Tuesday, September 22, 2009
Veronika Holy Flight Sails Across the Seas and Washes Us With Snow

Sings Veronika Holy Flight Sails Across the Seas
(interpretation by White Buffalo Calf Woman)

Please sing your song! Have you ever heard the song of a craw (crow with sound, the hawking of ka, the voice of truth, to many doors with a view). Once I sat on my balcony (extending out to views) meditating (reflection of my heart), then a craw (grandmother's truthful space) came near, sitting (resting on the waves) on the branch (the laws of love that unites the leaves or relatives who are part of the sacred tree) of the maple (the root that delivers us the semen of life and thus we spiral on wings to deliver the sweetness it brings as it bellows to and fro) tree (belonging together as One family). Looking at me (peering into my soul). Singing in sounds (with the voice of angels), I never heard before (the symphony of loving arms, she sings to me, within the crowd). Go on. Come on (beckoning like billow clouds). Fly with me and then we flew together (the embrace of Grandmother space, she knows which door I do keep and gifts me all the doors to sea).

The next day she already sat there waiting for me (Awaiting patiently). I had to step into a fire (the purification that sets us free). First the cloths (the prayers that cover me and keeps me safe), then I myself (the soul does keep). And when I came out of this fire (reborn to wings of sail), I was an eagle flying (the holy fire that binds the earth to up above and down below, sewing the seams for all to grow) high above the earth (in the clouds where does the sun shine, to bring us the place for all to dine). Grateful for this wonderful abundant planet (that offers us the reflection of the truth, but what a story that grows and burps).

Relative "Veronika Holy Flight Sails Across the Seas", White buffalo calf woman sings to you,

"Spirits who sails across the seas" heavenly mission. The spirit sails across the seas of the blue of me and you, the heart that glows to and fro, brings the breath to you know, the hand of god, who brings us home, to breathe the sacred song. The Soul who presides to sail the winds, against the raging sins, to bring the heart of love to earth, and atonement for judgment day. Purify what is not right, for we can live inside the heart. Not above and not below, but on the seas, rocking to and fro, at the horizon of of shining lights, the heavens know the hearts that knows. Here the glow of rising suns, dives into the shallows of the moon. Reflection seems to be the way, to purification on judgment day.

"Holy flight" tools of light or earthly/native name. What makes us learn of love, the purification of the fire's glow, and when the heart longs to be in place, the flight of Angels they do say. Breathe and pout and my child, I know your heart, feel the deep and ocean's waves. Seek the tale that sets you free, and enjoy the hand of liberty. On the journey of freedom's reign, I come to hold your hand today! Ride the spirit and long to be in far off distant shores that lead, over the horizon to come again, back into the sacred shores our hearts do swim! Bring this wisdom back with me and may my flesh long to sea, to risen waves of eternity carry me forth for all to bee... (the impossible flight of heaven sent)

Colors of the rainbow speak the ways of white (grandfather light), yellow (takes the uncomfortable step), magenta (flight over the horizon of rainbow colors) and gray (grandmother space),

White: My heart longs to be with the wind. For only Grandfather can be so bold as you walk into the place of the flight, we are pure hearted and full of delight. Come my Grandfather you are pure light, we learn humbleness from all that is plight. But my heart reckons with all within the wind, when humbleness beside you teach all how to swim. My heart is delighted that you are with me, for it's the light that all must learn to be. And we are so lucky to have and to hold, the light of Grandfather who is so humble and bold. Keep your sails up and out for the wind. Because we need you to teach us to swim. And all the world needs light like you have, but we need learn how to offer your love.

There are days when others don't sea, because they don't have the heart of thee. And we can whisper to them in the wind, "come on home, we're learning to swim". Take hold my child and we can find waves, the kind we sail on, the kind that push us along the way. And when we trust the light from within, then all will be humble along with the wind. Just bless my Grandfather to know what to do! And we will be so lucky for you will offer clues, to all our relatives who have lost their way, and we need to know how much we love you, just when we are dismayed. And we need remember the heart of a breeze, the kind of white light that often saves the day. And we are the chosen the few who know you, for you are the southern exposure with a view.

The light of the harlot who needs to come in, the light of the beggar who doesn't know to swim, the light of a lost relative who needs you more this day, for you are the True Light that really knows the way. Help the children, my Grandfather today. Teach them love is here when we learn to pray. And when they don't know which way to turn, tell them get down on your knees and start to pray. "Pray my children, pray to know your way, Listen to rainbows and all will be safe. But no other navigation will lead you home this day, but trusting the heartbeat, who has brought us this way, the eternal knowing of souls that we keep. The souls of heartbreak that needs a place to sleep." And when the outstretched comes down to your heart, remember they need you to be more than stark. They need your pure love, that leads them home. They need the heartbeat that you alone possess. And when your grandchildren need more than you have, remember you are a relative, who need more family. Lean on family, then you will be safe. For you are a youth, when remembering. The child, like a baby who is fresh as the breeze, for you need trust your body, instead of your thoughts. Trust your body, because you are so young. This way you will know which way to all go. For youth is the judgment, the soul of eternity, and we are longing to be children all set in the breeze.

yellow: The day of dawning is coming home soon, however it's the yellow that leads the way. When brotherhood is coming home, it's the yellow of the dream, that takes the uncomfortable step to know the way. When all who are running towards the other way, it's the yellow family who lead the way. For dreams are written upon our hearts dream and the yellow knows which dream to hold. The dream of tomorrow, the dream of yesterday, the dream of salvation, the dreaming of day. And when we need dreams we could on Yellow, the seed of tomorrow that brings rolling hills.

Just hold on to the ethers and you will sea truth, the greatest delivery, the greatest of you. And inside of this heartbeat, the yellow does lead, for wisdom always shows us the way to a dream. To hold on to others help us to realize, when they throw hate at us, we need only law. For law of love will open doorways, into salvation with so many keys. Let them throw hate, then validate them. Show them that they have a right to feel. Then when your hearts are united in Oneness, then tell them truth of love, where they need forgive. Forgiveness is the avenue towards love this day, for only our relatives will know the dream ahead. And strength of the dream will lead us all home, when we push under the unsavory ways. These did not show love, nor hold others hearts, because they needed to offer the smart (sting). For this will teach them the way into the mire, the place where dreams arise inside all that is dark. Darkness is pureness when purified with prayer. this is our heaven, the palace of dreams. And we need our heaven, our souls we do trust, and when we can depend on self, then we can be trusted. For all is dreaming, the truth of the reflect, like the moonlight that offers us more. The reflection of time, that runs over rolling hills, here the waves of salvation comes to offer us more. Here the waves of salvation offers us dreams.

magenta: Inside the flowing the horizon does sea, the smells and sounds of relatives. They cross the bridge to other realms in order for them to be unfelt. But frankly it's you who need to bleed, the color red on your sleeve, and here you must be the great caretaker, who hears and feels all who come aboard. But yet you need to practice law, the law of love that says, "I embrace". Then you can offer your advice, because your intelligence has no advice. Whisper love to their hearts instead, then you will both get ahead. They need someone to feel their hearts, why do you think you feel so much. This is not you, but they who cross, do not claim what doesn't belong to you. Instead bless them who go along your bridge, and tell them they need to bring the past. When the past and future mix, then we have often a twix, the place we need to be right here, the place of magic that is so near. Receiving is what you must do, why do you think you get so much to view. Your home and places that are near of you, get accumulated with so much stuff. Yes, it's your job to give it all away, in order for you to receive another day. It's the flowing that goes to and fro, the rising and setting of the sun. So many colors to view at the horizon, who is that and who are you? This is the place you need to be the wise, the counselor who gifts us with the wise. Remember it's law that comes first to you, the place of wisdom with such a view. The lesson of love always visits your space, because you carry fire with light upon your Grace.

Gray: The day of dawning is coming home, to interweave with so much room. We are rocked in the cradle to see and view, to have and hold to know of you. Grandmother she is the Greatest teacher, for she is always willing to view, the many doorways or opportunity we need, when we believe in all she does. Thank you space for being part of us, the center of the universe, the place we gather in front of the leaves (relatives). What a wonder! What a place! Grandmother she is one with grace. Her wisdom teaches all of us, the depth of our souls, the depth of the seas. And when the horizon joins inside of me, I can be teachers who take care of thee. My child, don't you believe it's true, how magically you are with so many views. The dreams you open when you put the shades on, for all you do is a living mace (a ceremonial staff borne or displayed as the symbol of authority like the fire of purification when we pray at masse. A warrior who can penetrate with rainbow colors to over take any who don't know their way).

Grandmother you rule all of this land, the earth where we step to take up space. And I understand you to living death, where resurrection is the place of girth. We dive inside our dreams at night, to be dreams, to be with you. We can always depend on your love even if we don't really understand the nest. Can you Grandmother open any door. I think I am so wise because you gift me eyes to vision with my heart to know my demise, and you can open all for me to be, the heart of loving with so much disease.

Man is question is rainbow mother (vibrates the rainbow colors), he can match your true colors, because he is loving like a mother can be, but he will turn into others, when he is not with thee. He must learn to be law to children everywhere, instead he walks away from them, because they all stare. Teach him the law of love, then he will be free, and if anyone can do this, then it could be thee. For perfect light is within you, the heart of the lamb. And you can lead him home with your hands. (hands of God)

Now it's time to lend a hand to all relations upon the land. To deliver them rules to bring them home, in order that they may continue over rolling waves from sea to shore, where all our brothers who know more. And sisters who gift the laws of love, who stand the ground and rolling hills. Together we are the family who know, the way to eternal, the way of the show. The greatest illusion that Grandfather believes, because it's so special like all of the leaves (relatives on the tree of life).

your devoted white buffalo calf woman sings, to show you how great you can be, when you my Grandfather shows us the way, to being humble and learning to pray. thank you for your vision for us, now we understand all of the dust, for they do thirst for waves upon the heart, the bellows of freedom when we purify. Blessed it be my Grandfather, you of pure light. Your Grandchild holds you in my heart. And we the children upon rolling hills with a view, recognize Greatness, because you have you, the streaming lights that bring us the breathe, the will of creation to the rest of us. And now I bid you welcome into eternity, sow we can plant rainbows and we can feel the breeze. And don't forget the pot of gold waiting for you, the dream that leads us back home to the view. the sacred rainbow comes to hold our hands, to be ONE nations, the devoted Rainbow Clan.

Twin Deer Mother says, I am devoted to you!

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