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Comment by Billa on September 5, 2014 at 3:10pm

Thanks Leonardo!     you get the award for being the most vigilant member and posting your answers here! thank you so much. I look forward to reading your blog post and getting to know you better and we would love to visit Columbia some day ..   much love. 

Comment by Leonardo R. van Goens on September 4, 2014 at 12:23am


To my surprise, I have been a member of this group for a long time. My moving to South-America has had some impact on my existence, and now I'm back.

Answering questions:


Which of the Ringing Cedars Series have you read? (you must have read at least up to Book 4 if you have not ticked any of the above to be accepted as a contributing member)Where do you live now?


1 I read them all, studied them, indeed a t e them. And then: first in English (up to 8,2) and then in Dutch, my native tongue, making a great many notes in both languages .. it was and still is a study to me, resulting amongst other things in a journey to Russia, the Dolmens, last year, and resulting in another book I have ready to publish if there is any interest . The books left an enormous impression on me indeed .. life-changer, this series.


Where do you live now?


2 I live in Colombia, in Aguas Frías (Cold Waters) where the temperature is indeed 18 to 22 degrees C. Aguas Frías is high up in the mountains near Belén, a neighborhood at the south-western border of Medellin, capital of Antioquia in Colombia.


IMPORTANT : How has reading Ringing Cedars or some of your chosen experiences above affected your LIFE and your awareness to regenerate our World?


3) Indeed, deeply. Reviving thoughts and ideas that I had buried long ago, for being constantly laughed at and pointed to as the absurd boy-boy in the community. Now, at 66 (63 when reading the ‘Cedars’) I find that I’m either not so absurd at all, or that there must be lots of absurd around, gathering now and altering things to non-annihilation of this little ball called Mother Earth.


What is your Intention for Joining this particular Community?


4) My reason for reconnecting now was a letter to respected Dr. Leo, who indicated that here I may meet people who join in the 6 o’clock morning silence, thinking of good things, to help heal the world. I would like to know if there have been any circles formed, and I would like to contact those friends.


Tell us about your Gifts,Skills, Abilities, Passions...


5) Well, how to go around humbly? I am an author now, after a career in school teaching English, Dutch, mathematics and arithmetic. My second book ranks high in Holland, and I am working on the publication of the third and the fourth, both in different languages. Besides, I am going to keep bees again, according to Fedor Lazutin’s smiling book. There is a beautiful mountain nearby, and on the flank facing south, I’d like to create my new bee-boxes, and one family in a hollow tree-trunk ..according to Anastasia’s indications.. which I shall without any doubt find there. In the near future I hope to have my own hectare; I want to live my last years {many to go still, yeah!} Anastasia-style.

Okay, I am a healer (mind-auditing, reflexology, going on for iridology) and for the remainder, living the good life the right way, taking it easy, and enjoying what there is to enjoy.


Where on Earth are you inspired to Live and Regenerate the Earth?


6) Colombia; against all stigmas, this is a good country with good, peaceful people.


I join with the sincere intention of making a positive contribution to this space and its members in kindness and loving service. I agree to read and comply with the codes of conduct of this space (found on this site)



And to this last comment, my answer is of course a sincere yes.

(Whom do I have to send this to?)

Kind Regards,

Leonardo “Faith” 

Comment by Kody Tillotson on January 27, 2014 at 4:02pm

Will taking on at least 2.2 acres of land for each individual and family who is interested in turning it into a food forest garden really going to save the world? I believe yes. As soon as we stop polluting the Earth she will start to completely restores herself. The powers of nature are great and transmute many elements everyday. As to how we will stop polluting, events have already occurred in Russia that will change our understanding of the universe forever. On the inside of these events is a way of living in sustainable communities started in Russia, in which once that whole country becomes aware of the idea's approval, millions will want to move to the country side for free land and provide food for the whole country, including to birth children who many adept masters of religons of the past would see as gods, who will fix and love the world dearly. Once this happens to its full extent in Russia, all other countries will pull on to the image of a way of living that is far greater than what is in even democratic societies. The way of making money in this system is focused on the produce sold from the family homes where the banks would be making taxes from every time a wholesale company sells items that they bought from the families. Big countries could have at least 30 million families living on these type of lands. As far as money, the most will be made this way, and pure minded entrepreneurs will grab it up in other countries like they did in Russia, and go on to change laws in those countries like they did in Russia. The pure minded entrepreneurs being the families the wholesale company, and some kind of bank or private lender who will buy and give the property to the people. 2.2-5 acres of land free of charge to be kept in your family forever, and no taxes on land or produce sold from land, and passed on to your children and grandchildren. Millions will want to move to the country side. A way of birthing and raising children on these natural pieces of motherland has been revealed which may give birth to children with exceptionally pure abilities, even within one generation, and the results of this way of living are said to reveal themselves shortly. What people can do who know that this is how to save the world, how to feed people, how to lead a happy life, and how to properly use the money system till there is no more use for it, is to gather together and break through the media wall. Speak with people, start interviewing each other, start writing articles, start dreaming and drawing the outline of your future home and land. As the man in this article I am about to post says, we must gather together the egregores of all groups and direct them with the images that lead man toward birthing children in these pure motherland like conditions. We have borrowed or even stolen images for ourselves for a long time, to control and represent or own creation ability, and now a way of living is being revealed to people where a great many will intuitively sense the primary sources of life, like in a natural program, and children will be seen who prove that mankind has his own full creation abilities, and that it is linked to our ability to give well being to everything and to create a living space of love.



Comment by Rebecca Pederson Hessey on January 19, 2014 at 4:06pm
The leaders of the LDS / Mormon church have always advised the people to be self -sufficient, and extra for those who aren't.
Comment by Billa on January 19, 2014 at 1:24pm

James have you read about the dismantling of all nuclear arms in the Ringing Cedars books by the children? 

Comment by Billa on January 19, 2014 at 1:18pm

Thanks James.  

The Industrial paradigm has bred an addicted to fossil fuels society. LIke treating "Addiction" in a person with a whole or systems thinking solution, the approach must be an holistic, systemic, multi-leveled and dynamic approach. That the industrial revolution even happened is a symptom and agenda of a deeper root that is addressed here and by native cultures.  

If there isn't dynamic shifts within people themselves, and someone like DGR succeeded in detroying the infrastructure much of the world is now dependant on, then like an addict, people in large scale will go mad without that which they depend on. 

I think a more sensible planetary "whole solution" approach is what is actually happening: some people protect (activists) some people protest new destruction from taking place, some people work at the grass roots building new communities, some people pray, some people are keepers of the wisdom, some people are healers and organic grocers and growers, some people are educators and some people are implementing major scale regeneration or shifts in industry or some  taking responsibility for their family and garden. 

I do agree a shift is urgent, the state of our oceans is now critical which is a super-bio-system of our planet and a reversal of destruction and waste must begin in ernest. 

If there was a council of planetary elders that all people could hear and trust I think they would advise for those willing families and communities around the world to become as self-sufficient as possible and educate everyone around them to do the same (Which is happening) before advising to take the cities of their intravenous drip.. by blowing up the infrastructure supplying billions of people,  dont you?  I think we can do better than being trigger happy whilst also having a sense of urgency about creating a new earth now..  

Comment by James Park Hyde on January 19, 2014 at 11:32am

Yes, we need a solution for humanity and our planet.  It is important to create a context for our actions. Has anyone out there heard of Deep Green Resistance?  The stated goal of DGR is to "...stop the burning of fossil fuels and [the] industrial-scale destruction of the life-support systems of [our] planet."  Their method is to destroy the infrastructure of industrial civilization.    If BioSpiritual Permaculture is the proposed solution -- or part of the solution -- where does it fit in to the whole solution?  Obviously a few people running off to form an alternative community is not going to prevent the destruction of the planet.  That said, there are positive aspects to creating alternative, sustainable communities.  When this industrial civilization is finally destroyed, or when it finally burns itself out -- whichever comes first -- if the planet is still habitable, then non-industrial communities will be the only way to survive.  So it is definitely a good thing to do, but please don't think it will prevent the destruction of the planet.  Take a look at DGR and take your part in the real solution.  In love.





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