Grandmothers and Grandfathers of all cultures  are so important in the lives of Kin. Their kind, loving, wise words nurture and caress our souls with patience and virtue like Mother Earth herself... wisdom keepers of the world carry the ancient lore of the first world. 

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Honoured as a “Living Treasure” by her tribe, the Confederated Tribes of Siletz, and as a “Living Cultural Legend” by the Oregon Council of the Arts, Grandmother Agnes Baker-Pilgrim (or “Grandma Aggie” as she is affectionately known) is an Ambassador for Mother Earth who has touched the lives of people from many lands, helping us remember sacred ways of living that we came here to share as people of the Earth.

The following is an excerpt from a recent sharing Grandma Aggie had with the UPLIFT team:

My name is Taowhywee. I am a spiritual elder of my tribe. I’m the oldest living female left of the Rogue River Indians who lived in Southern Oregon for over 20,000 years. I’m very proud of my tribal people because we were terminated for 39 years. It was a scary place not knowing. Not belonging to a tribe… But then we were restored and it has been such a beautiful time. Every November 18 we come together for restoration pow wow to be proud of who we are as a people.

A long time ago I was woken up in the dreamtime and a voice said,


And I thought, “Oh my God. What does that mean?” And it would come again. And it would come again. It took a long time for me to understand what it meant to be a voice for the voiceless.

I was sitting one day out in nature and suddenly I thought,

“Ah… the air doesn’t have a voice. The water doesn’t have a voice. The animal kingdom doesn’t have a voice. The green of our Mother Earth doesn’t have a voice. The Grandfather Fire doesn’t have a voice… Who would be a voice for the voiceless?”

With that message, I began to tour the world, being a voice for the voiceless. Teaching people who pray to pray for all of these things that give us life: the water, the air, the green of our Mother Earth. To remind us that we were all water babies.

The voice said, “You were born in water and even before you came out you followed a big ball of water. Water is your first medicine.”75% of our body is water. So we’ve got to wake up and cherish this water, starting with the H2O in our own body. Without it, we die. All life dies.


For many, many years I have served on tribal committees always fighting for cultural and traditional improvements. My children and I are all traditional First Nation natives and we “walk our talk”. I asked my Creator to let me live because my family needs me and I’ve got a lot to do. I said if you let me live I’ll keep busy the rest of my life. And I’m certainly doing that!

Here I am, nearly 90 years old, still being this voice for the voiceless. But it gets kind of scary because now we’ve got a hole in the o-zone layer. We’ve got smog in our cities. We’ve got pollution in our oceans and rivers and streams. What are we doing to this Earth that was given to us so freely? Why aren’t we all being a voice for the voiceless? Why aren’t we all reverent to this little spot that we take up every day on our Earth Mother? Are each of us doing that?

Be a voice. Join me, being that voice. Help us keep our planet together. Help us to stop pollution from going into our rivers and streams and oceans. The polar bear is slowly going away. Swims out to an ice ball looking for his food. Gets back on, goes to another one. Keeps going until he drowns. It’s a sad story. So be a voice.

The Bangal tiger is in danger. I get calls for the elephants. “Grandma pray for the elephants and the giraffes. Their food is disappearing”. I am called to pray for wolves, for salmon, and for the Ganges River in India. I went to Australia to pray for the Murray Darling River and its pollutions. I prayed for the Condors and now they are coming back after being gone for over 200 years from Oregon.

Be a voice. Be a voice. Help our planet. Help where you can. Teach our children. If we are going to turn this world around, it’s the little people who are going to do it. Teach the children in the schools. You are the wisdom keeper in your family. You have a story, every one of you. Teach the children.

I am very conscious of what’s happening on our globe. Weather patterns and monsoons and all these destructions because we’re not grateful. We don’t thank the water for our life force. I don’t think we do that, so I teach people to thank the water every day of your life. The river; the lake near your house; the glass of water you’re holding in your hand.

Each of us can do something for our planet. Whatever it is. Start simple just taking care of the garbage that leaves your house, the water when they clean your carpets. Where does that go? There are a lot of things we can watch out for.

We need not for one moment to limit ourselves about what we can do. We must give support and encouragement to each other and to whomever we meet on our path.

Love people unconditionally and add their voices and prayers to ours.


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Comment by Tracey Gendron on July 1, 2009 at 8:42am
Serena - thanks for posting - it's so affirming to see so many people uniting in energetically lifting the earth and her people up to health and balance. There are thousands of people out there doing this now - wonderful!
Comment by Lady of the Woods on July 1, 2009 at 8:22am

Grandmothers Message: "We Are Calling You"

When I asked the Grandmothers for a message to pass on to everyone, this is what they said:

"The world needs mothering now and we, the Grand Mothers, have come to do just that. We will hold the world in our embrace and bless and mend the tears within the Net of Light on your planet. We ask you to join with us in this work. You are needed and have a part to play in the great drama being acted out on your planet. We urge you to step forward and join us in this work. Each of you is needed now and we are calling you.

If you do not like the way your world is being run, if you grieve for those who suffer needlessly from the present imbalance of power on earth, then answer our call. We are sad to say that humankind in recent years has become neither human nor kind and now the energy on earth is so grossly out of balance that Yin and Yang are no longer sitting in harmony.

We, the Great Council of the Grandmothers, are calling you to work with us in order to return your planet to balance. We are calling women to step into the power of the great yin and we are calling men to support them as they do this. All life on earth will benefit from the work we will do together. Balance and harmony balance will begin to return to your planet if women but grab hold of their courage and take this step into power.

We have told you many times that for the world to return to balance, women must lead. It can be no other way. The earth must once be filled again with the energy of yin that is presently dangerously depleted. And to this end we have come to empower women and confirm men.

If you find that you resonate to our call, come forward and ask for our empowerment. It will gladly be given to you. Once you receive it, we request that you pass this gift on to your sisters and brothers-pass it to all who are ready to receive it. Now Is the time for the earth to return to balance and this is why we have come."

Sharon's note
: There is no charge for receiving the Grandmothers' Empowerment. If the Grandmothers' message speaks to you, go to to find a Grandmothers group near you that will gladly pass the empowerment on to you. If there is no group near you or if you want to start a Grandmothers' group in your area, contact us at

The time is now.

A Man Speaks on the Grandmothers

Jim Faris, a former Roman Catholic priest who has been active in the Grandmothers work, writes about his experience.

He says, "To study the Grandmothers is to study the self. Those who look to the Grandmothers will quickly discover that they are looking into their own hearts. They will discover that they are not simply examining the message that the Grandmothers are sharing with the world. They are looking at their own reactions and deeply into their beliefs."

Thank you, Jim.

Comment by Billa on July 1, 2009 at 6:27am
Just start a discussion! just above here!
Comment by Billa on July 1, 2009 at 5:28am
Beautiful, I see the happiness in older folks who knew a more simple life of family and gardening.. Doesnt take a genius to work out why huh!!
Comment by Tracey Gendron on July 1, 2009 at 5:01am
Beautiful, Kali - wonderful connection - you are both lucky...preserving the wisdom, passing it on...connecting....lovely.

Although a completely different connection - I was reminded of a great-great-grandmother I met in a small village:

Here she is with a grand-daughter...

We ended up in a small village, inland, called Bella Union....Alfredo stops and talks to everyone (lucky me, since that's not my nature! Plus, with everyone speaking a foreign's like music and I pay attention to body language and catch a few words here and there...) so here we were talking to this great-great grandmother. She invited us in for beans and salsa and fresh tortillas...Alfredo took me out back and told me to make a tortilla - which I did, much to the hilarity of the two girls...they do it the same way everywhere around here - wood fire - soak their own corn, grind it, mix it, flatten it and put it on a special round pan on the fire...

Anyway - this woman looked SO happy...she had 82 children, grandchildren, great, great grandchildren - you get the picture. 82!! AY! Alfredo always asks a lot of questions - mainly - how do you survive out here in a village with no jobs? And the answer is ALWAYS - tengo mi propia....which I had to look up because I heard it so often, means I have my own thing. And one look around and, sure enough, she does have her own thing - her land (which looked like maybe 3/4 of a hectare) was planted with a variety of fruit trees, she had chickens and ducks and turkeys and, she indicated, that she also had some fields of beans and corn just at the end of the road. Most people in the small villages still live like this and they always look happy! I remember reading in a Canadian magazine that a questionairre was given to many members of many countries and that Mexicans were the second 'happiest people in the world' - ha! (Puerto Ricans were #1 happy)

Alfredo said to me the other day, though..."people here used to love their land but now they are lazy and they have signs up to sell their land and they are just waiting for some gringo to come and buy it" - and it's true - and terrible. Around these parts, where there is a boom - along this coast - that's what is happening. It's awful to see. But inland just a ways people are still taking care of their gardens and eating the food that they produce themselves.

In fact Alfredo's father was given his hectares by the local community - and that's what they still do throughout Mexico. Some 'communities' did all their giving up to about 30 years ago but there are many villages that are still giving away land to any local person who wants to work the land. (ooh this is getting long!)

The land that I bought, in fact, is community land and was given to the prior owner to do something with. Because he DID, in fact, do something with it he was allowed to sell it. But, his neighbour is not allowed to sell his because he hasn't done anything with it. Interesting eh?

Sooo I didn't have a spiritual connection with this old grandmother but she showed me that she had everything she needed and she was happy...

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