Since 1994 Judy Beebe has been deciphering the Hydrogen code 
She discovered that cold fusion takes place in our bodies as a gentle fusion between hydrogen and oxygen, which in turn maintains our heart rhythm
Judy knows this formula;
Harmonic amounts of each gas ~ oxygen & hydrogen, and the appropriate amount of water are mixed and is the key to a harmonic power source 

Crop circles and water

The hydrogen cypher

"The Gem energy had a golden glow and seemed gentle, and yet powerful,,,,,"
"We must take back our dominion....."
"Harmony will prevail"
"The speed of Hydrogen"

Rather than a fuel cell, this is an energy cell

Judy is looking for our support, so that we can all expand with
this energy potential 

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I am perusing her site and I find it amazing. She is talking about *infinite free energy* and her book about it is for FREE.....
"The only secret", she says, "to obtaining this energy, is the understanding of HARMONY as delivered through water, and its matrix, and which has been waiting for millennia to be discovered".

Imagine, Water waiting millenia for Harmony to arrive, to speak its secrets to.

This is very interesting. I think this is revealing what Anastasia calls, ''woman's appointed purpose''.
I wonder if the plants are waiting for Love to come along to speak their secrets?
Maybe the oceans are waiting for compassion to speak their secrets?


In the Dan Brown, The Lost Symbol, there are
three things which I believe are vital to report to

The first is his Einstein quote which fits not only
this website, but the www.omegacellenergy.com
website completely. You know the answer now.

"That which is impenetrable to us
really exists. Behind the secrets of
nature remains something subtle,
intangible, and inexplicable.
Veneration for this force beyond
anything that we can comprehend is
my religion."

The second thing which is remarkable and fitting
is the statement in the book ~ "Blood is all that
separates the light from the dark."

The truth of this statement is in the visual below.

Blood represents the OXYGEN portion of this
mystical pyramid. When the HYDROGEN is raised
in the body and on the planet, the SPIRIT can
descend and all is made known.

Blood keeps the body oxygenated with that
which is of the earth.

Spirit keeps the soul hydrogenated in order to
awaken man from his deep sleep.

The only substance on this planet that carries
both and gives us the opportunity to spread the
SPIRIT is, what else, WATER.

So, it is through water and water only that
mankind can come into his true purpose on this
planet and in the cosmos. Not understanding
this keeps us separated from our LIGHT.

The biblical quote in this visual, literally points
the way to what it is that will get us there -
I am passing this on from Judy Beebe.
We can help Judy bring in a new harmonious energy for all of us, just by clicking our votes for 'The Hydrogen Cypher' http://www.nexttopauthor.com/profile.cfm?aid=550


Judy Beebe ~ Thank you all for being a part of this MOMENT in history, where we raise our voices and hearts to a new future.

This is not about my being an author - quite honestly I could care less ~ this is about getting this information to the masses and all the commotion and publicity that goes with it. Again, not for me, but for all of us.

When science gets challenged in a way that is in their face, they will have to come forward and give this serious attention.

We can do this. Just like the musketeers. One for all and all for one.

We will meet on the other side of a better world, balanced, harmonious, and safe.

Judy Beebe ~ Here is the direct link to VOTE.

You will be asked to register as a voter, they will confirm your e-mail address, and then you will vote.

Remember that this is OUR MOMENT and OUR TIME to make a difference.

The Next Top Spiritual Author Competition
Our voting system tracks votes by registered voters of legal age with confirmed email addresses. This supports a fair competition of votes per confirmed email addresses. Registration also allows you an easy voting process by simply clicking a vote button after you have registered and logged in.

JUDY BEEBE'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL http://www.youtube.com/user/GEMTechnologies#p/a/u/2/2nTJ_4xMClo

From: GEMTechnologies

"Every person on this planet is a cold fusion example"..........it is heartbeat energy, to infinity !

Water contains a universal matrix that will bond hydrogen and oxygen together, when they are in harmony, and becomes the starter mechanism that will create the cold fusion reaction. The zero point energy that is generated will run ad infinitum and will never need anything else added to keep on producing safe, clean, and balanced energy. This technology provides a powerful global warming solution for humanity and the planet.

Thanks Serena, a very interesting site. I've written July suggesting that- since she wants to help all people and money isn't the object- that she get the technology out to as many people as possible as fast as possible. The government has NO intention of letting this sort of technology get out there where it can be used by many. Over the years many have created similar technology, tried to make it available to all but were bought out or died of mysterious causes. In fact, the gov and those behind them (corps, global elite etc.) do whatever it takes to keep this technology from becoming available for each of us! IF the solar storms do manifest during the next few years (bases on predictable cycles) and are as strong as espected, Judy's technology and others like it that do not depend on the grid, will save us from what is likely to be a very chaotic and/or destructive period. The solar storm of 1859 which wiped out the telegraph doesn't come close to what one like it would do now. There would be no electricity, no communications etc. for many months. You can well imagine the results. We would all be well advised to become self sufficient as soon as possible.
Yes, I agree S. ShaNoan.
Thanks to Chris Cole for bringing Judy to our attention, I'm just trying to make it louder LOL

And I know this technology should be free for all and how ''people'' disappear with all their inventions, beginning with Tesla, Reicht and others......this is why the people should be all aware and supportive of her and when something is this public, a person's disappearance is likely to cause more anger from all those who were aligned with her makes it more difficult for those dark ops guys to be so obvious. The people who have important information know that the best place to protect themselves is in the very public eye with many supporters behind them.......to be vocal about everything....so when everyone knows the same thing, there is no longer just a simple single person to kill.

Everything has an Achilles heel.......many dark minions, and one small person in the right place at the right time, can bring it all down.

It takes people who become supportive and ACTIVE and Aligned, that become a single power to be reckoned with, and this is the only thing to create what we want for all......is to act collectively as ONE voice.
I quite agree! I sent my letter and her reply to most everyone I know hoping that someone will have an idea from the clues she leaves about how to do this, someone who is willing to share it with the world! NOW!
Very interesting ... did you get a reply from Judy? I agree with you 100% .. now is the time to get it right and make this available to all.
Hi Benjamin, this is the reply I got from Judy....


What a heartwarming e-mail. It sounds like I may have touched your heart.

We are running out of time.

The amounts of energy produced on the website are minimal compared to what is in there.
The probes used were liquid probes, so they only measured the amount of energy in the
water at the bottom of the flask. The real power is in the vapors, or the new substance
which is created after the injection. If we would have had a gas probe, along with the liquid
probe, the energy would have been more staggering than it already was. Also, the test only
measured up to 1/100 of a second. If we had a system which could measure up to 1/1000 of
a second, the pulses would have been more frequent.

There is so much more which isn't on the website.

We worked in the beginning with Dr. Michael McKubre, but he let his ego overpower his first
instinct which was to tell me he totally believed me and what I had discovered. Yet, he failed
to ever test.

This same thing happened with Dr. Hap Puthoff. He also promised the moon, and then failed
to test.

The company whose attention we attracted was General Dynamics. They were the ones that asked
the company to test our battery experiment. They couldn't believe that we got power in a wet-cell 9-volt
motorcycle battery without the electrolyte or flooding the cells.

Anyway, it was nice to touch with someone who was intrigued. I know that someday that special
spiritual person will walk in the door and bring this to the people. A person whose motives are pure
and who is not in it for the power or greed. This is a tall order.

If I could trust Dr. Greer, I might be inclined, but I did not have such good success with him either. He
seems to be a little self-serving in my opinion.

We are probably, at this point, about 90 days away from a simple first prototype. The delivery system is
simple and easy to construct. The energy must be titrated exactly, and that is the hardest part. Once titrated
correctly, the power does not decay. It goes on and on.

Thank you so much for writing,

From Judy BeebeApril 8, 2010 at 9:21am
Subject: YOU DID IT ~ We made the TOP 100!
Wow, you did it.....

They just posted the top 100 or so vote getters. WE are in there.

This is OUR MOMENT, a moment on this planet when the OMEGA TRUTH can go sliding into place.

Keep encouraging people to vote.

If we get a book contract out of this, any monies will go towards building a prototype for demonstration purposes. Then the energy will accelerate and the doors will open.

A NEW DAY FOR PLANET EARTH, a clean and safe day, a time for all life to celebrate.

We have a tremendous amount of energy moving now. I have been contacted by several people who want to help develop this energy. We are moving and making changes together.

Thank you so much for being a part of this miraculous time on our planet.
If engineering power is needed you might contact John Mellon:


He is a person with a golden heart and broad knowledge of physics and other fields of sience......
Thanks Adrachin, it's good to know!






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