HISTORY - Ancient Wisdom of Siberia reaches out across the world.

Siberia is a land of stunning contrasts; the Siberian steppe and transitional desert areas; the taiga and the tundra, the world's largest forest; mountainous regions inhabited with rare plant and animal species, the home of the threatened snow leopard; seasonal temperature extremes ranging from 100 degrees above zero to 70 below.

For 20 years Sacred Earth Network has lead life changing expeditions into one of the most beautiful places on Earth, bringing adventurers to the forefront of spiritual, cultural, and ecological renewal with Siberian shamans and elders.

In the Altai ...

Working with  extraordinary shaman Maria Amanchina (far left), who has taken the responsibility of returning her own culture to its Earth-honoring, shamanic origins or travelling with elder and ecologist Danil Mamyev (in red) who oversees a 60,000 hectare, Native controlled "Nature Park" many groups have  travelled  to ancient ceremonial sites, cliffs strewn with petroglyphs, stone circles, and caves that have seen human habitation for more than 60,000 years.

These have been adventures for those who believe we have the ability to influence humanity’s future relationship with the Earth.  Taking a powerful inner and outer journey into the heart of Siberian shamanism.  Walking the ancient road of wisdom. Learning to energize directly from the elements and to live in greater harmony and in communication with the Earth and other living beings

"We were high in the Altai Mountains of Siberia. The late summer darkness had just settled around our small campfire. The gentle gurgle and whoosh of the clearest river I’d ever seen could be heard in the background. Leon urged me, as he had so many other times, to pay attention to the fire. ”The spirits of life and death are dancing there. They say all kinds of important things. When a burning branch or log changes position, there is a message. Listen and see.”
  Bill Pfeiffer 

Bill Pfeiffer is Sacred Earth Network's founder and President. Bill lives in the USA and has made Russia a "second home" having traveled there 34 times in the last 20 years--giving him a rare cross-cultural perspective. He has undergone extensive training with Siberian shamans as well as with Joanna Macy and John Perkins. He has also spent much time in the US Southwest learning about Native medicine ways and the crucial importance of the petroglyphs and pictographs. 

After many amazing journeys, and deep insight gained from working with Traditional Elders, Bill has shared his decades of insight  in facilitating deep earth connection in his book WILD EARTH WILD SOUL - a  guide for increasing your own nature connection and facilitating your own Wild Earth Intensives in your local community.  

While Bill and the Sacred Earth Network team were leading these extraordinary trips into Siberia over two decades a phenomenon was occurring..

A remarkable, and gripping story that has inspired millions to take care of the Earth. 

Megré, a Siberian riverboat trader, describes his discovery in 1995 of Anastasia,  a beautiful young woman found living alone deep in the remote wild forests of Siberia, while he was plying the waters of the remote Ob River on a strange quest to find the mysterious "Ringing Cedars" – ancient trees that over the course of 550 years had reportedly accumulated so much energy through their pine-needle, antenna-like leaves, they had begun to audibly "ring" or vibrate.

At a riverside stop, Megré was greeted by a young, modestly attired peasant woman who seemed to know not only his name but also the nature of his quest.  Revealing that she knew the exact location the "ringing cedar trees" he was searching for, she offered to act as his guide. Megré accepted and over the course of three days Megré was led into another world – a world of shocking revelations, altered states of consciousness and displays by Anastasia of such astounding power, knowledge and wisdom – Megré felt compelled to abandon his river trading business in order to document and share these revelations with the world.    

He created The Ringing Cedars Book Series which has sold over 10 million copies in Russian alone.  A movement was born as people returned to the land, reconnect with nature and raise their children consciously in harmony with the Earth and the forces of the cosmos.  The books found their way out of Russian and into many many countries inspiring a movement of "spiritual permaculture".  

The essential premise in the Ringing Cedars Series is a vision for every willing family to reconnect with their "motherland" and take responsibility for regenerating one hectare of Earth as a family domain in perpetuity.  With deep intention for reestablishing an intimate relationship with nature and the spirit of place, the vision is that children will be raised in conscious connection with nature and total access to the intelligence of the universe, and humanity will return to its pristine origins , gaining strength and integrity with each generation. 

In 2009, this website was born as the Ringing Cedars Revolution and grew very quickly to support the readers of these phenomenal books all over the world. A movement has grown and blended with the worldwide eco-village, permaculture, rewilding and deep ecology movements, as well as natural birth and parenting and home school movements, as people have aspired to learn from Ancient wisdom, reconnect with nature and rebuild community and self-sufficiency out of the ashes of industrialisation and its horrific effects all over our shared planet.  As deep nature connection has restored a sense of magic and belonging in people's lives, we are now collectively faced with the issue of Emerging from a paradigm of industry and destruction that threatens LIFE on Earth.

It's our challenge and opportunity to evolve our lives to live in harmony with nature and strengthen our collective immune response by nurturing kinship and collaboration. 
During 2014, Bill and Billa - sustainability consultant and founder of the original site, began discussions on how to support the planetary Wisdom Keepers to have a stronger voice to reach the children, and for the vast collection of Earth Centred Wisdom that is readily available, to be more accessible at this crucial time on the planet. A burning question was "how can we support people all over the world to network with each other locally and have greater access to the guidance of wisdom keepers? And with those tools and resources become stronger communities of practice with tangible outcomes for the next generations?"   

"As networks grow and transform into active, working communities of practice, we discover how life truly changes, which is through emergence" Berkana Institute

Since 2015, this virtual village has been transformed to facilitate the emergence of sustainable culture guided by Earth Centred Wisdom handed down from wisdom keepers ALL over the world, including our Siberian mentors and inspirators .


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Comment by Sacred Earth Network on June 28, 2015 at 7:36pm

The relationship between Grandparent and Grandchild is fundamental to wisdom sharing and Earth connection.  Its the grandparents and Elders who teach and show or hold space for the spirit of each child to prosper when the parents are busy with daily fundamentals of living. Its been severely disrupted as all people have been taken into "workforce" and out of culture.  In the west our old ones are locked in old people homes with no contact with young ones to share their experience.  In traditional cultures the family unit is everything and cultural identity is always drawn from the motherland. 

Western Culture has disrupted that and Indigenous cultures carry the unique signature of each unique homeland in their culture  - its a living expression of the land.  Denying that is highly disrespectful to the living memory and dreaming of the Earth.  White people are indigenous too, this is not about skin colour.  Its just that white cultures are the most heavily westernised and its been so long since their pristine origins were disrupted deliberately that people have mostly forgotten they are indigenous to the Earth as well.  We are all indigenous to the Earth, but some of us have lost our land connection and our cultural connection and our grandparents to guide us in living in a good way with the Earth.   Grandparents are our Elders, the ones we have left that have not lost their connection to the motherland are most precious to humanity right now and that is the way of it. 

When we lose our way , we must return to the source for original instructions - this is what Anastasia refers to as pristine origins. 
This movie helps understand the impact the west can have and how quickly things can be returned to health and happiness where everyone has a home and what they need to thrive. 

The Economics of Happiness from The Economics of Happiness on Vimeo.

Comment by Kem Walker on June 28, 2015 at 7:28pm
books about create family home and raise children. Shamans mentioned once in 10 books, indigenous tribes once ("some tribes not pure enough of thought to enjoy good relational with animals") and skin colour zero times.

Yet your article is full of those things. This OS why it seems you using allure of books to pull wool over folks eyes and get them to follow hierachixal racial pedigree occult view of world..

role models are the ones making family homes, not the ones standing up in front of big crowds and enjoying the artificial buzz of flashy lights.. utopia here aleady, in thoughts and dreams.. I am upset that ringing cedars is being distorted by occult interests, now in English world like it was .in Russia. We incarnate many difwrent places to bring united movement..

Wisdom is not more valid than others according to racial pedigree?
I impatient for widespread relief from toils of system.. pls note main idea of books.. homestead, childbirth, raising, administration development and organisation of village settlements... Relation with plants.. eternal life and love in families..
All things come to balance.
Comment by Sacred Earth Network on June 28, 2015 at 6:34pm

Kemble, you seem upset about something which is perhaps creating misunderstanding.  The indigenous cultures of the world  carry the original knowledge of their motherlands and the remaining Elders have much to share with those who are willing before they pass away. 

Humans in western culture are definitely not being raised with access to "all info in universe" due to disconnection from nature and traditional culture. 
Can you trust Indigenous Elders from unbroken wisdom lineages who have always lived in deep connection to their homelands? This is who we are referring to as Elders. Authentic Elders.  You could say Anastasia is a young wisdom keeper, one day she will be an Elder too. 

Like our friend young Ta'kaiya Blaney from the Salish Nation - she is only 13. She has been guided by her own Elders yet emerged as a young Elder herself from a very young age.  These are the people we support in our Network. Many people who are doing their bit for the Earth in the best way they can , in the circumstances they are in.  There is a lot of work to be done to heal the Earth before Utopian ideals are achieved.  It will take many generations and many people working on all fronts. 

Who is wanting to be a new high priest?  Where on Earth did you get that idea? 
Yes, we each tend to our own garden. 

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