Tools and Technology

Tools & Technology
Reuse & creative recycling 
Decentralised and context specific reuse of materials through craft, rather than centralised industrial processes.

Hand tools
Recovery and maintenance of traditional tools and skills.

Bicycles & electric bikes 
Human powered and assisted transport that improves the efficiency of the human body.

Efficient & low pollution wood stoves 
Rocket and other stove designs using simple materials and local construction.

Fuels from organic wastes
Bio-diesel, methanol, biogas and wood gas for local cooking, electricity and transport.

Wood gasification
Efficient and carbon neutral fuel for local electric power and vehicle transport.

Bio-char from forest wastes
Charcoal soil improver and carbon capture. 

Use of fuel to generate electricity and provide heat for on-site use.

Micro-hydro & small scale wind 
Simple renewable technologies for remote and local grid power.

Grid-tied renewable power generation
Use of the electric grid as a “battery” for localised power generation. 

Energy storage
Heat banks, pumped storage (water), compressed air, and other simple temporary stores of energy.

Transition engineering
Re-localisation of the maintenance, retrofit and redesign of infrastructure and technology.

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There’s One Huge Problem right there in Google And Facebook’s backyard.

Is our technology serving us?? IS science serving us? 
It can. Earth Guardians and participants in the information age we need to remain conscious and vigilant about how technology is used in our daily life and especially how it is being put to Good use to solve issues, not exacerbate them further.   

This is a group for sharing GOOD technology that can serve the regeneration of our Earth. 
Here is a wake up call video...

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Comment by Billa on April 28, 2013 at 5:35am

Thanks Maleny!  you raise a beautiful and succinct point. 

In the Autistic movement it is considered the children ARE the technology And that what is required of us is to create environments and relationships that are of a higher enough frequency to nurture the souls purpose of a child so that his high frequency technologies or " gifts " may be embodied and expressed. 

This is so in alignment with the concept of Space of Love in the Ringing Cedars books and the regenerative movement in the world over all. 

Heres a link to a  presentation of the fundamentals of our Earthly metaphysics and the need for addressing and repairing our Earth infrastructure......  and,  why permaculture applied can re-align and address the basics.  We have a lot of work to do!  

Then we have the issue or learning to relate to high frequency children and their gifts and "new" technologies which I feel is being articulated by the advanced autism movement :


"Children diagnosed with autism and other energetic sensitivities experience difficulty being present here for three primary reasons:

  1. They are attempting to embody an energy that has never been available within the human condition and they truly do not understand the process.
  2. The frequency they require in order to fully embody is no-less than the frequency of LOVE.
  3. The current state of our collective consciousness is still ruled by the lower three chakras and includes fear, separation from Self, and limitation. This is unacceptable to who they are!"

Comment by Billa on April 28, 2013 at 5:15am


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