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This is a place where the strings of the heart manifest themselves through sounds we call words. Let us share our heart felt inspirations in poetic form, creating feelings and images that inspires one to Joy, Love, Co-creation, and Beauty.

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The original bards were from the Iron Age. Poets-mystics who kept the lore and history of their tribes, held high status and fulfilled an important cultural role.

They were closely akin to the Druids and many believe that when occupying Romans destroyed, or drove the Druids underground, their knowledge and rites were passed on to the Bardic Order

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Goddeses born of all lifes array!

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Comment by robert bucher on April 23, 2018 at 4:28pm

Years of poetry were consumed when my house burned in the recent Northern California fires. I took the Ringing Cedars books with me, my character, and my dreams. Seems like a good time to attempt to write poetry again. 

Comment by Susannah Usova on June 25, 2013 at 2:06pm

Infinte Love

transforms and trascends all

it is God

who speaks like this


it is our hearts and souls

that now attuned

to the frequency of Highest Good

in the face of your child

in their eyes

taking in and observing

them shining their light outwards

with the look of love

we co create our world and earth

majesty and magnificence

earth speaks to us if we take the time to listen

and with intutuition guide us home

home to russia

yes we are coming home


Comment by cosy topas on March 17, 2013 at 2:05pm

morning song


wake up to the dawning

and say yourself a morning prayer

true love it is calling

the time is now the place is here

wake up to the sunlight

and place a kiss upon the air

wake up to the daylight

and say yourself a morning prayer

Comment by Jannette on December 1, 2012 at 12:19pm


I lived my life

thinking I was alive

slaving over a reality

that was not worth the strive

then death overcame me

darkness of ignorance

linked by chains

of an ego trance

I moved along

sleepwalking in dreams

afraid of the message

disturbed by the screams

nothing would suffice

the inner craving

certain of a fate

that only time is saving

waking up ...

from the fallacy

that was placed on me

since before infancy

is not hard to see

rejected by the majority

later adored by popularity

a loner in society

a being of sobriety

as I die

I realize

I fly

above the sky

in a bright light

I took flight

beyond insight

I saw worlds upon the night

how could this compare

as I stared

all the tears I shared



Comment by Fiona on August 20, 2011 at 11:52am

Greetings to all :) I am a new member and would like to share with you a poem that I felt inspired to write this evening:




As a dream materializes

in the spectrum of Hope,

Life transfigures

before one’s wandering eyes;

the sky breathes new meaning,

with clarity unclouded,

the sun reflects euphoria

as Love is recollected,

the rivers surge with grace,

swiftly flowing to the Source,

and the Earth renews

forgotten strength

with harmonious vitality;

the Truth afresh is manifest

in each scintilla perceived:

no longer darkly camouflaged

by falsity, it gleams;

Behold the Light

of liberation,

as worldly fears retreat,

as one Vision fills

the hearts of all

and elucidates Reality;

in time, with faith,

the pure Soul of Humanity

will find rejuvenation,

for Destiny arises

from a resonating Dream.


Comment by Cordsen on August 14, 2011 at 2:29am

Floating full moon moth lights

unshod feet running through the night

through pools of light and bars of dark

the mountain breeze singing to my heart

wild raspberry on purple tongue

I played with the moon on last nights run

Comment by Liubomila on August 7, 2011 at 8:03am

God’s Song


Last night God sang me to sleep,

His voice chirping in evening’s crickets,

I dreamed of the Perfection in His creations,

And awoke to dawn’s song in the thicket.


His radiant smile was evident in my Luna Hibiscus,

Lavender Aster assured me His Peace,

I felt His morning yawn in the stillness of the air,

Showing me the way in the flight of geese.


“Father!  I can see you everywhere!” I exclaimed,

As blades of grass still wet with dew,

Tickled my half asleep and groggy feet,

He blushing as I blew a kiss at morning’s hue.


Approaching a maple tree to gather its seeds,

I jumped once and twice, its bounty far from my reach,

Looking around to find myself height,

Found nothing and thought my goal seemed in breach.


Just then God’s arms came swooping down in a breeze,

Bending a plentiful seed-filled branch within my grasp,

Plucking seeds, smiling ear to ear, heart in Joy,

“Father, You truly are Present everywhere!” I did gasp.


My maple tree friend stood tall and proud,

She knew her offspring would adorn my Love-filled Space,

A family tree it would become delighting my children,

As God’s song and grace abounds in this heavenly place.



Comment by Elice Webster on July 30, 2011 at 7:51am

                    Ode to Billa's new blog

             Unlocking our magical powers.

                    Seeds of Love

One at a time,

like snowdrops gently flowing,

landing on Mother Earth.

We in our pristine Glory,

having had the privilege of purification,

are allowed yet once again to come to mother Earth.

She embrace us and melts us,

and we seeds of love

join in giving life

and making everything green,

for yet another season.

We are all her children

and she delights in us all.

We are pulled by the warmth of the Sun

on our upward journey,

out of the muck and mire.

What cloud do we join this time?

Where do we land this time?

The circle of life goes on and on.

When we finally stay awake

during the whole cycle,

when we finally remember,

that we are but Love itself,

perhaps then we will graduate

and fall as seed of love into the hearts of those,

who tend the earth and each other.


           Thank you dear Billa!

You fill our hearts are filled with Love.


Comment by Liubomila on July 27, 2011 at 12:32am

A Good Day

“Good day, Day!” I say,

As the morning breeze sings in the trees,

I breathe in deep Nature’s exhale,

As She sings in a cat’s meow and the humming bees.


The light of the sun is vastly approaching,

Little red plums, not quite ripe, tease me,

“Will I be more vigilant than the squirrel this time?”

Who knows of this fruit and its sweet treat?


The clouds form preparing for rain’s visit,

The skies have heeded the landscape’s calling.

It is a good day for the birds, a bath is imminent,

My tomatoes look forward to water from on high falling.


The children still asleep float on clouds of dreams,

And I too dream of that place soon to be,

Where flowering dogwoods adorn my Space,

A pink rosebush its centerpiece I can see.


In the near future all live and share as a delicious fragrance,

Emanates from Earth as all life waxes in harmonious balance.


It is a Good day…



Comment by Sifara on July 7, 2011 at 9:54am
Thanks Joseph - I'm pondering your poem, thanks.

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