Ringing Cedar Trees and Wisdom Keepers must share their gifts.

Here is a true story told by a wisdom keeper.......

It reflects the very same story regarding the "Ringing" Cedars in Siberia that begin to die when they don't share their stored cosmic energy within a certain time period.

 Its very important right now we cultivate cultural soil that empowers and encourages every persons gift to shine like blossoming flowers.  In West Africa this is called the gift giving of each persons unique soul purpose..

What's yours?  If you dont feel well in your life : ask your deep self, to the depth of your cells -

when did your soul stop singing its unique song, when did you stop dancing in your life? 

Our obligation to the LIFE we are given is to sing our greatest song, express our true nature. 

As I find my song again, I hope you too are finding yours.. Its a real thing that happens when we dont.. for all beings..  We are designed to shine..  :)   

Edited interview with Paula Underwood By Roger Breisch June 25, 1998. First published in Entre Nous: a publication of the Midwest Organizational Learning Network.


Roger: How did you come to learn the “ Old Ways?”

Paula: My Grandfather’s Grandmother was a healer in Kaskaskia on the Shenando River in what we now call Western Pennsylvania. She was seventeen and had just been given her first patient, an elderly gentleman. She did all the things you do to see what’s going on. There was not a thing in the world wrong with him . . . he was dying anyway.

She was a healer and a spirit healer – combination of priest and psychiatrist – so she decided she needed to hear what we call his “sorrow song.” He had taken a great trip to visit the Erie who were famous for their ways of strength and spirit . . . spent twenty years learning these gifts. He would bring them back to his own people and help them. Now he was the last keeper of these “old things.” He tried for decades to find somebody to learn from him, but everyone was so busy moving West to survive the onslaught of the pale ones . . . no one had time. This was why he was dying.

She thought, “I’ll learn some of these things from him. By the time I have learned very much, I will have found someone else.” She began learning and he got a little better. She learned more and he got a little better. She learned more and he got well! He lived for seven more years.

She never did find anyone to take her place. When he finally did shuffle off this mortal soil, she was the only one who knew these things. Her agreement with him was that she would make of her family a bridge of five generations so he could speak through us to the seventh generation hence. Do you know about the seventh generation hence?

more here :http://www.learningpeople.org/historical_interold.html

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