to you my friend

Thanks Kali,

I am glad you love it. I love writing what I do too. I often think deeply about what I write (this may explain the deep resonance you feel), and reflect on several aspects of my life's experiences, and by writing and putting it out there helps with my own clarity too. (I am sure this is true for others too)
It takes courage to write and put it out there eh! But by doing so helps us to expand and abound.

With this writing it was actually, exactly a bit of a revelation I had yesterday and then finished off early this morning while still in bed. I had sort of mistaken (hung up about) abundance before in terms of money.

Yes, we have an amazing opportunity now, on bare land - together, and beyond limitations, to conjointly create beautiful abundance.






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