my maternal grandmother was very young when i was born
we had lots of fun together
and she showed us how to find the wonderful mushrooms and where to look for
how to get berries and which
how to do cookies and she played this part for my kids, too (i do not like to make them...sorry)

as her sister was not married
she lived with us, too
so we had two grandmothers
who showed us to knit - to sew - to garden - and reading telling stories

my paternal grandmother - i have not so good memories
she always wanted my father for her own pleasure
i know since long she could do or be no other ways when she lived her live

what i learned by her
i got when she already was gone

i asked her how to bring all the pearls on my quilts
as she was a fine artist in this
and she told me and showed me :

what are grandmothers for?

i still have no idea

to be the bridge between future and past
to open spaces to the universe - this do parents, too
one thing i learned from my being a mother - as i never had this -
i want to give the now parents free/spare time for being with themselves
without their kids
but knowing that their kids also have lots of fun and love while they are with their granny...
to sing
to quilt
to be curious
to be courageous

to learn and exchange the skills each one has

just to be here or there for them

not fitting into the white haired one with a blanket on the knees

and where is the matching grandfather? hahaha..
as Jeanice posted in her discussion about the "idea of the real man"
there is the one there - a real grandfather doing all those things himself
so grandparents who live in love are the best....

but sometimes i think
the " new" parents do all those things themselves

so please tell me
what do you thhink
a grandmother is for?

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thankyou veroniKA
grandmother energy holds all chidren of earth
grandmother energy often come to you by a crow
knocking ....
and holding you in her arms

when you see a crow near you
just slip into this nurturing energy
and listen to her whisper






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