Nancy Sullivan
  • 22, Female
  • New Zealand
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Nancy Sullivan.

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At 7:15pm on August 29, 2011, Gabbi said…
Hey Nancy - i have just sent you a friend request and ran out of room in the comment box. I was checking out your profile page and want to know if you are ok? It seems you have had a lot going on! I am hoping you and your best friend are both doing much better. If things are not going so good i would like you to know that i will try to help you in any way i can, You are kin - my younger siStar. Much love and abundant blessings to you - Gabbi 
At 12:26am on January 18, 2011, David Gaddy said…

Hey Nance.

   No problem about not replying. Reply anytime you want...just be sure to do so. :)

     Glad you liked the songs. I am adding more as i type this.

        Love you!!



At 10:13am on January 13, 2011, David Gaddy said…

Hey Nance!! 

   So, I like the songs you put up!! Be My Escape by Relient K. So awesome. Glad you have it. Didn't know you also like Lifehouse, Train, Bon Jovi, Shinedown, and Matt Kearney. So do I!!! 

Nice Job. 

          LOVE YOU!! 


At 10:48am on January 6, 2011, David Gaddy said…

Hello Nance!! 

  Added 3 new songs to my page. Hope you like them!! :) 

   Take care my friend.

   Love you!!!!


At 7:06am on August 28, 2010, Cate said…
Thank you, Nancy. And although you may have been in this community for a while, welcome to you as well!

Warm Blessings!


Nancy Sullivan's Blog

Saving someone you love. Please HELP ME.

Posted on July 10, 2011 at 11:33pm 4 Comments


One of my close friends is very unwell. Not physically, but mentally. Now I'm not a Doctor, but I spend enough time around Medical people to know that she is not okay. If a Doc did see her I'm positive they would mark her as depressed. Which she is. But I also think its something more than just depression. Because she can go from being so low to talking about suicide to being on top of the world and happy as can be. This happens so suddenly, I never see it coming. Lately though she…


past life.

Posted on April 15, 2010 at 4:46pm 1 Comment

i'm not sure why i haven't written this sooner. about 2 weeks ago, i went and had my first session of past life regression done. wow, that was something. i learn't a lot from that one session. i learn't why i do not sleep at night. what keeps me from drifting off, then what wakes me up. the past life i went and visited was my most recent one.
- - - - i was 16, and it was in the 1920's. i was caught in a barn fire. and my brother had pulled me out. i was laying in a metal bed. the room i was…

My Poetry/Writing.

When you can love yourself, you are truly yourself.
The rest of the time, your a stranger in your own body.

I once hated myself.
It wasnt like how i looked, it wasn't like that.
I hated me.
The way I felt. I was always angry. hurting others, to make me ok.
I hated the world, thinking it hated me.
Then one day, I got reality shoved at me, from a friend.
I lost the anger I always felt. I lost hating the world. And myself.
I grew to love myself. I grew to love and enjoy the world.
We choose how we feel. We can change how we think.
We are the ones in charge of our life.
We just have to learn that. We are as powerful and as strong as we make our selfs.

One day you maybe as high as the clouds.
As free as a bird.
The next you could be a bird in a cage.
Only getting to see the clouds through its bars.

Don't live for the people in your life. But for the life in the people.

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Tauranga, New Zealand.
In what ways do you feel called to Regenerate our Earth?
Opened my eyes to so much.
What is your Intention for Joining this particular Community?
To see what others think. And learn all that I can.
Tell us about your Gifts,Skills, Abilities, Passions...
Soccer. Surfing. Poetry/Writing. Reiki. Photography.
Where on Earth are you inspired to Live and Regenerate the Earth?
United States.
I join with the sincere intention of making a positive contribution to this space and its members in kindness and loving service. I agree to read and comply with the codes of conduct of this space (found on this site)
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